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[Gamemode] Your Face When - Online Edition

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Popular Posts

Outfits: leader's choice    

When someone crashes the aircraft into the FBI and IAA towers

MFW another player doesn't die from a headshot...but then kills me while he's in the middle of a combat roll.  

Recommended Posts

^^Isn't this livejoker irl?


(no offence - just for laught)




This would be my face when


1. We get a blimp to buy

2. I managed to snipe a jetgriefer and watch his plane go down

3. 1st time seeing the Jammer upgrade in action in freeroam



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Spawning into a public session



Edited by DangerZ0neX
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MFW reading a text that says "aight bet, pull up on me" after I free aimed and slaughtered em with my Carbine. LMAO too many people think they are good because of auto aim, I love watching them run up and try to lock on while I free aim their head with my carbine's iron sights!



Edited by Dr.Rum
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my face when people i do not know and do not care about it are getting dominated by me consistently in either a freeroam fight or a race(i am not that great, but it does happen) and they rage because of it:




when people seem to think their cars look good, yet i find them look like sh*t.








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When you want to send a mean text message to an another player but the Rockstar filter won't allow any insults



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MFW I take out a jet that has activated ghost organization
, then go to all the known spawn points for Hydras and eventually blow them up again


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MFW I get kicked from a heist lobby just because I am a high rank with maxed stats. High Rank = Modder apparently



A jet griefer when you catch them outside of their jet.


Edited by Ghoffman9
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MFW the Demolition player literally crash-lands the Buzzard and destroying it in the process just as we were about to complete the finale for The Prison Break.



Edited by M.K.N.
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Whenever I see a player with invisible body parts and/or wearing a bullet-proof helmet + mask:



I literally hunt those players, I wear my bullet proof helmet while sniping them just to even the odds a bit, they NEVER TEXT BACK LMAO!!! They ALWAYS LEAVE THE SESSION after they get killed more than twice, it's hilarious! It's so easy to track em down they are usually level 8000 LOL. Edited by Dr.Rum
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MFW I team up with a random to spawn-kill a griefer, and when the griefer leaves after 10 minutes of getting destroyed, the random shoots me in the back as I'm typing "we make a good team".



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When i get approached by a newbie that wants me to spawn money for him because of my 300 something level.


Edited by Alvarez
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