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[Gamemode] Your Face When - Online Edition


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When the 14 kd Barcode invites your honeytrap 0.34 kd acc to a 1v1 sniper battle after you shot down his jet and he realizes pretty quick its not going well for him....








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Mfw I been behaving like a serial killer terrorizing lobbies with some free sh*tty cheat menu and still haven't been banned (You can't ban the devil)



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  • 3 weeks later...

When I walk into my club and Marcel says Big Boss is in the house.



When I neutralize the trouble maker so effortlessly, Marcel be like:



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Mfw doing heists that gives everyone 100% and the infinite black screen starts with each one I joined



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Mfw someone finds out after two years when it should've taken them a few days





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  • 3 weeks later...
Wastelander (Suzuki)

POV: You rammed that odd foxxo in the Hotring race off the track last race and it's now Trenchway the defacto Fight Club of Hotring. 

You look behind as you hear the oddly family music and see the driver as they slipstream past 10 people like a heat seeking missile:

The music gets louder:

It is now that you realize maybe making enemies wasn't the best of plans.

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  • 2 weeks later...

When I'm listening to a FlashBackFM playlist and Franklin asks me to take a cab with a stiff in the trunk to the scrapyard.





And then it hit me right in the feelz.



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Wastelander (Suzuki)

When you can't see the player on the ground but they decide to call a car and stand next to it or shoot that laser minigun and show you right were to put 7 rockets of justice:



And no I don't do Thermal Jet stuff. Keep it real, keep it old school .Return to Mini Map Aiming

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  • 1 month later...

Me when I get spotted on Cayo Perico and the music kicks in...



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Me, slightly complaining about the game mechanics, when i get the hitmarker with the heavy sniper and BST on the mk2 griefer but he didnt die



Me, when i get him:




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