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Solo Money Making Tips?

The Mannikin

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The Mannikin

Okay, so by now I know there's plenty of info out there on ways to make money, and I've actually looked through and know most of them. I'm more of a legit player and I tend to do missions and other odd jobs to grind for cashrather then cheese or use exploits(mostly because of the chances of being banned lol),


Anyways I wanted to know if anyone here knows any specific methods to farm cash fast; Sar far I've been doing the following SOLO;


-Filling up my Company's warehouses (currently at 2 facilities, 1 small, 1 medium).I've been doing 2 crates at a time.


-cycling between the vip missions "sightseer" & "headhunter" during cool downs or when I'm out of cash from buying cargo.


-rarely old missions(i.e. defender, docks to stock, rooftop rumble, etc) occasionally to break up the monotony. And I do mean rarely.


-occasional heists when the connection isn't bad and I'm not being paired with rookies(rare as well)


-and of course robbing liquor stores and selling range rovers and felons every chance I get in between jobs.


If it's any other ways I'm missing out on that are more effective or should be considered as well please let me know. I also want to know other people's methods for complete ting these tasks; for example, I usually fly out to the ocean, airport, or the desert BEFORE I start the sightseer VIP mission to help spawn the briefcases in the inner city for easier pickup and smoother transition to missions better done in the city upon completion.


I've heard of rare moded cars that spawn on the mao that net a hefty return but I'm skeptical on whether the effort justifies the return...



Also, any recommendations on what to purchase with the first few lump sums off money I accumulate?


I was thinking of getting that savage while it's half off(already have the buzzard), then investing into either a large warehouse, or buying upgrades for the office, or buying the vehicle upgrades for my warehouse delivery vehicles. Any recommended order of purchases to make my grind to the top more efficient/effective will be greatly appreciated.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Large warehouse for sure. 2.2 mil for filling it up. I would sell the small one and rotate between the large and medium to avoid the cool down. Also, if you enjoy the stunt races, get one of the new cars.

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Shark Cards (solo,easy,fast)

You're making the game too easy and take all the fun away from it if you buy shark cards in my opinion lol..

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Shark Cards (solo,easy,fast)

You're making the game too easy and take all the fun away from it if you buy shark cards in my opinion lol..I've never bought a shark card and I never will.But shark card is one of options,just saying.
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