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Reasons why Vice City Stories is better than V

Recommended Posts

I've seen many similiar topics in other sections so I thought why there isn't similiar topic in one of the best or even the best like some lpeople say game in 3D era. So let it beggins.

-Protagonist who have real personality and problems.

-Deaph emocional story of guy who only wanted to help his sick brother but cruel fate and stupid sergeant ruined his life. His sweetheart died from antagonist hand. True emotional and memorable story.

-Brilliant side characters like Phill Collins or Reni.

-Funny dialogues

-Great 80's Miami atmosphere

-Real waepons

-Fancy cars

-Empire building

Edited by Honker1944
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  • My man Victor Vance being the protagonist.
  • The storyline.
  • The characters.
  • The radio stations. Flash FM > Nonstop Pop FM, V-Rock > Los Santos Rock Radio, Fresh FM > West Coast Classics, etc.
  • Minigames.
  • The hand-to-hand combat system.
  • Empire buildings.
  • The sense of humor.
  • Better map.
  • I saved the best for last: the setting and the atmosphere.




Edited by Cluckin' Bell
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sense of humor and some sad moments which made the game more action



most of the things are already mentioned but i will still say them.


the brawling.



and more

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We can't forget that VCS had some emotional moments. An example is when a dying Louise told Vic to assure that her infant is taken care of by Mary-Jo.


Meanwhile, GTA 5 has a methhead saying simple stuff like, "My father was not nice to me".

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  • The characters are psychologically and morally better, they're remarkable, every of them, unlike GTA V, which everybody over there is cold asf.
  • Remarkable features that indicate superiority over few ones in GTA V, an example would be, I don't know, the empires against parachuting. (IMO)
  • Revelant and interesting atmosphere.
  • Originality in some elements, storyline.

Everything was subjective.

Edited by Still Madd
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Vice City criminal

It runs better than GTA V on PC even though you need an emulator. jk...no, seriously.

It had a few but more likeable characters
arguably better soundtrack and better satire in the radio stations
Victor vance it's actually relatable compared to M, F and T.
also with all the PSP limitations it managed to do more with the little it had been given than the latest installment which is sad in a way.
and don't even get me started comparing the atmosphere between both games.

Edited by Vice City criminal
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I really like GTA V and everything, but the Vice City games have the 80's music and vibe. I also agree with those who get a kick out of the Empire Building in VCS (which I think is a full game in and of itself).

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-Great Story.

-Vic Vance is a unique character with an actual moral compass

-God tier radio stations

-Best representation of the 80s

-Empire building system

-Best hand-to-hand fighting system in the whole GTA series

-Phil Collins is in the game

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They are on the same level i had more fun playing gta IV then playing any other gta because until date gta IV still have the best gameplay , is the only important thing on games of this kind because if you felt sad when X char died but you didnt felt sad when you killed 300 peds or runned over someone the there is something wrong in your heads.

Gta V is way too short the map can be more detailed then san andreas but 65% of the map is mountains and country side without houses and the map is less then half of gta san andreas it isnt bigger,besides after completing mission is just a driving/golf simulator and the fact that you cant paint deluxe stolen cars is laughable like playing online and being unable to steal another player house and cars.

The only games that need good story line are RPG games or Strategy games in games like gta is just filler to make the game look longer then what it is,if you are talking about storyline then what about gta IV it had a better and more interactive story.

Edited by Tabris666
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  1. I absolutely love the timecycle from Vice City Stories. It looks beautiful when the sun goes down, really atmospheric.


Perfect balance between fun & realism. Missions are really enjoyable, but they're not too over the top, like in San Andreas and GTA V.


New, original vehicles




Empire Building


Lance Vance Dance


Edited by Sixpac
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Victor is like Trevor and Johnny Klebitz rolled together, a messy character that gets killed in another game in a sh*tty way.


But honestly:


-The radios, oh my the radios.


-Story and mission variety are really good, it goes from helicopter assaults, shooter on rails and chasing cars dropping money.


-Empire building (Great feature ruined because it counts for sh*t in VC, all is gone)


-Meele, you can break necks and mount people to punch them.

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If you had told me in 2006 that this game would have more and better features than gta5, I would have laughed.


And yet, here we are. Suddenly it's not so funny anymore.

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So i'm playing VCS for the first time ever, i'm really enjoying it, just completed From Zero to Hero, and it's a fine game in its own right, the Empire Building is addictive and fun, just took over all the sites on the Mainland, but this was a first.


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In VCS, you can actually get a feeling that indicates you just accomplished something great. Recently, I just took over every empire building in Vice City. :devil:

Edited by Cluckin' Bell
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  • 2 weeks later...

NO TRISHA.... I mean Trevor

He is an annoying prick.

Better combat




City (i personally liked it more than LS)

Empire buildings


sense of humor and some sad moments



Edited by MikePhilips
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VCS had challenge. There can be missions that are difficult (or annoying), and there are a f*ckton of side-missions required for 100%. Not to mention that the PS2 version added new side-missions, 6 more stunt jumps and 5 more rampages. In V, you can do half of stuff to get 100%, and there's an option to skip missions after failing thrice.

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  • 2 weeks later...

in VCS you don't have to worry about re-searching the hidden package all over again, in VCS when you are in map (pause menu) there is an options to display red balloons that you ve found and also unique stunts and rampage that you ve completed. in GTA V you cannot, so try not to forget

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  • 4 weeks later...

VCS wins because of the in-game Phil Collins concert. Nothing Rockstar will ever do can top that.




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- Better representation of gangs & gang vehicles.


- Better combat system.


- Empire building.


- Protagonist with well defined character development and dialogue.


- VCS has the traditional 'Mission Completed' sounds.


- Lifeguard, along with firefighter and paramedic side missions.


- Phil Collins.


- Classic multiplayer, no GTA Online.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I like VCS but would I personally say that it is better than V....no.


I personally thought Vic was a ok protag but having not played the game for a few years I'm struggling to think of anything really memorable about him. Same goes for the story aswell. I will give VCS credit for that fact that it does have Phil Collins actually in a mission so that's something at least. However I think I'll remember and enjoy GTA V much more than VCS in the years to come.

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