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{PS4} Sins of Los Santos Crew Recruitment


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SOLS is now recruiting!(YAY) Are you a player new/old to GTA V, a victim of a drive by, a lost soul, looking for action with some casual fun under the Los Santos sun? We are looking for great helpful players who hate the scene of drama queens(need not apply) and who can handle business as well as take and give constructive directions when needed.


Our Crew Name:

Sin of Los Santos (SOLS)



RockStar SocialClub Link:


PS4 Community Name:



Varies From US EST to US PST

What the SOLS Crew has to offer:

  • A relaxed and fun kick back mature environment
  • A diverse group of people from beginners, moderate, and experience level players
  • Depending on the mood & mode many of us take part in Races, Survival, Deathmatches, Heist, CEO/VIP Raids, and/or any other leisure activities or events


Ideal Crew Member:

  • Leadership & Respectful players
  • Prefer mature player to be over 18 years (some exception have been waived)
  • Have good working mic
  • Have a great positive attitude, sense of humor, and can be a team player
  • Be able to be an asset when call upon
  • Represent the crew & display crew tag
  • Offer any administrative help to assist in boosting team morale


Contact Info: If you have any questions or looking to join, reply to this post and sent a message to me on PS4 @ PrincessXena. Please be sure to state your purpose, your interest, and any questions you may have relating to GTA V SOLS crew memberships.


Thank you all who took the time to read this post and those having interest.

Edited by PrincessXena
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Thank you for your interest and look forward to speaking and meeting with you soon. Peace

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