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Adrian J.

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So I came back from Europe recently and grabbed a nice PS2 with GTASA, FFXIII & Gran Turismo 4.

Obviously I know PAL & NTSC don't like each other, but never delved to deep into it since I live here in the US. So what are the best ways to play it on NTSC TV's? I have a good 'ol Philips SDTV and a Samsung LEDTV

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Have you tried to play it on either of your TVs? Your modern (LED) TV might support a PAL signal via component cable (you need to acquire a PS3 component cable which will work with your PS2) or it might not. At which point you might chose to buy some stupid analog adapter or a component to HDMI converter (such as this one) which will offer the best quality and you will skip the whole NTSC vs PAL analog retardation.

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The SDTV has the typical black&white with lines going up and down and the flickering, the LED is just black and white.


So the HDMI converter, is the PS2 image gonna look all muddy? Because if so I would prefer to play it on SDTV, are there any options for it.

But thanks for the reply, and if all fails that HDMI converter seems like the way to go.

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It will look a bit blurry. I played the first Forza game on a 23 inch computer monitor and 480p looks quite blurry. Some games run on lower resolutions on the PS2. I still think it's a step up though.


Get the PS3 component cable first. It will work with the PS2 and then hook that to the converter which should provide the best image quality possible with essentially zero input lag (specifically with the Avermedia convertor, which is a an active one with passthrough). HDMI capable monitors and TVs don't seem to care at all about NTSC and PAL standards in that they support both (for analog, there was a difference in how the signal was processed; digital is all the same technology but the refresh rate reflects the old analog standards).

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