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Emblem Request For Crew


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Hi I woud like someone to help me create a image for my crew


I would like the image to be a 512 x 512 png with one version with a transparent background and one with a black background

And could this be placed behind the cetrpiece of the emblem but rotated to the right http://goo.gl/23Oqwn


Could the Centrepiece be this please https://goo.gl/8ENUS0


The font to read Hectic Hillbillies in a Green font in this kind of style but bigger http://goo.gl/9cF55W

Edited by mynamejeffe
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I'm not entirely sure on what it is that you're asking for. Are you wanting a patch or just a normal emblem?

Also, that hillbilly image has a watermark on it, thus making it unusable.

Edited by Mr. Mac
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I larger one of those two new images has a watermark on it as well. Would you mind if I used a similar image?

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Mac could you also make a patch version with a circle around the image with Hectic Hillbillies bending over the top of the circle and underneath sayin Crazy On That Moonshine but again with a black background and a transparent one

Edited by mynamejeffe
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What color scheme are you looking for? What color do you want the circles/rockers to be?

Edited by Mr. Mac
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The circle to be green the rockers to be black with the same colour font please buddy

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