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[Gamemode] Your Face When - Online Edition


Recommended Posts

Hello ladies and gentlemen, this is a simple game where you post one of your pet peeves with GTA Online itself or its fandom and supplying it with a reaction image, it can range from:-



A) a certain behavior players do in the game


B) the game itself being a broken mess


C) about Rockstar in general


D) what players in forums and threads dedicated to GTAO discussions say or do to a mild extent (no calling out or snide remarks allowed)


E) etc.


So I'll go on ahead and start with an example, shall we?






MFW someone says his reason for playing as a female Online character is because he wants to watch a chick's ass instead of a guy's ass



Edited by DangerZ0neX
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Seeing supercars with lowrider wheels and while walls



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Edited by GradeA-Hole
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MFW someone's bothered by incongruities between the gender of the character you use, and your own gender as a person:



Edited by Icantthinkofonew
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When someone crashes the aircraft in a heist mission...



Edited by ikaR3CON


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mfw the global signal goes out the same moment a player flies past in a Savage



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MFW I kill a guy hiding in an alley by bouncing a grenade from the GL from a wall directly into his feet.



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MFW a player called BullitBlitz enabled passive and ran away in his insurgent so he could hide on his yacht, just because I chased him for about 15 seconds...



Edited by Furry_Monkey
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when you're cruising peacefully on your motorbike and then all of the sudden an AI driver does a U-turn literally in the middle of the highway, flinging you off the bike and causing you to get run over to death by the traffic



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Mirror Park Resident

MFW the crates I just bought get robbed&spiltted for the 156th time in this session



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Sir Golden Gecko

When someone bombs the hell out of my CEO goodies with a jet/a chopper/stickies, says "XDD" and flies/runs off.




When I avoid homing missiles with my buzzard, but the guy keeps firing them.



Edited by SirGoldenGecko
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mfw everybody left at once before the ceo update...


mfw everybody left at once after the ceo update...


times change lol

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When I realize that we can't transfer our charakter to GTA 6.



Edited by fabisgeffm
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MFW I look at the latest patch notes, and the Savage still hasn't had its armour buffed:



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MFW I start a heist and all of the sudden a squeaker turns on his mic



Edited by FrankieGTA
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