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Coloring help text

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Hello, I'm wondering if anyone knows how to change the color of the (normally black) background of the help popup to something else, like purple (seen in freemode events):



Edited by blah265

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NOTE: THIS IS SET_HUD_COLOUR NOW (I am also struggling to make it work properly)


Edit: I'm pretty sure this is irrelevant. It probably is used for coloring blips and such for when you hang out with other singleplayer characters. Not sure about the notification coloring though.


Digging around decompiled scripts(specifically line ~8944 from am_penned_in.c4) from game version 678, I found the following:


sub_c3d8("PEN_START", 30000); [Help text for starting Penned in, see screenshot in first post]
sub_c3a9(0); [What I might be looking for, see below]
GAMEPLAY::SET_BIT(&l_226, 0); [Not sure if related to displaying help text]
AUDIO::PLAY_SOUND_FRONTEND(-1, "Event_Start_Text", "GTAO_FM_Events_Soundset", 0); [sound]
void sub_c3a9(auto a_0) {
__678_$4533116407F5EAF8(3, 21, 200, 0, 0);

Since I have no clue on how to change that into something usable, I looked for natives that also took 5 parameters, and found only one result that was in the UI namespace;




This native seems to change various colors throughout, such as blips and notifications.

The parameters I used for the screenshot were (0, 0, 255, 128, 0);


What I have found(may not be completely correct) about the parameters, where R, G, and B values are Red, green and blue values for blip colors(maybe something else too, I don't know):

UI::_0xF314CF4F0211894E(unknown, R, G, B, unknown);


I am hoping to find a combination that would let me change the help text background color, if this is at all, useful.

Edited by blah265

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This thread is over a year old- I was hoping to see if someone had discovered anything regarding the coloring of the help box. I don't have many ideas left. I just took all the unknown UI natives that took a Boolean or Any value, and set them all to true and 21 (HUD color purple) respectively, I did get some interesting results with other UI elements, but none actually changed the help message box color.

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