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I havn't bought this this game yet but I plan on buying it around the same time I bought GTA3 (May, notice how I became a member of this forum in May)  it's a tradition, before I buy it, I just want some information so I have something to look forward to, so I am asking about the gangs, one of the most interesting things in the game I think, how are they?  What kind of gangs are they?  Are they as good as the ones in GTA 3?  



I am at School, heh they unblocked this site I guess.

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thye most annoying gangs are the haitians seeing as they plague little hiati. the millitary is also a very annoying gang if you get gnear them. they have m4's asnd can kill u in less than a second ( no joke! )

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The gang AI system has been greatly improved.. They now stand in small groups and defend their mates if (when) you hurt them...


Gnobe... saying that the Haitians is an annoying gang is a bit of a spoiler since they dont get annoying until you piss them off...


And I dont really think the military counts as a gang although they have gang AI...


Also, now the police not only chase you, but also other gangs and gangmembers, but if a gangmember is attacked his mates will come and help him, and soon there will be more policemen... Fun to look at a big shootout!


There's lots to look forward to! The improved gangs is just one of the sweet new features!

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Yah....I hate the military...but you only really come in contact with them if you go to the *MILTARY BASE* (oohhhh, ahhhhh). And if you've gotten the cop uniform they wont hurt you. The haitians are annoying because they always try to shoot and you with pissy pistols...but they say messed up sh*t like, "I will eat your soul like a spider".  :alien:

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The Eye of Sauron

I wouldn't consider the military a gang. They just have gang AI. Anyway, the gangs AI is great, but the gangs really suck. All they carry is pistols and fists. Big whoop-de-doo. I would have liked to have seen a Mafia with shotguns and Uzis or something like that. The only strenth the gangs have is their numbers. I drive through Haitian turf and ger shot by a sh*t load of pistols.  But it's not like GTA3s Mafia where you can't access their turf anymore because you get blown to peices. I Would have liked to have a balance between the two.



My 2 cents



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The gangs are pretty cool I guess. Speaking of gangs you also get your own.

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the haitians are annoying, but they arent really a threat. although, they can drain health in large numbers. large #s can be overcome by a good automatic weapon, but not a pistol or the crappier uzis.

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The gang AI HAS greatly improved. As stated above, gang members help each other out and all that.


But gang was are still as scarce as ever, that really dissappointed me. they only have .45 even when they do start fighting. And what kind of a stupid gang member runs up to another one and starts shooting in his face with no reguard for the fact he is completely exposed.


Apart from the fact they hang around in packs, the gangs in GTA3 were ultimately better. they had way better guns and At the end of the game I LOVED hanging around the intersection at the southeastern end of the construction site.


Now THAT was a gang war.

Yakuza with pistols

Yardies with baseball bats and pistols

Columbians with Uzi's.

And me with a shotgun.

that was my favourite thing to do in GTA3.

the yakuza would even go so far as to pull passing columbians out of their trucks and shoot them on their ground.


sadly things like that I have sorely missed IN vice. there is nothing on that kind of scale in VC. I think it was a step in the right direction that you had your own gang.

but there was hardly any real opposition for them with their UZI's (spoiler)

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yeah the vercetti gang despite having uzi's (spoiler)

are real idiots. they don't even respond when their leader is in trouble. they fake dying when you punch them. and I kill them whenever i hear the word MARIO. God that annoys me :furious:

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