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[MP] Empire of the Soul


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I'm really happy you enjoyed it, but I see you're talking about that I skipped the shooting with the plane part. lol


Actually, I tested the whole mission 6 times. The timer for that part is what changed the most, from 3:30 to 7:30 because it was really tough. Also, I didn't know you could jump off the plane like that.


Well, the next mission is already under development and all I can say is that the 3 last missions of this chapter will be the same mission but divided in 3 parts, since I feel that it's needed for the facts that are going to happen.

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really very Nice story and interesting twist about the Beesin's family appreciated


Man, you have no idea how good is to receive feedback like yours, it really motivates me to keep on going with this project. I don't know, it kind of makes me think where is the direction I will take since there's no such thing for this MP as script or else, everything story and gameplay wise is done at the time of designing the mission. Really.


Well, the first part of the next three missions will be released either tonight or tomorrow (US east time). Can't wait to upload it.

Edited by Danz.
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  • 2 weeks later...

After a long time dealing with studies and exams of every sort, I was finally able to finish the part 2 of Zeta Path, sorry for taking so long. Here it is guys:




I hope you enjoy it, and I promise the 3rd part and also last mission of the second chapter will come out soon in this week, stay tuned. :)

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  • 3 weeks later...

After almost 3 weeks inactive I've gotta say that I finally managed to finish the part 3 of the Zeta Path thus the second chapter of Empire of the Soul mission pack.


Now the reason behind the long time to deliver it: I wasn't enjoying myself in DYOM these last weeks, I would just get there feel zero will to design the continuation for you guys all because I wasn't feeling myself during it. Firstly, I was overloaded with exams from the university, when it finished, my hype for Battlefield 1's lauch has started to increase more and more that it took away my will to jump on this 11 years old game to design some missions.


But this week, I've watched entire playthroughs of my MP and the love that some of you guys showed towards it was enough to make me finish the second chapter of this series, which means 2/5 has been done, so there's still a lot to come until early next year, I promise.


So, here it is:



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  • 1 year later...

I don't know if anybody here really cares, but I will continue this mission pack from now on.


I dropped it last year because I wasn't finding enjoyment making missions in an old and broken PC. Recently, on Xmas I bought a brand new one, so I decided to return to this place and design more stuff. I've heard a few people liked playing my story, even if it is a very small number, that's more than enough for me to get excited to make new missions.


I just hope you guys don't mind this bump, and if you haven't played this MP yet, I suggest taking a look at it, because there's more to come very soon. :)

Edited by Danz.
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Nice to see you back..waiting Chapter 3!Also nice Topic and MP :lol:

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this is outstanding...

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Thanks guys, it is good to be back, new mission for chapter 3 is coming out today. :)


And soon more will be designed.

Edited by Danz.
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This mission-pack is so funny! I love it! I like Matt insulting Daniel for losing Agent 69, xD

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I just played a restart in the past, I like it! I like how the younger Travis had a conversation with Uncle Travis and Dan. And Zeta throws a faggio to Grazi.. awesome!

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2nd mission crashed for me :(

Oh sorry, I will check it out to see what’s wrong. It’s an old upload.


EDIT: I've just downloaded and played through the 2nd mission "Nevermind, screw you" and it ran fine for me, no crashes and stuff. You should check your gta or try to play it again, I dunno.

Edited by Danz.
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yea I redownloaded cleo, worked. ^^

That’s nice to hear. :)


Could you tell me your thoughts about this MP after playing it through? A review is always welcome. Really.

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  • 2 weeks later...

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