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[Gamemode] Your Face When - Online Edition

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Popular Posts

Outfits: leader's choice    

When someone crashes the aircraft into the FBI and IAA towers

MFW another player doesn't die from a headshot...but then kills me while he's in the middle of a combat roll.  

Recommended Posts

When ive terrorized an organisation or single player




I send this to butthurt players quite often :)

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Seeing a pink chrome car



Edited by DangerZ0neX
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mfw someone is going through their outfits, tryin to style on me, and i have my saved dunce cap ready to go.




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MRW a player walks infront of me while I'm firing RPG rockets at the cops during Pac Stand heist and I die



Edited by DangerZ0neX
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MFW when a random I've just done a heist setup with pulls up next to me in a matte pink Adder with dollar rims and white walls, and asks if I want to see their garage.



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MFW a sessions splits and I'm doing cargo work; then I get this message:





Edited by Icantthinkofonew
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1. I got owned in PVP and decide to go into passive after loosing 1-20 (damn a-aims)

2. I land in the sea just before a HL-noob blasts my Swift out of the sky for no reason



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A few fresh situations...

-When I leave the jump too late and I end up falling between the shipping containers on the cargo ship (Prison Break - Station)
-When I'm put as pilot because I'm the highest level that joined (there's only so many times I can fly to Sandy Shores, only for the ground team to f*ck up).

-When I have to solo the cargo ship (Prison Break - Station) because the other sod has gone with the cops who need no help at all.
-When demolitions insists on destroying the jets...

-When demolitions f*cks up on Prison Break
-When the ground team f*cks up on Prison Break
-When we get twatted at an intersection, lose control, crash and get shot to sh*t, all because the passenger(s) didn't want to shoot the NPCs that were chasing us

-When the cargo ship team brings the car to us while we're at the police station (this SERIOUSLY f*cks the cop team over and 9 times out of 10 it ends in a failed mission)


Edited by TheMcSame
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MFW an idiot player beaches the Dinghy right when we're about to finish the PacStandard finale.



I totally did this once... my friends still bring it up. Edited by Smooth Longsack
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when in the middle of intense pvp battle and one of those annoying contacts calls, to ask why im not doing contact missions anymore...



when chillin on my yacht, someone tries to kill me and i turn on the defenses...



when i wanted to keep my car without a scratch...


Edited by nmk111
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When i see new vehicles coming up!




When i see they in game and the categories R* put them...




When i see the amount i need to buy them


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-Join Heist... Prison Break

-Ground team alerts guards



-Demo destroys jet but the new jet bugs out



Get right to the end of the heist, demo comes in to land with the (rather damaged) Buzzard... Slams it into the ground.... And.... The Buzzard is f*cked.


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MFW you finally kill that person wearing a bulletproof helmet and using RPG's in a deathmatch who repeatedly kills you



MFW people turn I am casually driving and suddenly end up in a war zone with tanks, RPG's and jets everywhere. Also don't forget the police who randomly spawn and you accidentally drive over one and suddenly you have a 3 star wanted level and die instantly.



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MFW you hear a player on mic watching porn in the background and you know the video they're watching.



Edited by Candy Suxxx
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having a $9000 bounty in Public Freeroam



Edited by DangerZ0neX
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MFW a dude who keeps trying to kill me starts bitching on how I keep sniping him before he could do anything




MFW the Heist Leader assigns a low rank newb as the pilot in the Prison Break Heist


Edited by Ghoffman9
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MFW a train materialises out of thin air right in front of me





MFW when Rashkovsky starts running in a f*cking circle instead of getting in the plane



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