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Better perspective !


Recommended Posts


I've played GTA since about 2004 !


And a lot of it in nvidia 3D stereo.


Ever since I started playing GTA V something was different, something was OFF...and I could not enjoy myself or get into it as much as before.


It was especially apparent when in an elevated position (mountain top or plane) there was no sense of height compared to earlier titles like San Andreas (witch was awesome in 3D).


When going up in an helicopter the world seems to shrink and get smaller not farther back, it looks near but small , and it is a major reason why the map as always looked kinda small when in reality it is not.


By chance looking at pics of the old San Andreas I realized what the problem was !


The perspective is OFF !


Kinda like there is a lens filter in a V shape !


I have made some corrections using the Gimp soft. and before and after photos I got from the web:


It will be most apparent if you download the photos and cycle the before and after.

Notice the buildings on the left tilt to the left and the building on the right tilt to the right.



Original 01:



































Edited by theINChulk
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Now this last one was a little bit tricky.


But I think I improved it none the less.


Notice how flat the original looks with no depth.











Would you like Rockstar to address this issue and fix it ?


I would !

Edited by theINChulk
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I wish I could play this game in 3D, I bet it's an amazing experience!!! Even with the flaws you described...

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On the ground and -in first person view- it is not a bad experience !


But it is still far less enjoyable then with the good old CRT's.


As long as you go slow when you pan it's not bad but as soon as you move fast and look right and left the newer panels have an annoying lag.


Better set your goal for VR !


It should get rid of a lot of problems, even the ones on this topic.

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Now searching online for some pictures I have noticed that some of the original pics from Rockstar had the correct perspective in them !!


So I will show you en example of that :



original from Rockstar... What we were promised !:





What we got in the game looks like this: (moded by me)






And 3 more for good mesure.... there are others out there !







what we got in game:










What we got :









What we got instead:




I've deleted some pictures, I'm checking stuff out...

Edited by theINChulk
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Going back to the original formula.. here are two more:



Original from game:




Corrected by me:




Do you guys have any ideas how awesome the game would look if they were to fix this ?

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I just improved "corrected 04"


I tad to the left was missing... I can't leave well enuf alone :)

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I'm checking in game right now..


Seems that on foot and on the ground it is ok and you can get a good perspective if you stay level with the character.


It is really when you get into an helicopter and off the ground that it starts to go off...


You are forced to pan down and there is a fish eye effect, you can almost reach the right perspective looking straight ahead but by then you don't see the ground anymore and your under the helicopter.


So it's kinda like the camera tilt effect is off center or there is to much of it, I am guessing at this point but I'm thinking there should be less "distortion" effect the higher up you go, and it's not happening in the game.

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Could this possibly be something to do with the FOV settings? Do you have your FOV maxed? Perhaps Rockstar's dev version had a higher FOV to what the default is now.

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Could this possibly be something to do with the FOV settings? Do you have your FOV maxed? Perhaps Rockstar's dev version had a higher FOV to what the default is now.

I don't know maybe, hoping it would be that simple.


Where do you have yours at ?

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So.. the in game FOV only works for first person and on the ground.


The view from mount chiliad is a little better when set to zero, no change in third person or in Helicopter.


It is not all bad, but I still feel it could be a little better, with the sometimes there sometimes not there fish eye effect.


But checking the game yesterday told me that other things get in the way of enjoying the view in first person or not.


When skydiving the constant annoying up and down camera shake, then when you open the chute you get 2 giant hands blocking your view + the helmet.


In the Helicopter you can't get a stable view with the constant re-centering camera + in first person your constantly moved around by the wind.


Factor in that today's flat monitors don't like fast movement (think blur).


Little things ad up.



Forgot to say there is a mod for FOV changes, but from what I've seen it does not effect or correct the fish eye..... I could be wrong.

Edited by theINChulk
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I have a hunch that there is no fish eye when in cinematic view..


I'll check it out.




No it's still there.


Some views do look different thou.

Edited by theINChulk
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  • 1 month later...

I have just found a way to improve the perspective !!!!!


Try aspect ration (3:2) instead of (auto) !!


Take a helicopter and fly around and over the city and land on top of the maze building and tell me what you think !

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this is a matter of a learned taste vs a more accurate perspective (which V has).


Your preference is true to you, but not to reality.

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I really don't see how changing perspective adds more "depth".

Did you try it ?


Get on an helicopter fly over and around the city and go back and fort between (3:2) and (auto) and see witch one you like best.


I played yesterday and was very pleased with what I saw. fighting at the base with the buzzard, parachuting in first person, ect.. (FOV set at minimum in first person view)


(this is for a 1920x1080 monitor)

Edited by theINChulk
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  • 2 months later...

I'm looking at watch dogs 2 videos, and this is what I wish GTA 5 was like !


I mean there is no funny distortion in WD2 !


Every thing looks the right proportion and scale, what's big looks big (look at the bridge) and what is high looks high (looking down from the bridge) what is far looks far ect.


I don't know exactly what Rockstar did, but I am suspecting that they intentionally used some sort of lens filter to give a cinematic view for their movie editor, but I'm guessing here.


I don't really know exactly what's going on, but here I'm only trying to make you grasp that there is something going on, if you examine WD2 and compare maybe you will.

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One observation I would like to share.


What ever Rockstar did (or is part of or a limit of the rage engine ?) the vanishing point or points seems to be missing when you look for it.


It is something that we have seen throughout most video games trough the years, even if you don't look for it you can "feel" it when looking around and it gives depth.


That is something that is different in GTA 5.







Look at this comparison and look and feel for the vanishing points.:





That for me is what I think was bugging me about GTA 5, I hope GTA 6 will be better, or we all have VR by then :).

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  • 1 year later...

Hello !

It's been a while !


But yesterday I found something that I will share here.


Visiting this subject again, I had an idea for search terms in google...and I found this;




Reading this;


"Update: as pointed-out in the comments below, it seems GTA IV was also relying on dual-paraboloid map, except it was not performed as a post-process from a cubemap: the meshes were distorted directly by a vertex-shader."


I had a suspicion that that was what was wrong with version V of GTA !


So I immediately taught about ; what if we put the gta 5 map in gta IV ?

And as this been done before ?


After searching I did find it as been done in 2014 !

It is very alpha and there is not a lot of good vids, But it show that it fixes what for me was wrong with GTA 5 spatial 3D properties !!


One of the good vids;



Can you see and feel the difference ?



Here is a download page still working.




Edited by theINChulk
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I don't know if this is part of the problem or not and how much ?


Again from;






Anti-Aliasing and Lens Distortion


If the anti-aliased method used is FXAA, it is now performed to smooth-out the jagged edges of the meshes.
Then, to simulate a real-world camera, a lens-distortion is performed on the image by using a small pixel shader. It does not only distorts the image, it also introduces small chromatic aberrations on the edges of the frame, by slightly distorting more the red channel compared to the green and blue ones.



It might very well be that this as no negative impact on the visual if done right, only a direct comparison between 4 and 5 lens distortion would reveal this.

Edited by theINChulk
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