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Glitching heists.


Recommended Posts


If you have the pacific standard heist finale, and are interested in making easy money, then this your chance. If you already know how to keep repeating the heist over and over and are looking for a second host, then perfect.


If you have a finale, but don't know how to do it, then don't worry I will guide you. Anyway how it works is the host gets 0% and gives 70% to the second host and 15% to the 2 other ordinary players. Then the second host does this and the hosts take turns doing the heist. When you add this up that means the hosts make about 450k each heist, and the other players make nearly 200k each heist.


My terms: The host gets 70% NO EXCEPTIONS unless the host agrees to donate money. For example, if you are willing for me to give you 60% so your friends can get 20%, then do not think that entitles you to give me 60% so your friends can make money at my expense. THE SECOND HOST decides how much money he is willing to give up.


Second, don't invite your friends to the heist if they are going to moan and complain about getting 15%. getting 15% every 20 minutes Is better than 20% every 3 hours.


Third, and the MOST important. RESPECT THE CONTRACT. Someone obviously has to host first, and that means the second guy must pay him back. If you have to get off soon and know you only have enough time for me to pay you but not for you to pay me back, then be courteous and tell me you don't have enough time for the contract. It is easier to think of the heists as groups of 2, because that is how they work.


Now I know there are some bitches out there thinking 'oh I know I will get this guy to give me money and then I will leave and not pay him back'. There is nothing I can do about that. I won't have lost anything apart from 20 minutes of my time, but that means you only get paid once. Would you rather get 875k once because you can't be bothered or multiple times and get rich? Your choice. Anyway, if you are interested, then message CrumblyJam6128. Xbox One.


Notice for ordinary players who don't want to co host, but want to ride along for the 15% cut every 20 minutes:

You will get offers from desperate people, willing to give you massive cuts, but these people are generally inexperienced and like to poke fun at others in order to 'steal' players and gain crew members. Because all they care about is getting crew members.


By all means join them if you want the budget option, but if you want top tier heisters, message CrumblyJam6128 on Xbox One.


But this post is for CO HOSTS mainly. That is, if you have the finale. Don't bother messaging and posting me complaining about 15% cuts when I can click auto invite to find fillers for the heist. If you are happy with the cut, by all means join us.


Warning: Don't post your main gamertag in this forum, or any forum for that matter, as rockstar employees may find and report your gamertag. The chances are low but they are still there.

Edited by moneyman999
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I don't know your gamertag. DO NOT post it here. Just message that gamertag I provided and I will get back to you when I'm available.

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Are you still doing this? I can be a second host but i need to let you know i have school monday to friday from 8-3 GMT. Let me know if thats okay. Also you may have to explain the glitch to me. Also if you really care i am a mature 15 year old.

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It works guys. And yes Kallan that's fine. Just message my gamertag CrumblyJam6128 for Xbox One. Don't post your main gamertag on this site as your gamertag may be reported for glitching.

Edited by moneyman999
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Removed all the off topic posts.


We have a rule against bumping, if you want to bump your thread do it every few days, not multiple times a day.



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Thank you RedDagger for doing that. You're right, it's a shame people have to post just to complain or moan. And yes, did bump at a few times but most of the time I didn't have to because all these moaners did it for me anyway lol.

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