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Ocelot Lynx: Appreciation Thread


Recommended Posts

Q: What is our new Ocelot Lynx?
A: It is a twin for the massacro :) but much better :) based on Jaguar F Type svr coupe

Q: What do we have? Any extras? .
A: It has 25 visual mods!

Q: Anything else?
A: Yeah:) A description from the Legendary Motorsport: On the one hand, it's a pinncale of British car design: conservative, luxuriant anally retentive. On the other hand, it's brash, liveried, track-ready. Impossible? Put your hands together, and meet the Ocelot Lynx: like getting mugged by someone in a top hat, it's an expensive you'll never forget.

Q: How is it look like?














































Edited by EVOLUT7ON
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There you go



daamn... reminds be a coquette's aka C7 back.

Hot babe! cant wait for the snaps from PC players ^_^

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Last time they saved the best vehicles for last, now these ones whilst nice don't seem better than what we've got.


I fancy some new motorbikes lol

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This car has a lot of customization. This is one of it's front bumpers (and my favourite):



Is it just me or does that look extremely similar to Ferrari F12?


They did the Bestia first, with the F12-ish lights, but ended up more like an FF... then came with the Seven-70, who has an even more similar F12 lights... then now they come with this, which is literally F12's bumper...?

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slimeball supreme

f*ck me its gorgeous

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Damn it all.



First the Stratos, now this.





Sigh. Will buy the Stratos and clear my bank out, then start fresh to afford this. Gotta round out my Ocelot collection.

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For anyone wondering about the customizations for this beauty: Here is your video. (All credit goes to the creator)



And yes, it is the sexiest car in the game, along with her older sister, the F620...

Edited by TheIceWarrior
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