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Benefit of a large and medium warehouse


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Hey guys, just asking a quick question; what is the benefit of buying a medium warehouse over a small one.


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The more crates you have stored in one warehouse, the higher the value of each crate is. This caps at 20k per crate, but I don't know at how many crates this cap is reached.

So if you sell all 111 crates in 1 go, you get 2,220,000 GTA$.

If you decide to sell only 50 or so, you probably get around 17k per crate.


If you don't have a lot of money, or don't want to spent half your fortunate, it might not be a bad idea to start with a medium warehouse first to start your grind towards making bank.


Although it's nowhere near the best way to make money as of now.

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It depends on if you are just wanting to play CEO once in awhile or if you are doing serious grinding... If you just want to play once in awhile buy the cheapest small warehouse. Here are your minimum costs to get started as a CEO.


You will pay:


$1,000,000 for the Maze Bank West office (no safe, no gun safe, no interior upgrades)

$ 250,000 for the Convenience Store Lockup (small 16 crate warehouse)

$ 950,000 for delivery vehicle upgrades**
$2,200,000 minimum to play as CEO, collecting and selling crates!
The most efficient way to fill a small warehouse SOLO is buying 2 crates at a time. You will spend $64,000 on crates, count on dying once in awhile $500, ammo, armor, use Lester services (not CEO abilities) to save money, NEVER use the Securoserv Pegasus Concierge and you will average spending around $1,000 to $1,500 per crate collection mission on these things (if you are good and efficient). So, if we go with $8,000 collection expenses... you will spend about $72,000 to fill your small warehouse that sells for $240,000... netting around $168,000 (if you never lose a crate during collection). But, keep in mind other players can blow you up, kill you, destroy your crates etc... etc... Then when you are delivering they can blow up your delivery vehicle and you lose EVERYTHING!!! But, assuming a good delivery and best case scenario, you would have to fill your warehouse 14 times to actually make a profit. That is 112 collection missions and 14 successful deliveries that will take about 20 to 24 hours of grinding to complete (including delivery times)... and you will turn a profit of $152,000 for over twenty hours of work! If you lose any crates, if you have a delivery destroyed, if you use CEO abilities, Pegasus Concierge, etc... Then it take longer to recover due to expenses!!!! This DLC is a money loser for all buy hardcore grinders!
There is a 5 minute cool down timer between delivery to a single warehouse and when you can buy your next crates!
There is a 30 minute cool down timer between sales for a single warehouse!!!
Due cool down timers you should buy TWO warehouses and alternate buys between them.... saves you 5 minutes every mission which is huge on that many deliveries... For the second warehouse I recommend either the Celltowa Unit $318,000 or the best choice in my opinion is the White Widow Garage $360,000 as it is the most convenient location and only adds two more full selling missions to break even costs but makes it faster to buy and sell. Your total startup costs will be $2,560,000 and you start making money on your 16th full sale! (after 128 collection missions).
** here are all the delivery vehicle upgrades available:
$ 230,000 Truck Upgrade, Armor
$ 95,000 Truck Upgrade, Bulletproof Tires
$ 265,000 Boat Upgrade, Armor
$ 170,000 Boat Upgrade, Speed Enhancement
$ 190,000 Plane Upgrade, Armor
$ 300,000 Plane Upgrade, Radar Jammer
Total $1,250,000 if you do all the upgrades... none of these will apply to any of the Pegasus vehicles you buy ... they only apply to delivery vehicles in the delivery missions
BUT here is the **:
** I highly recommend you skip the Plane Radar Jammer and save $300,000 as it requires a passenger in EVERY PLANE to operate it and since you can only have 3 associates and some missions require 3 planes (pilots)... it is completely useless!!!
Also for 3 crate advocates, on a small warehouse you must do four 3 crate and two 2 crate missions to fill each warehouse
$18,000x4=$72,000 and $8,000x2=$16,000 for a total of $88,000 ($24,000 more that doing two crates)
$18,000x5=$90,000+$2,000=$92,000 (5x3 and 1x2 buys.... $28,000 more than doing all 2 crate buys)
Due to it taking more time to do missions when there are 3 separate crates, it is more cost efficient to do 2 crate buys... on bigger warehouses do either 2 or 3 crate buys.

and just an FYI... I have bought a small, medium and large warehouse, made over 300 buys/collection missions to time and test what works.... I have over $10,600,000 in sales and a $1,500,000+ sitting waiting to sell.... so I am speaking from experience. Try to sell and collect in empty public lobbies only or YOU WILL LOSE CRATES, YOU WILL LOSE DELIVERIES and YOU WILL LOSE MONEY!!! If you want a break down on what it takes to fill two large warehouses and sell them... it is around 500+ collection missions 3 crates at a time ...

Edited by smartergaming
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If you do the cheapest medium warehouses.... with the above office, costs etc...

Start up is around $3,732,000 ... do 128 three crate buys/collection missions (which are slower than 2 crate missions per mission but slightly more crates per hour collected) .... figure about 26 to 30 hours of solo grinding to break even

Name: GEE Warehouse

Location: El Burro Heights

Price: $880,000

Name: Derriere Lingerie Backlot

Location: Del Perro

Price: $902,000

14 three crate buys x18000=252,000

$735,000 - 252,000-$14,000 exp ($1000 per collection mission)=$469,000 net per sale

8 full medium warehouse sales to break even or 128 3 crate collection missions... with no losses!!!

But keep in mind doing this in public lobbies with random players you WILL HAVE LOSSES!!! So, more grinding to make up the losses!

Edited by smartergaming
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