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[Gamemode] Your Face When - Online Edition

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Popular Posts

Outfits: leader's choice    

When someone crashes the aircraft into the FBI and IAA towers

MFW another player doesn't die from a headshot...but then kills me while he's in the middle of a combat roll.  

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MFW Somebody says they watch Mrboss or Domislive speculation videos



Did i forget about any other crappy youtubers?

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>be me

>get an invite to a Pacific Standard heist that I've played through every setup for

>accept it

>booted up to Google Earth and have to wait to join


>still waiting


>10 minutes have passed and still waiting


>"The Session is full, would you like to queue?"



Edited by DangerZ0neX
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When you'be been doing missions with a group that's really good/fun to be with, You get to the "Choose next mission" page, The mission choices suck so you all pick refresh, And 6 things that are not missions appear instead.



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A really terrific thread idea, @DangerZ0neX! Thank you!


This is pretty much my expression when I survive a ridiculously stupid motorcycle stunt jump in which I should have easily died on landing... but didnt! HA!!!!!



Edited by fw3
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MFW I shoot the rear rotor off a player's helicopter and I watch them spin down to their death




When a desperate player pulls a tank and i lure them into a sticky bomb trap




When someone challenges me to a one-on-one deathmatch



Edited by REDDICE0818
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This has to be the most cringeworthy thread on GTAForums.

My thread is considered cringeworthy by someone with a pepe avatar? Don't know if that's ironic or poetic justice.
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Well.... When i get a kill i imagine doritos and mountain dew on the screen


When i die i was like YOU F*CKING C*NT

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Menstrual Deranged

MFW I strike up a conversation in voice chat and immediately get bombarded with variations of "Wow, a chick!" or "F*ck you, girl!" and then I start getting either spawn-killed, flirted with, or both.


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MFW the biggest scrub in the session gets rekt multiple times by a friend/crew mate.



Edited by Candy Suxxx
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My face when I'm about to roll into LSC and the player waiting behind me doesn't throw a sticky bomb.



Edited by AbeePoo89
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MFW I join a heist/setup on call and it's Prison Break (or a setup for prison break).




MFW it isn't Prison Break (or a setup for it)




Except Key Codes and Deliver EMP, one of those and randoms is just a disaster waiting to happen.


MFW it's key code or Deliver EMP


Edited by TheMcSame
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when i deliver three crates to my warehouse, the session is full like ui ui ui and im calling lester hihihi

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Clearly I'm not as Internet savvy as i imagined.


I thought MFW meant 'Mother Fu*ker What?'.....I may have anger issues.


MFW when some prick pulls me from a drivers seat on a Heist or Mission.




I'll see you in Freemode, Fu*ker.

Edited by Tonguegirl
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