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Pickups takes a different approach to GTA V's weapon wheel and weapon pickups.


Weapon Wheel -

Before: You have 8 slots where each slot can hold multiple weapons, essentially enabling you to carry an entire armory in your pocket.

After: You have any number of slots you want (Default 4), and each slot only holds 1 weapon at a time.


Weapon Pickups -

Before: All weapon pickups are automatically picked up and each pickup always has full ammo, even if the NPC who dropped it already used some. All weapon pickups have no attachments, even if the previous owner had them equipped.

After: You have the choice of automatically picking up weapons or not. If the slot the weapon belongs to is already full, you will have the choice to swap weapons. If any weapon you are currently holding uses the same ammunition, you have the choice between automatically or manually taking ammo. Weapon pickups only contain whatever ammunition was left in them by their previous owner. Weapon pickups will be equipped with any attachments the previous owner was using. A popup will show over nearby weapon pickups to let you know of their ammo count and type.


Visible Loadout -

When enabled, Visible Loadout will display weapons you're carrying, but not currently using, on various attachment points on your player. There is one attachment point for each slot. If you require more than 4 slots, simply duplicate some of the existing slots in slots.xml. You may also edit their physical attachment points. As all weapons are not made equal, some weapons have their own attachment offsets in order to better fit on the player. These per-weapon offsets are now found in pickups.xml.




Some ammunition amounts are adjusted to be more realistic. All weapons acquired by entering certain vehicles are disabled.


This mod changes many game files. Due to this it is incompatible with a large amount of weapon/realism mods including RDE. If you want to use this mod with any incompatible mod, all you must do is merge the conflicting files.

If you merge files to make Pickups compatible with other mods, please be generous enough to release them on GTA5-mods.com so others can benefit from your hard work.


All the data in pickups.xml is editable, so you can change the display names of the weapons if you desire. Be aware that these name changes only affect the Pickups script. It won't affect the stock weapon wheel or Ammunation.






-Original Release



-Added Visible Loadout option

-Fixed issue that caused certain pickups to forget their attachments

-Fixed loadout detection issues when changing characters

-Fixed issues with Ammunation gun ranges.



Download: v2.0

Edited by InfamousSabre
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For whatever reason GTA V mods don't get a whole lot of attention on this forum, compared to the other games in the series.


Nonetheless this is great, been waiting for this for a while. Highly recommend it.

Edited by cp1dell
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  • 3 weeks later...

For whatever reason GTA V mods don't get a whole lot of attention on this forum, compared to the other games in the series.


Nonetheless this is great, been waiting for this for a while. Highly recommend it.

Thanks, man. You motivated me to finish it :)

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  • 2 years later...

hey the mod made my game not load how to fix


hey i download it but my game doesnot work what to do

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  • 4 months later...

Awesome mod. Is there a mod that limits your ammo to go along with it? It would make the game feel like RDR2.

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the latest pickups by default comes with a weapon overhaul that limits ammo.

Edited by Nelson01023
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  • 5 months later...

Sir, please, tell me, how did you manage to make weapon wheel like that? I did edit weapons.meta - placed heavy, snipers, shotguns and all smgs (not microsmg) in rifle slot, but now all icons are disappeared except rifle (of course).

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  • 2 months later...

When i play this with the Simple zombies mod the zombies dont hurt me for some reason so i reinstalled my game


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