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Grand Theft Auto: Max Pack - a complete pack ala GOG


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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks for that- I could download it now. However it now says that the file is damaged and needs to ejected or moved to trash. Im on Mac 10.12 though so that could be the problem?

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I guess you tried downloading it again? I have a lot of error 206 with this server.

I don't have an OSX VM atm to test it but as it's packed with the usual Apple DMG it should work with any OSX version (it worked with 10.11).

You can also try another software to mount/open it like 7zip.

Don't hesitate to share your feedback once you get it working (or not...) as I don't hear much from the OSX users :)

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First of all I'd like to thank you, because I've never been able to run GTA properly on my PC. With your great work I was able to play through Liberty City without any problems :)

But now in San Andreas/Mandarin Mayhem there is a very annoying bug. In the mission where you have to kill the lawyers the game crashes and sends me back into the main menu. This happens everytime I kill the last of the four lawyers and it's really annoying, because I want to play every mission :/

Is there anyone who knows a way to get around this bug? Is there even a way to fail this particular mission?

I tried, but there is no time limit and even if I die it goes on. There is another mission that follows immediately after that and I would like to play it, but I can't without completing (or failing) the mission that comes before...

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Annoying! :(


Helegad has been able to fix another crashing mission by editing MISSION.INI. I have no idea how the debugging works though. I read that you can let the fourth lawyer (Johnsane) escape? You just don't get the gratuitous violence bonus? Maybe that bonus is triggering the crash? Thinking out loud.

I wonder if the crashes only occur in normal mode, or also in Glide/lowres modes... Also wondering if these crashes are introduced by DOSBox/DOSBox DAUM.

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London 1961 has a similar problem too with TV Van-mission where if you complete it game will just quit entirely without any warnings and such..

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Thanks for reporting these crashes, I'll definitely have to look into them for the next update.


If you guys spot more, don't hesitate to post them in here. :breadfish:

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Great work Toshiba-3!


I wanted to have a blast on old school GTA - especially London. 1961 is one of the few GTAs I never completed. Launching it shows why - it is insanely difficult with timed missions!


I downloaded both Windows and Mac for my bootcamped Mac.


However trying to launch the Mac Max Pack comes up with the message:


"You can’t open the application “GTA Max Pack” because it may be damaged or incomplete."


(I'm on macOS/OSX Sierra if that has an affect?)


I had a peek through the package contents, and I already had Boxer installed, so I found the workaround:

- Launch Boxer

- Select 'Browse Your Games'

- Open the package 'GTA Max Pack' (RMC - Show Package Contents - Contents/Resources directory)

- Copy the 'GTA Max Pack.boxer' file into the Boxer shelved finder window

- Optional - Properties and hide extension :)


Brilliant work! The music even works!


Minor point about F11 for changing the resolution, as mentioned in the readme - it seems to be mapped on the mac to show desktop. Workaround - CTRL+ESC to exit fullscreen, Emulation-Send Key-F11


London 69 Cut scenes seem to work albeit the animation is out of sync with the sound

Edited by wallmeerkat
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I never tried the steam version.


I have the full CD versions of GTA and London 69 in the loft, however the last time I installed them and applied a no CD patch, obviously this meant no music.


Installed a "freeloader.com" version a few years ago and seem to remember it had no music either.


The music is part of the character of the games, love the 60s style reggae etc in London.


Thanks again Toshiba-3.

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that no-cd patch disable all in-game and in-menu musics...


all these problems can gone only with a (impossible) GOG version... (but only with old version of game, not rockstar free version / steam version)

Edited by FulValBot
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Toshiba3's version worked brilliantly though, was my original point :)


Even got it running on my win10 tablet with glide, looks great!

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  • 1 month later...
  • 2 months later...



Don`t know what I`m doing wrong, but when I try to open the .IMG file in my MAC, I always get the same message:


`GTA Max Pack is damaged and can`t be opened. You should eject the disk image`.


Can someone help me please? Would love to play this classic again!

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Hey BCee,


First, I'd suggest downloading the DMG file again. It's possible it got corrupted during download. If the volume still doesn't want to get mounted, an alternative would be to try and open it with 7zip (available for macOS as Keka, 7zX, etc.).

If you can open the package but can't run the GTA executable at all. Open the application bundle and find the GTA boxer package in the resources. Then I guess you can just run the boxer bundle directly. (if macOS warns that the application comes from an unknown source or something, just aknowledge and keep going).


I haven't had much feedback from the macOS version, especially from the latest 10.12,10.13. For the next update, I'll simply rely on the end user installing Boxer and drag'n'dropping the DOS GTA in there.

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  • 2 months later...

Hey Toshiba-3,


I just tried to run the Mac version with no success. I managed to download, mount and copy/install the .App to my applications folder, but the App just wont run. I get the same message BCee got, only saying "“GTA Max Pack.app” is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the Trash.". I got the exact same message as him when trying to run the .App directly from the DMG without installing it.

When trying to run the GTA Max Pack.Boxer directly from within the App's contents, I only got a terminal window open with the command written but the game wont run.


I'm using Sierra (10.12.6) on a late 2011 13" MBP, if that helps.


Anyway congratulations on this project! I guess I'll install Windows with Bootcamp just to try it.

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Hey Fatsanchez! Thanks for trying out the pack :)


I'm pretty sure it's supposed to work (as it did on previous macOS versions) but macOS is becoming so anal about every little thing being perfect that I just can't screw my way around anymore (I can't sign the app for example).


To run the Boxer package directly, I think the Boxer app must be installed beforehand? I'll reinstall a macOS VM and find out what's the best form/way to deliver this pack.


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Hey Fatsanchez! Thanks for trying out the pack :)


I'm pretty sure it's supposed to work (as it did on previous macOS versions) but macOS is becoming so anal about every little thing being perfect that I just can't screw my way around anymore (I can't sign the app for example).


To run the Boxer package directly, I think the Boxer app must be installed beforehand? I'll reinstall a macOS VM and find out what's the best form/way to deliver this pack.


Hey dude, thanks for the fast response.


So, I managed to run the game after installing this Boxer app (which I didnt know).

At first I realized that I could run the "GTA Max Pack.Boxer" by dragging it to the Boxer app, but that was very unpractical (double clicking it from its original location still didnt do anything).

But then I realized it could be installed into Boxer. At first I tried to install the GTA folders inside the .Boxer but it didn't work.

Then I tried to simply copy the .Boxer file to that "Dos Games" folder that Boxer had created and that did the trick! I can even run it directly from that folder now. Dont even have to run the Boxer app. Or the other files, only the .Boxer file will work.


It's not as practical as having its own .App container (it will never show up in Launchpad :( ) but anyway, getting to play the game is what matters! Thanks man!

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Well there you go! Thanks a lot for figuring this out :)

This is the way the next version will be handled for macOS. Too bad about the App container indeed, but it will look safer and easier for the end-user IMO.

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  • 1 month later...

Hello guys and thank you for your feedback :)


FulValBot: So I'm right to understand that normal mode is working properly after double alt+enter? Thanks for that 3dfx logo problem; I'll include 3DfxSpl2.dll next time just to be safe. I don't get what you mean by "is not a recommended version".

About WinXP: 10 years ago I made half-assed executables for L69/61 for the Rockstar Classics release. They are included in Thirteenag's GTA1+widescreen pack.


William Munny: Thanks for the good words :) Never used save state so this is new to me. I suspect the Glide patch doesn't take into account that save state feature, so I'm not sure if there's anything to do on that point. Though I'd really like to have a proper Dosbox SVN with glide patch other than DAUM, which may (or may not) fix that issue as well.


For the Mac OSX version, I'm still trying to get a Boxer Standalone working properly but testers report very different experiences!

Hi, I thank you very much for creating this pack that has helped many people to enjoy this wonderful game, I have a question about the executables that you did 10 years ago for GTA 69 & 61, and is: where can I download or get them? I searched for Thirteenag's GTA1 + widescreen pack but I have not found what I need, I appreciate if you can give me a link to that project, thanks ... :)

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  • 1 month later...

TYVM for this awsome work man!


Is there a way to set controls? Also, is there a way to play with a joystick?

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  • 5 weeks later...

I have a windows vertion of this game, but comes with the file bug that i need to use the fixer everytime. I Really wanted to use this version, because it comes with GTA London, music, the file bug fixed, etc etc. However, on the other Version i have, i can play at 1024x768x32 and the game runs smooth AF. I could even say i am running it at 60FPS

Is there a way to get the same perfornance with this version? With this one, ive already played with the options, but im always getting a little lag. Like 20/30FPS Is there a way to overcome this?

Im in windows 10 (x64) with a Toshiba Sattelite C855D - 124

CPU: AMD Quad-Core A8-4500M APU @ 1.9Ghz

GPU: AMD Radeon™ HD 7640G + 7610M

Display: 1366 x 768


I managed to use nGlide to get a smoother play, but im stuck with 800p at 16bits. Is there a way to get a better resolution?
I also noticed GTA crashes everytime i use Alt + F5 to save. Is that normal?

Edited by demosethell
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  • 3 months later...

The Mac version DOES show the damaged error message, most likely because the .app isn't properly configured (NOT an extraction error). It can be launched by manually opening the package then running MacOS/Boxer Standalone via terminal (double-tapping it doesn't work either).


However, after the opening credits, the game crashes with the following error:


2018-07-10 10:20:12.430 Boxer Standalone[76061:1267380] *** Assertion failure in virtual void PageHandler::writeb(PhysPt, Bitu)(), /Users/alunbestor/Development/Boxer/Boxer-GOG/DOSBox/src/cpu/paging.cpp:60


Edit: reset config (4-options, 1-reset) the restarted the game in Windowed mode (CMD+F) and it worked (both windowed and fullscreen) so maybe it was a one-time issue. 

Edited by korDen
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