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Favorite moments in Red Dead Redemption


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I am in Chuparosa, standing on the balcony of the the building where bounties get posted. A nun has just given me a gift, and now she is leaning on the balcony wall, having a smoke.

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  • 1 month later...

I just started playing the game again in the lead up to RDR 2 on my new Xbox One X. Really enjoying it so far but I had totally forgotten the fun you can have with the NPC's - the ragdoll physics are gold.

Was messing around last night and came up with this short little video to show what an asshole John Marston is ;)




Edited by SlingShotUK
Getting video to embed.
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  • 4 weeks later...

One memorable moment for me is when I hunted in Tall Trees for the first time. I was sitting there on my horse, looking for elk. It was silent when all of a sudden...




I shout as my horse collapses from a one-hit-kill paw swipe from the bear before it immediately swipes at me again. This time killing me.


Those feckers are silent but deadly and will catch you off-guard when you are in the Tall Trees area.


Another one would be when my friend and I corralled all of the other players in a multiplayer session to go on a bear-punching expedition in the Tall Trees area. Many died but the fallen will forever go down in history as legendary bear punchers.

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  • 3 weeks later...
On 9/16/2018 at 12:43 AM, sunhuntin said:

LOL, that was classic. Loved all the friendly greetings, especially that last one.

Hey thanks man - really appreciate that. I'm planning a longer part 2 - "John Marston is still an Asshole" ;) 

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My favorite moment was probably in the first moments of the game. I was just wandering around McFarland's ranch, getting acquainted with the controls and what not, and there was a woman standing right next to the horseshoe pit. I accidentally pushed her, and she fell back and f*cking tripped over the horseshoe pit, landing right on her ass. Marston looked so casual and not bothered by pushing this woman. It was so funny I could not stop laughing. Then my roommate wanted to take the controls, and he continued to push this poor woman around, and eventually she fell and rolled down into a ditch. We were giggling like school girls. I knew then it was going to be a great game. 

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Not ness a specific moment but just at the beginning of the game riding around McFarlanes Ranch & Hennigans Stead, I just loved the soft vibe of that part of the map with all that open countryside, something really soothing about it. Galloping around up there in the middle of the afternoon was just priceless.

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  • 3 weeks later...
On 7/28/2016 at 7:16 AM, Miamivicecity said:

The first time riding into Mexico with "Far Away" playing in the background. It was such a cool and bone chilling moment and made me feel like I really was far away from my home.


I remember riding around until the song finished. I'll never forget that. Awe inspiring stuff that's difficult to get from most games.:)

Same here. No other game can touch that moment.

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  • 1 month later...

Killing the bear with only a knife for the hunting challenge

Sharpshooting challenge

Discovering you can rob NPCs 

All parts of I know you 

Final mission


Was riding on a horse and saw two guys with dynamite and a chest me being me I open the chest there's like 40 dollars and the freaking guy suicide bombs me with the dynamite killing him his friend all of our horses I narrowly survive I just laugh skin the horses and loot their corpses

Edited by Copcaller
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Decided to jump into multiplayer after my on-off playing of the first game's story mode *(been years and I still haven't finished it) to see if it worked. I was actually able to see other players, call my donkey and have fun running about while being killed or killing other players. Actually seems more fun than gta online because of how frantic it was.


*hopefully by the time I finish the first game the second one will be cheaper. £50 physical and £60 digital is too rich for my blood.

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- The part where you ride to Mexico and the Far Away song plays. One of the best video game moments ever.

- The very end when Jack kills the agent and "REDEMPTION" splashes across the screen in all red.

- The cut scene where the Armadillo sheriff makes a comment about the deputy's lazy eye.

- Johns dialogue in Undead Nightmare when he kills a zombie and says something like "Ugh... I remember killing you the first time".


-Just the PS3 home screen when the disc is in, but the game hasn't been started. It's just John in the iconic game cover with spooky/intense/threatening/intimidating sounding music. For months, If I wasn't actually playing, that was on my TV.

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And You Will Know The Truth... The way townsfolk react to the armored truck and machine gun.


I love that Marston makes little remarks inside abandoned areas, “I wonder what happened here.”


Every time Blackwater’s OST plays.

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