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[MP] Empire of the Soul


Recommended Posts































Daniel Beeson: The worker from a travelling firm. His life sees major changes when he thought he was at the top, either regarding his love life or his job. He's calm and has a big heart, but whenever things get too serious or when people disappoint him, he assumes a cold and psycopathetic personality that could really make him a treat to his own friends.






Matthew Dempsey: Daniel's best friend, since when they were classmates in Highschool. He's been unemployed since his youth and little is know about the origin of the money he earns. But once Dan's problems start to affect his life, it also sees 180 degrees turn, since he couldn't simply return to his old habits and is eventually seen saving Dan's ass.






Graziela Moreira: An illegal Brazilian immigrant who was found floating in the sea by Dan and Matt while escaping from the cops. She's considered "the urban Tomb Raider" as many hard tasks are done by her without much effort and is always in an adventure way of living. Aparently, she has a crush on Dan.








Uncle Travis: A former co-worker of ALSOUL's group. He is a middle aged dirty spunker who once left such group because he felt like he was getting abused and forced to continue the "project". He was later on found working in a log factory in Angel Pine. However, Agent 69 feels like he has a very essential place in the group, thus making his return obligatory.


































Chapter 1: The building up




First Mission - Starting from the middle...


Second Mission- Nevermind, screw you


Third Mission- Changing Time


Fourth Mission- A gorgeous immigrant


Fifth Mission- Unwanted Help


Sixth Mission- Meeting Mr. Travis


Seventh Mission - High value target


Eight Mission - Settled Apart




Chapter 2: Getting it togheter




First Mission - A queer's secret


Second Mission - Through hell and beyond


Third Mission - The Squad


Fourth Mission - The Bush Monster


Fifth Mission - Strike at Whetstone


Sixth Mission - Zeta Path - Part 01


Seventh Mission - Zeta Path - Part 02


Eight Mission - Zeta Path - Part 03



Chapter 3: The throwback


First Mission - A restart in the past


Second Mission - Do I know you?


Third Mission - Stepping on quicksand


Fourth Mission - Harsh Reunion


Fifth Mission - Coming Hard


Sixth Mission - The Literal Soulmate


Seventh Mission - Guardian Angel


Eitght Mission - Departure Time


Chapter 4: Discovery Time


First Mission - "You spin me 'round"


Second Mission - Unfortunate Son


Third Mission - Zeta's Puzzle


Fourth Mission - Le Parkour Queen


Fifth Mission - Top Gunner


Sixth Mission - A mess
















To Dutchy3010 and PatrickW for creating this awesome mod, hope they deliver to us the 9.0 version, and to you guys for any support given, so I can continue with this story. Also, thanks to Mr. Mac for making these headers, thus making this topic nicer overall.

Edited by Danz.
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Huzaifa khan

Story is pretty much unique. I'm goin' to play this for sure! Wait for my feedback :)

Edited by Huzaifa khan
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Thanks guys, it is still a work in progress, I feel like only 8% has been done.


And I'm really waiting for the feedback to continue this. :)

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Hi there, these missions are really nice, i couldn't understand the intro scene, but later got that it was flashback to current timeline..


All missions were gracefully done and your effort can be seen in them, i felt groovy after a long time while playing dyom, i liked each and every missions, you tried your best to maintain the story, i thought that i will be bored somewhere while playing it, but you actually amused me and i enjoyed every mission..


that gf scene and all was also really enjoyable



There was one thing, it is not annoying or a big trouble at all, but i didnt get why you don't usually put fullstop '.' in dialogues, maybe because you are in hurry to complete the cutscene part, but yeah, to amply the dialogue's clarity, you can use fullstops..


I'll rate your 5 missions 10/10, no doubt it really enjoyed me, i hope if you'll not bore us and keep up with these interesting enjoyable missions.


Here are videos gameplay of all missions you created so far..















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That's all I needed to continue with my project. I really really enjoy being supported, so that it gives me power to go on with as much effort and love as I can put in it.


Thanks! :)

Edited by Danz.
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I've played that latest mission, and it was first shootout mission in this series, so i've checked the actors and all,they had headshot enabled, medium health and with fine accuracy, not too good or not too bad. It was easy for me to handle all those guys, and with provisions of some badass guns and armor health pickups, this mission is no big challenge. So finally, this mission have no turning point in story, but it does shows the intro of new character and why grazi stolen that van, i'm sure that it would be exposed in next mission, so i'll be waiting for that.


Let's play a few more missions so that i can decide weather it is getting more interesting or not, so for now, i can only say that this mission was as cool as previous once. Goodluck for upcoming missions.


Here's the video review, the game crashed (only due to my mods) and i couldn't got the chance to talk after completing the mission.

Nice mission Danz.


Here are the videos.






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Rocket man FI

Best luck,Danz,I played your MP.I didnt notice your project

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Here's are video reviews of second last mission, the latest one is failing. :(




Extreme spoiler, only for author.



I am really sorry, but i am not going to play this mission pack anymore. If you wanna know why, see below.


This is a mission pack where protagonists have to disclose many secrets, right?



Here's is why.


The number 'five' is a really devastating number, and this is really dangerous thing you used in this mission pack.


Here are myths clarified, that you have some RELATIONS WITH NUMBER FIVE. 5. 5. 5.


Here is the proof.



Look at this image, our base.




Have a more closer look.




More closer look







Another proves!







So, now you understood?


Do you know the meaning of number 5? you know what is behind number 5????



Here it is!!!!













Agent 69 = 9-6 = 3 - (i)

Now, in agent 420, the least number by which it is divisible is = 2 (ii)

therefore, from (i) and (ii), we get


2 + 3 = 5.






That is why, that is why. Please, forgive me, i dont wanna die, i am only 16, have mercy on me.



Joking, nice mission pack! please fix the latest mission, i want to play moar. :)







Edited by FESO4
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LOL, dude, you were quite right with your predictions I'd say. After all this mission pack is still in progress and little is known about what can be put in the story. :evilgrin:

lol jk, btw I have reported some crashes happening so I decided to upload a modifiable version of the 7th mission, you can find the link here. Enjoy it!

Edited by Danz.
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Hey danz, i've played the latest mission.


It was really good and ameliorated from previous missions, i loved the ending, not gonna spoil it, but i also saw your effort in this mission, from placing various actors and various animations in various places and all. The ending specially makes me feel more exited to play the next mission, you must have to complete this story.


Last but not least, your immense effort and great quality makes me rate it 5/5 only as a mission, let's see how you create further missions, i'll be always waiting for them.


Here are the video reviews!



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You should have always used the road path to make it to Grazi after the club part. :D



Glad you enjoyed it, makes me more excited to make other missions!

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Guys, sorry for the lack of content as of late. Recently IRL I discovered that I did pass in the national exam for my old city's university. So since Wednesday I've been busy with moving back to my home city, where my whole family, girlfriend live.


Besides, I left my pc fixing there since it was full of virus, besides an extreme keyboard problem. I already started to design the 2nd chapter in an extremely old pc of mine, but it's so old that it doesn't feature a video card, thus making Gta San Andreas lag and crash on it. So it's definitely been frustating. I hope you guys wait a little more so I can bring up quality continuation to the series. :)

Edited by Danz.
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Congratulations on getting your desirable university (i think you desired it right?) and yeah keep your great work with this mp, even if it takes too long, still do it, goodluck for your new university!

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The first mission of the second chapter has finally been released! Sorry for the delay guys, I promise I will continue designing new missions at a higher and more consistent rate.



Here it is: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/43899



Enjooooy! :D

Edited by Danz.
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A new mission has been released! It's the 2nd one from the second chapter (10th mission overall)



I have the hopes to finish this project until the end of this year since there's still a loooooot to come. :D


Here's the like to the recently uploaded mission: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/44060


Enjoy it!

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The 3rd mission of the second chapter (11th overall) has been released! Check it out guys, can't for the reviews cause the feedback is really what keeps my will to build this, which is not easy by any means.


Link to the mission: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/44126


Enjoy it and stay tuned, since there's a LOT more to come!! :D

Edited by Danz.
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I am faster than light, isn't it? :)




Edited by FESO4
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Wow, that was really unexpected. I woke up and the review was already a reality. Was a great feeling, Hahah.


Though, the continuation might take a little while to come, like a few days. What to expect from it? Action, action and action. Like it will only get tougher from now on. Just wait and see.



5~Deja vú~3 :p

Edited by Danz.
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