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Red Dead Redemption confessions

Recommended Posts


Couldn't play blackjack for sh*t, used a cheat when I was at %95 completion


Liar's dice was my favorite


I was good at pretending to be a honoured man. And then I'd murder the sh*t of everyone in Thieves' Landing and Casa Madrugada


To roleplay, I'd go to one of the camps in Tall Trees in MP, where I could stock ammo and refill dead-eye. Then I'd wait there to hunt some bears, especially with axe


Spent almost 500 hours in MP, all rifles, all sidearms except mauser, semi-auto shotty and basic sniper rifle were golden. TDM's were pretty good then, not like GTAO


I was super careful with my ammo in UN, never used it outside of missions-tasks



The song played after Dutch's death was touchy


Edited by Caysle

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I never played RDR until about 2014. Never finished Undead Nightmare yet.

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I never harm Civilians.


I like playing as Jack.


I think Bonnie is the best written Character in the Game.

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I thought that the Mexico portion of the game drags on for too long, I enjoyed it up to a point but it tends to overstay it's welcome a bit.

Edited by Neon_Dreaming

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I confess that sometimes I felt bad for killing horses while pursuing or shooting at horse-riding enemies. The mixture of their death animations and sound makes them believable.

Edited by Jabalous

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On the Xbox 360 I never got 100% completion because I couldn't pass the 5 finger fillet in Mexico.

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* I cried a little bit at the end of the game.



John Marston's death



I dont think i've ever done that because of a video game... :cry:

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The Deadite

John Marston became my favorite gaming protagonist before i even finished the game. Undead Nightmare further cemented that.


Even though i knew John was going to die, i still choked up a bit at the scene. Can't imagine how surprised people was at this moment back in 2010.

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i purchased RDR twice (once when it came out and another for $15)


i figured john was going to die because i saw my brother playing the game and he wad ahead of me in his playthrough. he was playing as a different character who i didn't know was jack at the time. i still found the scene sad though.

Edited by Niobium

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Femme Fatale

The only reason why I killed the cannibal is because it follows John's morals...

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Jon Jon

I didn't know about the game existing until I went to a friend's house and watched him play it. A month or two after the game was released, I bought it for myself and loved the whole game.


I 100% both RDR and Undead Nightmare.


I once wiped out a whole table in Liar's Dice in Multiplayer with just one die left and got the trophy for it.


I would often hunt down and kill other players in Hardcore Free Aim lobbies because I enjoyed it and also because I'm an asshole.


I met my best friend through RDR when I kept sniping him repeatedly and he could never find me. Been friends with him for almost 6yrs now and plan to move closer to him and his girlfriend within a year or two.


I wouldn't play story mode with cheats enabled until I had gotten all of the story mode trophies.


John Marston was the first character in a video game that I had actually felt emotion for upon his death.


It felt so good to kill Edgar Ross.


I contributed to the Wikia for RDR when the game was still new.


I plan on being a Hardcore Free Aim asshole again when RDR2 is released. If Rockstar doesn't f*ck up the multiplayer by not having a Hardcore Free Aim lobby.

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Johnson Johnson

I always kill and skin every dog i see, then i sell only the meat and keep the dog´s fur

Edited by Johnson Johnson

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• I sometimes think Red Dead Redemption is better than GTA:IV, especially the multiplayer. (When it still actually worked.)


• I 100% completed both RDR and UN.


• I don't know how to play poker, so it was a bitch getting the games beat for 100%.


• I think it was a missed opportunity for R* not to include a zombie free mode for multiplayer.


• I actually dont hate playing as Jack Marston, however i think that R* should of made the cheat code to play as Jack, work to let you play as John after the game is complete.


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Mister Pinkerton

Confession about the game:


On first playtrought, i never really loved RDR. Sure, it's a good game, but it was released during the "sad era" of videogame and i was fed up of "serious" games with a dramatic twist at the end. Gta IV, MGS IV, TLAD... RDR was (unfortunately) just one too many for my taste


On my next playtroughts... well, actually there was only one more. Never finished that, got bored.


I can objectively say that RDR is a good game... but i can't really go into it no matter what.


Dude, I was the same. I was pissed off at the serious tone all games were taking. Because everything went HD and next get they're well like.. come now, this is serious now. :p I've been watching serious films and serious TV shows and a lot of these games seemed to want to be treated like movie or TV show and not a game. They just couldn't compare. I thought for some gamers that weren't used to watching a proper crime drama, it was the best thing they've ever seen/play.. so deep! Then you realize they grew up on Fast and Furious films and Super Hero films. No offence to those films but there's hardly a multidimensional character between the lot of them. If your game wants to be taken seriously like a good film or show, I'm going to compare it to the The Wire or The Sopranos or Goodfellas etc. I don't mind if you make obvious references to a film but going all serious in what seems to be the hopes of desperately wanting to be taken seriously like a show of film an the game play not being all there isn't my idea of a great game.


I was all for games being like movies or shows but then realized that I just want my games to be games. Took me a few years but I'm sure I want my games to have all the game-play elements and the fun ones too locked-in and then build a story that can be supported by by the fun game play. Don't cut out gameplay potential because it doesn't suit the narrative of the plot. And around that time it was story over gameplay for the likes of IV. I think most games have moved on from that time and they're starting to embrace the idea that while cinematic elements in gaming is welcome, they don't need to emulate the formula completely to compete with films.

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Ever since AHS Roanoke came out, I kill anyone I see in Tall Trees while hunting bears and elk and say "you're trespassing on my land!" :)

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My biggest confession about this game..I don't like it, and I can't connect with it.


So much so that I won't be purchasing RDR2, and hoping GTA O stays on for longer. Just not my type of game.

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I feel the life and atmosphere in this game is the best Rockstar have created, so far...


San Andreas was an easy number 2, but this just takes that games real sense of 'world going on around you' to a new level... GTA V, as much as I love any GTA too, just didn't feel as tightly knit... Maybe just a touch too repetitive in places... Maybe with GTA V, as it was 3 main characters, it was harder to invest fully into one directly... Maybe Trevor, but he's just a loopy sod that makes me laugh, after long, it can grate...


Don't get me wrong, as much as I say one game feels better than others, this is R* with RDR/GTA... The worst of any of those 2 franchise games is 100 times better than damn near anything I've played, you know, so by saying RDR is better in mood and atmosphere than IV or V, is by no means a slur against these awesome games I've spent far too long playing, lol...


I also love how near 10 years on, this game doesn't age as bad as GTA. I find San An, and IV tricky now, more-so VC and LC too, but this game, it just clicks into place.

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