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GTA4 _life_for_me

Yes remember to search every time before you post a new thread but to get the Hunter either go to the Air Force Base after completing the main story line or get 100 hidden packages and it will appear at the Vice Point heli-pad.  :die:

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Chucky Panacamo

Yes do remember to search, otherwise you'll get your head ripped off by people who go out their way to point you out.

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There are spoiler topics at the top of the page too.

Good Advice Joey.

The search link seems to out of the way to some people.


Perhaps it should be at the top of the page like a search engine. I think it'd get used a lot more that way.




P.s. Nice sig WhoooMan.


EDIT* Typo error..."at the topic of the page"..hmm.. :D



The Precinct - We're upping our standards, so up yours!

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By the whole storyline, do u mean complete it past "The Job"?


:rampage:  :rampage:  :rampage:

That is not last, seriously read the pinned topics kids.


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' date='Feb. 25 2003,22:15']Way to Spam!




You the Search button next time.

Im sorry but to me thats spam. But i suppose he should of used the search but still i hvnt seen that question for a couple of days....



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