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OK thought I might start a new topic, my old ones are getting tired and re-treaded by noobz..


Anyone managed to make a wall-ride count as an Insane Stunt? For anyone who doesn't know what a wall ride is, play Tony Hawks 2 or later, it's a trick where you travel along the vertical of a wall on your board/bike/ other wheeled mod of transport. I only ask cos I got one the other day by sidling up to a wall, popping a wheelie and hitting the accelerator hard at the same time, and through some glitch the bike tavelled horizontally along the wall, landing me a coupla degrees above horizontal. Ok you're saying so fekkin what. The game gave me an ISB of $20 fo a jump measuring 0.8m long, and 1.2m high with a rotation of 95 and 1 flip. Odd glitch..


Also who locks topics, I am done with the whole Car ID's thing as it's just turning into a flame war. Everyone's gonna have their own opinions about what the cars are in real life, it'd probably be best to contact the developers or something. For me the Sentinel/ Sentinel XS will always be a Merc 200/ 200 AMG, and for others, well, I can definitely see a 5-Series, and an M5. OK if you are car mad and you see cars you recognise, then play along with what you think the cars are, just don't come on here and start moaning about other folks cos they don't agree with you.


Finally, I have a new location for anyone still fannying around with the High Jump Contest: At Prawn Island there's a fountain [duh!] which can be jumped using a bike. Start you run up from the back wall of the island, by this I mean the wall just past the far gate for the Film Studio. Now give it full welly towards the fountain, correcting your course at the last moment to hit the fountain dead center [it will help if you've been practicing your 'streamlining':ie getting extra speed by leaning forward slightly]. Now pop a wheelie just as you hit the fountain and you'll shoot right into the air. I can't remember off the top of my head exactly what my best height is, but i think it's about 25m [i got right on to the roof of the Gang House in Pnomm Pen 86!!], and you're pretty much guaranteed big rotations, my best so far's a 900!


Anyway, that's me for another while, sorry it's a bit long


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