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Favorite moments in Red Dead Redemption

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I am in Chuparosa, standing on the balcony of the the building where bounties get posted. A nun has just given me a gift, and now she is leaning on the balcony wall, having a smoke.

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Posted (edited)

I just started playing the game again in the lead up to RDR 2 on my new Xbox One X. Really enjoying it so far but I had totally forgotten the fun you can have with the NPC's - the ragdoll physics are gold.

Was messing around last night and came up with this short little video to show what an asshole John Marston is ;)




Edited by SlingShotUK
Getting video to embed.

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LOL, that was classic. Loved all the friendly greetings, especially that last one.

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Jon Jon

One memorable moment for me is when I hunted in Tall Trees for the first time. I was sitting there on my horse, looking for elk. It was silent when all of a sudden...




I shout as my horse collapses from a one-hit-kill paw swipe from the bear before it immediately swipes at me again. This time killing me.


Those feckers are silent but deadly and will catch you off-guard when you are in the Tall Trees area.


Another one would be when my friend and I corralled all of the other players in a multiplayer session to go on a bear-punching expedition in the Tall Trees area. Many died but the fallen will forever go down in history as legendary bear punchers.

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