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Happy Hunter

Project: Helisexuality

Recommended Posts

On 9/7/2018 at 11:33 AM, Piro said:

Once again - AirWolf!






From wiki:


The concept behind Airwolf was a super-fast and armed helicopter that could "blend in" by appearing to be civilian and non-military in origin, a "wolf in sheep's clothing".
In the show, Airwolf was an armored, stealthy aircraft. It could perform impossible maneuvers and stunts, including traveling at mach speeds (the theoretical maximum speed of a helicopter is significantly below Mach 0.5, or half the speed of sound), flying upside down, and flying into the stratosphere. Some of these impossible capabilities are explained in the show by such features as auxiliary jet engines (visible at the roots of the landing gear sponsons), rotor blades that can be disengaged for supersonic flight and a lifting body fuselage.

Sound effects were also associated with many of the aircraft's abilities. When Airwolf bolted across the sky in "turbo boost" mode, one would hear it "howl like a wolf" as it made a glass-shattering sound effect. When sitting idle, the aircraft made a mechanical trilling sound, and while hovering the rotor blades made a ghostly wind drone.

The weapons were state-of-the-art, with machine guns that could rip apart tanks and bunkers. The belly missile pod could fire a variety of rockets, including air-to-surface Mavericks, Hellfires, and heat-seeking air-to-air Sidewinders. When fired, these rockets usually glowed like a laser bolt or "photon torpedo" from Star Trek. Airwolf was also equipped with an advanced computer system which could identify and track aircraft and ground vehicles. It could display 3D wireframe models and schematics of its targets. The communications system could eavesdrop on radio and telephone conversations, tap into and foul up computer systems, jam enemy transmission frequencies and disrupt ground-based electrical systems. The stealth systems were capable of rendering Airwolf invisible to radar, as well as producing multiple radar returns. The weapons system could be tied in with the communications system to lock the missiles onto any monitored electronic system

Airwolf II, also known as Redwolf was also equipped with a powerful laser weapon coupled with a quick-firing, single-tube rocket pod 

So I'm thinking:

- Strong armor
- Stealth mode
- Jet engines boost
- New maneuvers, loops
- Different types of missiles
- Laser weapons (slow moving ray that burns people)
- Slow explosive rounds (from Oppressor mk2) 
- Special scanner, similar to the one from Terrorbyte. Maybe bomb view cam that also shows players, vehicles and stats?
- Autopilot (like in avenger) 
- Special missions where you have to use AirWolf to eavesdrop on telephone conversations, hack computers, cause blackouts, fight Redwolf (and other helis)
- "Producing multiple radar returns". Interesting feature if you ask me. Lets say you can choose between stealth mode or the ability to create fake icons on minimap to confuse griefers. Or maybe stealth mode that leaves fake "ghost icon" in the last place you been seen?

I would buy a special facility just for that!



Edited by Piro

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This thread got abandoned :(


Let's change that, shall we? ;)




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On ‎7‎/‎17‎/‎2016 at 4:17 PM, Happy Hunter said:



"Embrace your Inner Helisexuality.®"


This is a fairly long read, though the general point is this - attack helicopters (and helicopters in general) need more love. So for those of you who aren't interested in reading, yet still agree with this, please email Rockstar a link to this thread, and tell them you support it (their email address is [email protected]). Also, your signing of this petition would be massively appreciated: https://support.rockstargames.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/213300427-Helicopter-problem

With that out of the way, I'll begin:

Back when this GTA first released, it was a wildly different game. Some parts for the better, a lot of parts for the worse. Something that was a considerable issue, however, was the power certain vehicles had. You had jets going on 50+ killing sprees, near-indestructible tanks, etc. Out of this plethora of unbalanced vehicles, there was one attack vehicle that was more than balanced; it had the potential to be deadly, yet fair, and was incredibly good fun to use. I am, of course, referring to the wonderful little Buzzard.

Fast forward a little, and something comes along that completely upsets the balance of this vehicle, largely putting it out of action. A quick internet search will tell you all you need to know on that front:

  Reveal hidden contents


Now this thread isn't really about the homing launcher. There've been a lot of misguided calls for it to be removed or nerfed, and let's face it - that's never going to happen. What this thread is about, is that in the 577 days since then, attack helicopters have had nothing truly significant released that brought them back to being the fun, balanced vehicles they were. Hell, forget balance changes - they haven't had anything spectacular for well over a year now.

That is what this thread is about. It's a very general thing really - helicopters need more love. That's all. They have been neglected far too long, and I - as a helisexual - want that to end ASAP.

This thread - and the petition - serves as a push for helicopters to get more love, a place for ideas, a place to show Rockstar what we want, and of course, a place for helisexuals to chat.

If you want or agree with any of the things here, please show your support by emailing Rockstar at [email protected], and by signing https://support.rockstargames.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/213300427-Helicopter-problem. Maybe you don't want any of the things here, but agree that helicopters need more love? Then contribute what you want to this thread, and then (with your own stake now in it) you can support it. This is intended as a place for us to unite and push for helicopters to get the love they need.

Why don't I start with arguably one of the most called-for things for helicopters?

Buff the Savage's armour. No ifs; no buts. Buff it.

The Savage is based off the Mil Mi-24 Hind; a big, mean, heavily armoured attack helicopter that was used in the Soviet-Afghan war. This was something designed to be flown into a war zone. It was nicknamed "the flying tank". The Mujahideen called it "the chariot of death". Even its rotors could survive an RPG.

How strong is the "Savage"? It's a bit like this:


Not very "Savage", is it? Some "flying tank" that turned out to be.

It can even have its engine critically damaged/disabled by snowballs. Yes; you heard right - snowballs.


Now before some heliphobe says "oh it's balance" - no. Just no. It's already clumsy, slow, has no form of counter-measures, and has a tiny range on its weapons (which it isn't even allowed to aim properly) ... its got plenty keeping it "balanced" (i.e. woefully underpowered).

How much it needs buffing is debatable. Some say it should take multiple missiles, some want it to only survive one missile. At the very least, I think we can all agree that it should take more than 4 revolver bullets? What kind of heliphobic maniac would say otherwise?

So yeah, buff its armour. While they're at it, buff the Valkyrie too, and that horrendously underpowered Annihilator.



Update: Mostly achieved this! Savage is still weak to bullets, but can now survive a missile or two.

Give us more helicopters.

Its been over a year since we got our paper Hind and paper Huey - how about we finally get something new to play with? For f*ck's sake, I am going to die of helicopter-starvation if we don't get something.

And don't give us some cr*ppy reskinned version of the Swift (minus that helicopter's beauty) - give us some new. Something interesting. Here are some suggestions:

  • The Little Willie.


With a name like that, who wouldn't want it added? This guy is tiny and maneuverable, could very likely fly through tunnels, and maybe even transit stations. This would be something that would really freshen up the helicopter scene. We need something like this.

With a little machine gun mounted onto it, it could get up to trouble too.


Update: Looks like we've got this!



  • The Sea Sparrow.


This classic little helicopter can land on water. Need I say more? It's also beautiful, could be a game changer for missions (particularly thanks to its mounted machine gun), and is just ... It's lovely. it's something new to GTA Online too.


Update: Another victory!



  • Mil Mi-8 Hip.


Another old Soviet helicopter. Chances are, if you've seen a video of a helicopter surviving a missile, it may have been one of these. They're not technically attack helicopters, but they're tough old things, and (if given a decent speed) could be a nice safe way of flying around in GTA Online.

  • Mil Mi-26.


Not an attack helicopter, but look at the size of that thing.

Is it a gimmick? Probably. Would it get used much? Probably not. But surely you wouldn't mind giving that a try, just once?


  • The Hunter (AH-64 Apache).



Oh yeah, saving the best until last.

This thing was an absolute beast in all the older GTAs. It could move unlike any other helicopter (thanks to being largely free from auto-stabilization - that mechanic that keeps the helicopter anchored in a steady position - and effectively puts blinders on the best pilots).

It could do flips and rolls, fly upside down, maneuvers that would blow the minds of players who've only played the new GTAs.

Not to mention this is based off an AH-64 Apache - a cutting edge helicopter that really is a serious bit of kit. Apache pilots can aim simply by moving their heads, have head mounted displays to help them spot enemies miles away, and have access to extremely long range weapons to blast the enemy before the enemy ever even sees you.

Best bit yet? This is in the game. There's a movie trailer for it, sound files for it, muzzle flash files for it. It's one of those things that got cut (like the Hydra, etc.). But just like the Hydra, it could return.


You can see in my own thread for it, even in a poll of over 500 people, over 70% want this back.


Update: We've achieved this one! Appreciation thread here: http://gtaforums.com/topic/894948-the-hunter-appreciation-thread/?do=findComment&comment=1069794303




The missile jammer.

Real helicopters have electronic counter-measures, and they're one of the few things that keep helicopters safe from real-world homing launchers.

Helisexuals have been asking for this longer than I can remember, and then it's finally given in the form of the missile jammer.

The catch? We can't add this to any of our aircraft whatsoever. It is only available on a select few cargo delivery missions.

Talk about slapping us in the face, kicking us in the nuts, and just generally stinging us. I mean, really?

This is something that can give helicopters the balance they used to have - the balance that was so ignorantly taken from them all those hundreds of days ago. It's about time.



Another thing people have been asking for, and then it's just limited to a select few cargo delivery missions.

I want to see all sorts of wacky stuff. I want to see pink Buzzards flying around, Annihilators with upgraded armour, Savages and Cuban 800s with the ability to drop bombs, etc. Imagine if you could give a Cargobob the ability to drop down ammo supplies to your friends on the ground? That's the kind of thing this could add.

Here's a video that's been edited to simulate what Pegasus vehicle customization could look like:






Update: It looks like we've achieved this, at least in some capacity!


(Taken from a newswire article on the Smuggler's Run DLC) :



Make the Annihilator useful.


Give this poor, poor guy the buffs it needs so badly. I think it needs a complete overhaul. It's meant to be a big, bad helicopter:


Instead it's a joke.

Give us long range weapons.

Doesn't this look wrong to you?

Savage range:


Hydra range:


Why is the range on the Savage shorter than that of the much more powerful Hydra? Doesn't make sense at all.

The cannon on an actual Hind can reach up to 1km. Obviously that would probably be too long for GTA, but it's food for thought. Helicopters are meant to have long range weaponry - they're meant to be able to reach enemies while (mostly) out of harm's way.

Instead we have a cannon that reaches about 20ft, and even weapons like pistols can hit it. Which is pretty abysmal.

Give us an option to turn off auto-stabilization.

Auto-stabilization limits how much a player can move their helicopter in any one direction. Here's a gif/diagram to demonstrate how auto-stabilization works.

The red line represents the angle at which auto-stabilization kicks in:


Now by taking away auto-stabilization, you take away that red line, and the helicopter can push down as far as it wants to.

This is why it would be a great option to have - players would be far less limited in the way they could move their helicopters.

How does this look in practice? It looks good, and you can see for yourself here:


What can you do to help helisexuality?

Sign the petition, and email Rockstar a link to this thread/petition (along with your saying you support it) at [email protected] Try to get your friends to do the same, and anyone else who might feel inclined to help you out.

You could even put this in your signature here like I have. I, personally, am going to promote this as much as I can. The helicopter-drought has lasted way too long.

This thread also sponsors:

Quinn_flower's wonderful clothing thread:


(That might seem like a strange choice, but it's a thread I wholeheartedly agree with. It also inspired me in making this, so it's only right. We're all just people who all want something or the other anyway; better to be supportive of others ideas than ignorant).

Quinn_flowers make up thread:


(Sort of like a spiritual successor to her first thread. It has a smaller following, and maybe it's not for everyone, but it has my support, and I'd hope even those who aren't into it keep an open mind and be respectful. Its requests coming true would make some very happy).

LieutenantLoserz Aviation DLC thread:


(Goes without saying doesn't it? Mmmmmm, helicopters. And some planes. Mmmm, planes).

HeistsActivist's - you guessed it - heists thread:


(He scratched my rotors and gave me a mention, so you all know the deal. Plus more heists are probably our best chance of getting some neat armed vehicles like the Hunter. And really, why would I turn down more heists anyway?)

lol232's bring back old events to Xbox One/PS4/PC thread:


(Seems like a very logical thread to me. Game's shouldn't cut stuff down as they get older, and since we have the ability to hide current events, I don't see why we couldn't have both).

Darth Absentis's lift the property cap thread:


(What has the property cap ever done but make people feel constrained and cause a ton of arguing on this forum? I wouldn't shed a tear if it went and we could buy as many properties as we want).



xInfamousRYANx's Car Physics Bug (Including the Infernus Classic) thread:





(Actually a thread just spreading the word of someone else's thread on the support site - adam10603, and you can see (and upvote if you want) his thread here. It's about a glitch with some cars - most notably the Infernus Classic. To cut a long (ish) story short, it messes up their handling a little, and could do with being fixed.)


The movement to get answers for, and unban, wrongfully banned players:




(Pretty simple really - a lot of people who've been confirmed as legitimate, have been banned. They've had everything they have removed, and I think they deserve some answers.)


Helicopter Dank Memes:




(A growing list of oh-so-dank memes. You can use them at any time, as well as contribute if you want. Promote helicopters and their plight, while bathing in the pure dankness of meme-ry).


Hunter emojis:




(Similar to above, a list of Hunter emojis you can use to express yourself and promote the beautiful helicopter simultaneously. If you want to try your hand at replicating and contributing, you can do that too).


Helicopter Artwork:




(A collection of beautiful, helisexual art. Artists can feel free to contribute).


I'm also very open to/actively seeking other threads/causes to sponsor. Scratch my rotors, and I'll scratch yours.

Really good explained. That´s why I love your content

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Hello again folks.


I see nothing has changed heli wise since i last looked in. I will have to get the A10 though. The drones just looked like a novelty item to me...until I checked in on HappyHunters channel last night & caught up on helisexuality vids. HH was putting it to great use scoring stealthy kills on the kind of trash players who mess with you, but hit EWO every time you get near them. Some more drone vids would be nice HH, some nice work slapping down the new oppressor too btw. Especially the one where they were hovering high up the side of a building & you tasered them with the drone :) they must have been raging seeing their toon tumble off his broom and take that long long fall to their death.👍👍👍


I just might buy myself one of those drone trucks.

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