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Bands You Used to Love But Now You Hate


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For me it's Guns 'n' Roses.

Sweet Child O'Mine? Again?! Please no...

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I wouldn't say hate, but for me it is Green Day. I am a huge fan of their music until American Idiot. Granted, I never heard anything outside the music videos for that album. Green Day , to me used to have this unique rock sound and feel. Nimrod is my favorite album of theirs and I thought Warning was creatively good.


Today and since 2005's American Idiot, they've settled for music that sounds like everything and everything else. I understand that you can't stay/sound the same forever, but to me they lost their individuality. Green Day , for me is the that I loved in the 90s, but whenever I they them in recent videos on youtube , I get sadden that they are nothing like they used to be nor do that have the sound that made them famous. They bought into their own hype, and aren't relate able to me anymore.


I love me some indie rock / music because that is where at the creative people / bands are now. I can't listen to the majority of mainstream music today, because it is all the same. It doesn't help that I grew up in the greatest / last great decade the 90s. Its also sad so many great indie bands won't get the ex poser like bands / rap groups of the 90s. There is when record labels would bend over backwards to sign great sounding indie bands. Now , if you don't sound a certain way they don't care. I am so glad , I grew up in the 90s.

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Mister Pink

I still love U2 but most stuff after 2000 isn't as good or sounds a little samey. I still think Bono gets a bad rap. I was in to the whole Bono bashing thing so I get it but I also sort of learned why people do it. When he went on his crusade about world peace and ending world hunger, it sort of reminds us privileged westerners about how we mostly have it all. It's never fun to have that guy around us on a sanctimonious crusade, riding around on his moral high-horse. There's also a misconception that you can't be successful and push for change or help the poor too. Also the band have been accused of tax-dodging. The tax-dodging isn't really excusable, however, they're not the only band doing it, Rolling Stones do it and a million others. I often emapthise that paying huge tax sums in your country when you are really a person of the world, constantly touring, living in hotels, being on the road. The amount of revenue they bring in our country is huge, never mind the tourism too and the positive look it gives Ireland to other U2 fans around the globe. That tax they may pay would have most likely been mismanaged somewhere else anyway.


But the reality is, Bono is the first person to poke fun at himself. He's actually quite funny. And when I finally got past all the Bono-bashing and listened to the lyrics again, he's a phenomenal singer and songwriter and I mean that in the most technical and artistic way, I learned to appreciate him.


Often times his apparent smugness or attitude is him actually ripping the piss and is not to be taken seriously. But people do. It's a shame because he can be funny. He can look at himself and laugh at himself. He's aware that people think he's an idiot. That has to count for something.


You see, I've not even spoke about the music but about all the other bullsh*t. Anyway, 80s/90s U2 is varied and eclectic. They worked Brian Eno and had Anton Corbijn photograph them and design their stage for their world tours.


They've always been political and admirers of social justice (the real kind).


Pride (In The Name Of Love) - A song for Martin Luther King


"Early morning April 4th, shot rings out in a memphis sky,

free at last, they took your life,

but they could not take your pride..."




Where The Streets Have No Name - A sort of utopia. In Belfast, Northern Ireland you could tell if a person was catholic/nationalist or protestant/unionist by the street they lived on. Song inspired by a place where the streets have no name.


And what a video.. playing on a rooftop in downtown LA.



I never had much time for them post 2000 though. However, they were once one of the greatest.

Edited by Mister Pink
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  • 3 weeks later...

Darkthrone and any black metal band.

I LOVED that stuff when I was an angry teen in high school, now as an adult... they lack the same impact that they did back then.

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Limp Bizkit. I used to like them when I was 13 years old or thereabouts, but now I find their music edgy as f*ck.

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Slipknot. It's not that I hate them now, I just don't like them anymore/think their music is now stupid. Nu-Metal/Metalcore crap is stuff you listen to as a kid, and move on when you find some real Metal to listen to.

Edited by B Dawg
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Femme Fatale

Slipknot. It's not that I hate them now, I just don't like them anymore/think their music is now stupid. Nu-Metal/Metalcore crap is stuff you listen to as a kid, and move on when you find some real Metal to listen to.

You were a mallcore kid? Tsk-tsk...

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Pretty much the whole NWOAHM groove/alt/neo-thrash movement for me. Ten years ago it was all the rage but I got so f*cking bored on hearing paint-by-numbers alt-metal bullsh*t at every club metal night I went to for 4 years.


Also, electro-industrial, EBM and aggrotech was largely ruined for me by too much time spent at Slimelight during the refurb when the noise/industech/hardcore floor was closed. So f*cking dull.

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Hard Rock music in general. When I was a tween I was into that edgy sh*t like Korn and Limp Bizkit until I realized how ridiculous it was...but I mean, at least they had character. Some of my buddies still listen to modern rock radio and I'm like...are these f*cks even trying?


There are like five really popular bands with edgy names and the only difference between any of them is how constipated the singer sounds, then there are five more clones of each of those that somehow people can tell the difference. And the lyrics are trash lowest common denominator bullsh*t about overcoming the adversity of having a fight with your skank girlfriend or OD'ing on Monster.


In retrospect, it's probably been like this for 20-odd years. Post-grunge I think is what they call it. Whatever it is, it needs to die.

Edited by Twang.
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Homemade Dynamite

Slipknot. It's not that I hate them now, I just don't like them anymore/think their music is now stupid. Nu-Metal/Metalcore crap is stuff you listen to as a kid, and move on when you find some real Metal to listen to.

Damn, I still listen nu metal and I'm 21 going on 22... way to be elitists towards fans of other genres.


Anyways, I'd say most post-grunge bands in general unless it sounds something like Alter Bridge or Breaking Benjamin.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Good Charlotte... shut up. I was very young when I started to listen to them, now I cringe when I hear most of their songs.

Edited by Adrian J.
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It pains me to say this but; Maiden after Seventh Son.


I still love 'em previous to that but, honestly, meh. :(

Edited by Tonguegirl
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