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Razer headset, sound stops working and crackling


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Hey guys, i have had my razer kraken 7.1 headset for just over a year and it has been working fine on PS4 and also on PC but recently it is not working properly. the problem is that when i plug it into the USB port in my PC it works for a couple of minutes but then the sound stops, the video i was watching stops and there is a small amount of cracking in the headset and i took it out and put it back in but it does the same thing, i have tried updating drivers and re-installing the device and razer synapse but the problem continues but the headset works fine on my PS4, could it be my USB ports on my computer that are not working properly or dirty, what can i do to fix it? Thanks :)


edit: Also when i am on youtube the video completely stops :(

Edited by xXepicjasaXx
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Bump : Still works on PS4 perfectly fine but on PC it stops working after a few minutes and starts to crackle

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  • 3 years later...

I am having this same problem unfortunately :(. I have no idea how to fix it yet. I am also guessing it is my USB ports, mostly because I know that my USB ports are 8+years old now! I went and bought a new USB 3.0 add in  card for PCIE and sadly it didn't fix my problems, I also have all ready tried all new drivers and sound settings and other things. I cant fix it my self :(!

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