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cant get on gta online xbox one


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Hi im having problems getting online on gta v, sometimes it works and sometimes it puts me into a server with no one in, i tried to get in a server with a friend and said it was unavailable and put me back to a room with no one in. getting really mad with it as iv tried lots of thing now resetting internet turning xbox off even deleted and reloaded the game again, nothing, i was wondering if it was the internet connection? iv been told i get up to 50mg but i know that means ill get that if no one else is on in my area,

my speeds are

30mbps download, 2.95 upload, 24 ping


52.92 download, 2.99 upload, 18 ping


now thats been about the speeds i get from time to time, im no expert but that should be ok at 30 mbps.

also when i search for a mission online it says no job found. i have no problem playing battlefield 4.

please help as i love this game.


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thanks ill look tonight. did a reset on the xbox last night and got into a game full lobby. holding down the power button on the xbox unit itself. hope that works.

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thanks ill look tonight. did a reset on the xbox last night and got into a game full lobby. holding down the power button on the xbox unit itself. hope that works.

How are you shutting down your XB1?

Are you using the Suspension Mode? If so are you just turning off your XB1 while still Online?


If you are using the Suspension Mode and turning off your XB1 while you are still Online that is your problem.


When you use the suspension mode it suspends your game in place and even though you get kicked offline by R* the game still thinks you're online, So when you try and go back online it tries to get online by going though the game ports/door it did last time you went online but those ports have since expired which is why you're getting empty lobbies or not able to get online at all.


You can fix this issue by doing a hard resart of your XB1 by holding the little while XBOX Icon on your XB1 and then turn it back on and to avoid this in the future completely exit the game completely and close the game out and you shouldn't have any issues in the future if you do just restart your console via the manually shut down and it'll reset everything

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hi thanks for that advice, and yes i always turn off while im still online, guessing that was my problem, i will now leave and join normal game play before i shut down. is that what you mean?

did get online for a few days then would let me on again, after resetting every thing i got back on, its a fantastic game but that bit lets it down.

thanks again for the advice. :colgate:

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Can you verify that this fixed your issue? (Or anyone else).


I would like to add this to the buglist with solutions.


Also-- if you can give more detailed instructions on how to exit the game properly--- I am a Playstation weenie and don't know what "suspension" mode is??



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