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Master Save Saloon - Tales of Redemption


Recommended Posts

Revised: With the release of backwards compatibility for Xbox One the nature of this topic has changed a bit as I'm now able to record videos showing some of the fun exploits used to create master saves - saves with as much completed or collected as possible before continuing with story missions. Check below for videos on exploits for accessing blocked off areas of the map, getting early cash and rolling that into a fortune to buy some of the best weapons and horse deeds, and other exploits for manipulating fame and honor. I'll leave my original intro for now, but ignore all the master gang nonsense - I was just trying to get a conversation started. Still am, feel free to comment.



Years ago I was recruited into a master's gang as a duelist scout and expert in world events. The masters were dedicated to completing everything possible before continuing with the story missions of Red Dead Redemption. The masters are adept at exploiting the single-player environment towards this goal. I learned to create two optimized saves; one after New Friends, Old Problem (NFOP) when options are first available, and another after Political Realities in Armadillo (PRiA) when the more combat oriented opportunities become available. We call these archives our Master Saves.

It's been years though, like I said. And my memory isn't quite what it used to be. But if you buy me a beer I might be able to remember a few secrets.

I remember the Unique World Events well enough. Grand total, thirty-nine. The last one had me stumped for years. It was the rustler duelists. I'd never had low honor before I joined the gang. Turns out that honor is pretty easy to grind up or down as needed. Only problem is that the Obscuridad can be kind of hard to get back if you had high honor and lose it. So if you are going to take a walk on the dark side for all 39 UWEs it might be best to do it early.

Did I say duelist scout? Duelist bait is more like it. Twenty duelist, btw. And I beat them all. Although I did end up killing a couple of the quicker shots. Usually I'm all about the disarms despite the deadeye 1 limitation. And don't believe what they've been telling you about Giovanni Corbeilinni. That's a hoax I tell you. The man doesn't even exist. I wasted days searching high and low and nobody's ever heard of the man. Mission duels and poker players don't count as duelist. Anyone will duel if you cheat them in poker. I'm talkin' about the guys with a grudge. "You killed my daddy. You kill my dog. Blah, blah, blah." I never killed nobody that gave me a choice in the matter. Check my stats, mister. Zero civilians killed.

Not interested? How about how to break into the other islands and get the best available horses and weapons? No? Everybody knows? I'd kind of figured that'd be the sort of thing that get out but hardly anyone makes videos for this game. And I'm talking about the 100% reliable telecamp and autosave techniques, none of this lame floating coaches and jumping bridges nonsense. Easy way to get yourself killed if you ask me.

No? Max money? Easy if you know the right world event. But can you do it without dinging the civilians killed stat? It's not my fault if he accidentally gets led into town and shot up by the deputies, or slips and falls off a cliff. No sir. I've got my lasso right here. See? Couldn't've been me.

How about... 10 weapons on a NFOP save? Ten I can remember because there's 10 chests in the Tumbleweed hideout. That's why it's my favorite place to start. All the chests means plenty of money and ammo, and two of the chests have have items so you can get the tonics and stuff way early. The trick to raiding hideout chests is to avoid killing the last guy. Then loot the place, autosave, load, and return. The same last guy is still there and it's easy to run around and ransack the place. The whole thing resets at midnight though. Watch out for that.

What? No beer? Well, maybe we could swap stories instead. Anyone else tried this master save thing of doing everything possible before the story missions? Got any secrets you'd like to trade?



NFOP Weapons List

  1. Cattleman Revolver Exodus in America
  2. Volcanic Pistol Twin Rocks Hideout
  3. Mauser Pistol Blackwater Gunsmith $800
  4. Repeater Carbine New Friends, Old Problems
  5. Winchester Repeater Tumbleweed Hideout
  6. Evans Repeater Blackwater Gunsmith $1,000
  7. Carcano Rifle (scoped) Blackwater Gunsmith $1,100
  8. Double Barreled Shotgun Armadillo Gunsmith* $300
  9. Semi-auto Shotgun Escalera Gunsmith $1,000
  10. Buffalo Rifle Any Gunsmith after Master Hunter 5 $475

* The double barreled shotgun is unlocked early by the Public Protest UWE in Mexico.

Edited by OrionSR
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I did a starter save in Red Dead once. Of course getting the inspiration from GTA and I remember searching on YouTube how to get to the other islands at the beginning of the game. I remember using the set up camp and save technique to get across the river giving me access to the other island. Doing all I could to at the beginning and it was fun, but found it more limiting then what you can do then a GTA starter save. It's been years since I played the game too.

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Master save, starter save, ultimate save - same thing with different names. I'm pretty old-school on the master save issue. I can appreciate the arguments against "master" as an accurate description, but as the older term master save is more generic. I figured more people would know what I'm blathering on about. Most of my experience is in San Andreas. I even consulted on the original Master Save Guide on GameFAQs.So in honor of Flow_w0lF and the contribution his guide has made to formalizing what is definitely my favorite GTA extended play style, I'll stick with my old term. Besides, the term master implies a higher skill level than starter - no offense intended. This is a challenge for people who have played the game and have a pretty good understanding of where everything is and how to use it properly, not for beginners just getting started. And besides, I worked it into the theme of the topic. There was no master's gang, not really. It was just me and Lancet comparing notes. I was never able to find a place to get a conversation going on master save challenges, tips, tricks and lists - couldn't find the appropriate forum. I figured I'd give it another shot on GTAForums, the conversation that is - not sure I want to get started playing again just yet. More GTA players are likely to understand the master save concept than I'm likely to find anywhere else.

Limiting? My NFOP save has 19.7% game completed. That's comparable to a GTA series master save. And there's a lot more available after PRiA, but I can't find my stats on that at the moment. I miss SA's wanted level in restricted territory though. That was the most fun ever. Each time I played I had pretty specific mysteries to investigate, so that kept me pretty focused. The first time I made a major investigation into Unique World Events, tallied them up, did my best to figure out when everything unlocks and how to score it as complete. The comments in other topics suggest that these events are often people favorite part of the game.

The second investigation was to track down all the duelists. All aren't required to score the event as completed, just one from each group. But I couldn't be sure I had isolated each event until I met them all, grouped them by event and unlock requirement, and worked out the rotation schedule. Dueling a guy in one region will advance the rotation of the duelists in other regions, so chances of meeting them all are pretty slim without a plan. Oh yeah. I got their challenge quotes as well. Had to go back and re-duel a bunch before I started keeping notes on the matter. I guess I'll go ahead and post my list. It kind of fits with the theme of an old-timer bragging in the saloon.


A couple of thoughts on maybe making a new master save someday. The rustler duelists changes the balance of things for me. Next time I plan to start a low honor path and take the early bonuses at the stores in Thieves' Landing. That should save a bit of cash early on as I'm stocking up for the sharpshooter exploit. The best strategy we found for grinding honor is to hold up the hookers in Thieves' Landing as they don't fight back and crimes go unreported. Same thing works in one of those Mexican towns, forget the name though. IIRC, the hookers provided a pretty decent income I had ignored in previous master saves. Grinding up the honor is pretty easy at the Twin Rocks hideout.


And I'm wondering, maybe I should try a low fame game. After a while the comments from the ambient characters starts to get really annoying. The master save process tends to grind up the fame early so I've got to listen to them groveling or whatnot for the entire game. Maybe it'd be better to limit the fame as much as possible with the bandana.





Duelist Location Reqirement Challenge
Charlie Mash Thieves' Landing NFOP Completed Come on! Get in close you coward!

Tobias Weldon US Settlement PRIA Completed Hey, you, the chicken headed guy! Come over here!
Clifton Ledbetter US Settlement PRIA Completed Hey, shooter. Get your ass over here.
Jacques Billeray US Settlement PRIA Completed Hey! Yellow belly, com here.
Floyd Brogles US Settlement PRIA Completed Hey killer, come on! What are you waitin' on!?
Cruz Del Valle Nuevo Paraiso PRIA Completed Hey baboso, get over here.
Leon Galindo Nuevo Paraiso PRIA Completed Oye, gringo. Come here!

(For the Duelists below, requirements appear to be PRiA plus the fame or honor requirement listed, but rumors suggest they might show a tad early)

Carnelious Wolfe US Settlement Buckaroo Fame Bit of poetic justice – me, Carnelious Wolfe, killin' you in a duel.
Tripp Lockley US Settlement Buckaroo Fame You're the boy who thinks he's some kind of fast, tough guy.
Arnatt Buchanan US Settlement Buckaroo Fame You think you're fast do you, Marston? Why don't you show me?
Lomax Brewton US Settlement Buckaroo Fame Hey Marston, I hear you're good with a pistol – wanna prove it?
Gonzalo Barajas Nuevo Paraiso Buckaroo Fame Gringo, they say you fast with the pistola! I think I am faster …
Delfino Zayas Nuevo Paraiso Buckaroo Fame I hear your reputacion, but you no rapido like me – we find out, ok?
Ambrosio Falcon Nuevo Paraiso Buckaroo Fame They tell me about you, gringo. You think you're fast, do you?

Lewis Eddins New Austin Rustler Honor My dear cousin lies cold in the ground thanks to you, sir!
Trent Oxley New Austin Rustler Honor You kill my cousin, and here you are, bold as brass!
Agusto Palacios Nuevo Paraiso Rustler Honor Busco venganza y ahora es el tiempo!
Nicolas Robredo Nuevo Paraiso Rustler Honor Hijo de puta! You kill my father, gringo! Y ahora te voy a matar!
Wilton Glover West Elizabeth Rustler Honor You killed my brother in cold blood, you bastard!
Rufus Byrd West Elizabeth Rustler Honor You killed my daddy, now I'm fixin' to kill you.

Edited by OrionSR
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Lethal Vaccine

Interesting read as I am into Starter Saves (doesn't matter of the name, since all the tasks done within are always complete to the fullest percentage) and have done them in full for III, VC, SA, LCS, VCS, and CW. I plan to also do them for the other HD Era GTA's one of these days aside from CW since I did the 31.86% Starter Save for that already.


If you like the 4 star wanted level so much in SA, you should try the IV 11.95% Starter Save since most of the stuff is done with a 6 star wanted level and things can go very wrong, very quickly. I plan to give this a try when I get to re-doing my HD Era GTA Saves and start writing up the Guides for the Forum.


However, I never played any Red Dead Games. I couldn't get into them as much as GTA...Then again, I can't get into many Games in general, besides GTA...

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Thanks for your interest Militia. If I can find a BP/CP horse would you be more interested. Hopefully in this case BP and CP stand for bear proof and cougar proof. But then you'd need a stable to save them in and... Never mind, a likely scenario.


Testing Early Access to Mexico on Xbox One - Success!


Nothing too fancy. Just the same old tricks rehashed with Xbox One. I'm mostly just trying to work out the process of recording and managing clips on Xbox.


This video picks up the story at the end of New Friends, Old Problem and demonstrates the "telecamp" strategy of using a campsite to teleport across the river to Mexico at the very beginning of the game. Saving is not a required part of the telecamp process. While I'm there I get Escalera on the map so fast travel works in the region and break a Hungarian Half-bred that spawned along the road back north.



Edited by OrionSR
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Testing Early Access to West Elizabeth on Xbox One - Success!


Same old strategies again. I never had the best of luck with the fast travel method of exiting West Elizabeth, so it's just as well it took me a few tries to get right. The trick works if the lower campsite is selected. I should probably redo this in the daylight.



Edited by OrionSR
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Lethal Vaccine

Keep 'em coming. Maybe the more I see, the more I will get interested in these games! :);)

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Early Access - Dawn to Dusk


I was trying to get a single shot daylight run of the early access locations but the timing of the fast travel doesn't work out well. But I was happy with the sunrise and sunset shots anyway even if the video is still a bit dark.




Only 3 save slots plus an autosave slot. I'm not sure how I'll manage. I'm used to using all the slots on several drives. This is very disappointing.

Edited by OrionSR
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Fooking Rekt

Great videos, keep 'em coming! :^:

Edited by Fooking Rekt
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Unlocking the Double-barreled Shotgun using the Public Protest Unique World Event


One of the army officers is using a double-barreled shotgun during the event, which is apparently enough to unlock the weapon in Armadillo. After the event, an auto-save is triggered by using a horse deed. Since Marston hasn't saved at a camp in Mexico yet the nearest save spot is a camp I established just outside of Armadillo to save on time while checking the unlock status of the gun. Keeping the clips within the 5 minute Game DVR limit is proving to be a significant challenge.



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Duelist Charlie Mash


Because he's blocking my path to the brothel. Eventually I'd like to have clips of all 20 duelists, as well as clips for each of the unique world events.


Charlie Mash is a one-time duelist unlocked in Thieves' Landing after NFOP. The other duelists are unlocked by PRiA, although there are unconfirmed reports of earlier appearances.



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Kit Cash and Dishonor - Organizing Kit Items


I want my improved campsite listed first in my inventory and loot strategies of getting quick cash early have the nasty habit of providing Pardon Letters before I'm ready to buy it. This is the first time I've tried a dishonorable start so I'm still not sure of the larger implications. Crimes go unreported in Thieves' Landing so there are no hits to the stats. A half price shop bonus is provided at the Thieves' Landing stores for the Road Agent honor level and by then I had plenty of cash on hand for the Improved Campsite, Rabbit's Foot, Bandolier and Bandana. The other shops are now charging 150% normal prices, but I'm right on the edge of popping back to Rustler level.



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Tumbleweed Barn Chests - Bankrolling a Sharpshooter Bet


Standard grind, kind of boring, but wasn't too annoying. The main question is; how much is enough? These chests contain revolver, repeater and rifle ammo, and an occasional pardon letter. My thought was that it would be quicker to keep resetting these three chests than to run around to all the rest in the area, but I haven't tried to measure dollars per hour. This strategy seemed quick enough, and was relatively risk free - hardly a need to save.


I'm anxious to buy the two 3-star horse deeds for the American Standardbred and Hungarian Half-bred because it'll make auto-saving a lot more manageable. I used to sort them at the bottom but now that I've got a War Horse in slot 1 I want to round out the top row before collecting other items. At half price I need 1500 for both but I still want to have a large bankroll for another sharpshooter bet the next time he comes around. I figure, if I start with at least 3328 and get a 13 dollar bet then I'll have over 6650 at the end of the first bet. After buying the horse deeds I'll only need another 500 or so to get in on a 5632 payout from an 11 dollar bet next time. (So far, after completing the challenge the first time, all subsequent bets have been $14.)



Edited by OrionSR
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Double your money without killing a civilian by:


Luring the Sharpshooter into Town


The money doubling trick has been around forever, the new twist here is avoiding a hit to the civilians killed stat without a lasso - a strategy Lancet developed. The critical step is to aim at the sharpshooter before the payout is complete, then ride like the wind out of his range and lure him into town.



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Ten Tumbleweed Chests - Exploiting the Tumbleweed Hideout for Cash, Ammo and Items


It's easy to loot the chests in Tumbleweed that respawn each time the hideout is restarted. If you leave one bandit alive then you can revisit the hideout over and over without much gunfire to worry about. Best of all, two of the chests are item chests that can provide consumables like medicine that aren't available this early in the game. I don't think there are any horse items though, IIRC, I was getting Apples and Horse Pills from the body in the noose, and sometimes a little pistol ammo.


The first scene shows the tenth chest, which is inside the Mansion and inaccessible during this exploit - it's the finial part of completing the hideout the first time when Marston is granted the Winchester. The next scene shows the setup for the exploit that leaves only one target locked relatively safely within a building. When the hideout is restarted it pickups with this remaining target, until midnight when everything resets. The finial scene is a run through of the nine outdoor chests so you can see which tiype of ammo or item is provided. The first two shown are the item chests, sometimes I just repeat those until my inventory is full. I usually skip the gazebo; it's too remote.


I had to revert to a previous save for the video since I was full on rifle ammo. For ammo, if inventory is full and a weapon of that type isn't active then the ammo type isn't displayed if it's full. For items, the item is only displayed if it's the first of it's type. Or rather, you just had zero and now have one.



Edited by OrionSR
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Exploiting Autosaves and Save Camps in West Elizabeth


Now that I've got more than one horse deed it's a lot easier to take advantage of autosave exploits to move Marston quickly around the map. The general rule is, after an autosave Marston will load to the nearest save spot in that region. If no save spots are available in the region then Marston reloads to the closest save spot in New Austin. Saving at a camp will add a save location to a region - it has to be a save, fast travel isn't enough to set the marker. Marston only gets one save camp but it can be moved to almost any open area. There are quite a few ambient events that can trigger an autosave. The advantage to using horse deeds is they can be used anywhere and are not consumed. Maps and scraps can be used to trigger an autosave anywhere early on.



Edited by OrionSR
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Save Camps and Autosaves in Nuevo Paraiso
A demonstration of time and save management in Red Dead Redemption using Save Camps, Autosaves, Telecamps and Travel to Destination.
Pretty much the same thing as the West Elizabeth version except this time I annotated the video with comments.



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Sharpshooter Rank 10 with Dead Eye Level 1


This challenge gave me a lot of trouble the last time I made a master save so I was dreading trying to snipe the weapons out of the hands of the Treasure Hunters within the mine as they ran for better cover. I went looking for something repeatable, safer, and much quicker and found something quick enough to fit in a video. I'm quite happy with the results. This is quicker, safer and easier than picking most flowers.


This challenge is considerably more difficult with only Dead Eye level one. Far too often a shot to the hand will cause the target to bleed out and die. But if you catch them in the process of reloading they can easily be disarmed even if the weapon is held in front of their body. The tonic was only necessary for the video. I'll go in again later with a full meter when I'm not trying to record a video.



Edited by OrionSR
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Quickly build Fame and Honor at the Twin Rocks Hideout


Once the incomplete hideout is setup the cycle only takes about 1:15 to repeat for +200 Honor and +50 Fame. The video includes loading at the save camp, setting up the incomplete hideout, and completing the hideout loop 3 times. It doesn't take long at all to redeem the honor lost from robbing hookers in Thieves' Landing and Casa Madrugada, or to gain the half-price shop bonus at the Peacemaker level. The hideout will reset eventually, so be prepared for the full defenses.



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