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Mod request


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I've been looking for a garage mod for a while, and they all have faults or flat out don't work. here are things that happened.


Cop cars locked. Actually, any emergency vehicle locked.

Bikes and trucks vanished. That includes vans like the mule, yankee, etc.

The game crashed after a while. (one way to fix this is that not all the cars spawn at the same time, but don't disappear altogether (similar to how car parks work in the normal game) (if there is a way to let all cars spawn at the same time without crashing, please do implement it)


And there's also a natural problem in the game with custom cars turning white which is a bother.


I was wondering if it would be possible for anyone to make it so that the player can save 170 vehicles in those stripy parking areas in the strip, (the ones that cars spawn in, I'm sure you know what I mean) that bypasses all the problems listed. Please make sure there's a hotkey or something that makes some text appear saying the car is saved, just for confirmation so I don't leave something there and it vanishes cause it wasn't saved properly. Also please make sure it saves all modifications like bumpers, spoilers, liveries etc. I would post a link to the youtube video I made that goes into more detail, but the site doesn't let me post links here for whatever reason. The reasons behind me wanting this so bad are that


1.I've been looking for a mod like this forever.

2.I love most of the cars in the game, but there isn't nearly enough space to save them all.

3. I've sort of already made plans of which cars I was gonna put there. Yeah, I prepare way ahead.


Quick note though, please don't use CLEO. Those mods never work for me. It would be much easier if it were a simple main.scm mod, similar to Marina carpark garage mod for Vice City (Which worked great). If anyone could make this mod, I would REALLY appreciate it. If you need more info that I may have missed, try to find the youtube video.


Thanks in advance.

Edited by tailsneverfails1
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