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what do i buy?


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Okay so its taken me ages to earn 1.750,000 but im looking to save till i have about 3 mil but do i buy the hydra jet or do i buy a car? If so whats the fastest,best for races and best looking for car meets all opinions welcome


(If anyones hosting heists hmu on Xbox one GT: PNT x LSTAR) *level 201 legit*

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If you considered to practice in PvP in most of your playing time than go for a Hydra. (I own a Hydra but i nearly never do PvP in freeroam so my Hydra is so useless, while mos of the time I use savage in missions. It can carries 4 people and endless rocket hell :colgate: )

If you love racing or cars more than that, go for a t20 or FMJ, both of them are good looking and good for racing. Or just find the car you love than buy it.

Alternative option: If you love racing, no need to spend your money, take your elegy (or spend some to fully upgrade it) and keep practice with it, it will gives you tons of fun and time consuming :happy:

Edited by ripsta
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Do you have a Buzzard? If not, buy a Buzzard. Good for missions, and essential for CEO/VIP work. Hydra is fun, but not a lot of use for anything other than griefing or getting about the map quickly.

Edited by whywontyoulisten
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Buzzard. Best way you can spend your money.

Edited by C64fanatic
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The buzzard was the very first thing i bought after the adder on last gen its very good i always use it its op against a jet okay then so

what car should i get?

Whats the quikest?

Whats the best looking? (After fully upgraded?)

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No Use For A Name

Hydra is fun, but not a lot of use for anything other than griefing or getting about the map quickly.

I've made my money back tenfold with the Hydra, and that's just in contact missions alone


I can make $30k each in Criminal Damage and Air Checkpoints


It's infinitely better than the Buzzard when picking up multiple CEO crates. I save an average of 5-8 minutes on each 3 crate buy because it gets around LS faster

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Buy a Hydra/Savage/Buzzard, whichever you don't already have.Since you already have the Buzzard, get a Hydra since it is generally better for the above free roam work because it has the explosive cannons and is much faster. It's also great for free roam events, as another poster already noted, as well as Contact Missions of course, and is generally more efficient than the Buzzard.


Plus, if you are playing with friends, since you own the Buzzard you can use the Hydra while your associates can use the CEO/VIP Buzzard for free, which really helps efficiency, as does being able to call in the Buzzard through Securoserv to spawn by you if your Hydra goes down (allowing you to get a new one more quickly).


And as someone above already noted, an upgraded Elegy gives unbeatable bang for the buck when it comes to racing, but if you are really set on a super car I personally prefer the FMJ.

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Cant stop myself of posting in those threads the same thing. :D


GET A BUZZARD. You will make those 1.7 million plus another more in no-time with it (grinding VIP-CEO-Missions)

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Go on a really big bender at the unicorn. Ale and whores for everyone!


But seriously i dunno, the buzzard as others have saod is a very good tool for continued money growth (much better than the hydra -this is coming from someone who owns both).


Don't get me wrong the hydra is nice and if its something you want then go for it. As for cars then go for something you like. Personally if its for racing then sports and supers are the most common vehicles people race.


The elegy, I know its free but its a really balanced car in the sports class.

To be honest im not much of a racer these days so im not sure what is considered the 'best' sports car.


As for supers the T20 is the obvious choice but there isnt much between the top 5-6 cars.


Bottom line is, its up to you really.


I would personally grab a Buzzard, then start some races test out cars and see which ones you like. Then if you're sold on any, aim to buy it. Grind missions (using your newly acquired multi-tool that is the buzzard) and you will end up with everything you want eventually.

Edited by nargris
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One vehicle that will make all your money back and a lot more especially as your OP mentions heists is the Armored Kuruma. This car will pay for its self ten fold in no time at all, It is basically a cheat mode for missions and heists.

If you like cars that are good for racing I suggest you take a look at broughy 1332's you tube channel where he does very thorough tests on all cars.


So take your 3 million buy a Kuruma and make tonnes of cash.

Edited by MechanicMammal
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