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[V] Menyoo PC "Object Spooner" Tutorial

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Hey! I wanna make a custom house but idk if there is any props for this.. I would love to make something in the looks of this :) (Without the cars XD)3cSifFr.jpg

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On 1/30/2018 at 11:29 PM, TripleG said:

Hi Damnd, let me first compliment you for this awesome and very helpfull job!

Now I was wondering how to have interactions with some props (like prop_laptop_01a, or displaying TV screens etc...). I figure out it has to deal with some coding (which is not this thread's topic I understand) but I just need a clue on how start. Any usefull link would be really appreciated...

Another question: Someone wrote he could add a marker on the map via Menyoo, and I can't find this option :/ The idea is to make my teleporting markers visible, obviously.

(Feel free to delete or move those stupid questions in the proper section, and sorry for my english :-D)

Best regards

Interactions with props: 99% of the time the answer is no; these rely on scripts that are not a part of menyoo. The one exception I have found is the telescope. I remember placing one and being able to use it, with the 'press __ button' prompt intact when I spawned one. But this was a while ago, and I haven't done anything with it since then.

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Hey having issues, I press f8 and error comes up and then crashes my game. here's a gif of it https://imgur.com/i8cXWmn

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Can't help you with general Menyoo questions, I am not the developer. Most likely you will have to wait until it is updated, if that happens.

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Hello, we have some problems with rain inside the interiors. How can we fixed it?? The "duct", "dt", or the shell does'nt work to create this kind of "Interior Dimensions". 

Thanks for the help and nice Tutorial.

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Hello, I wanted to ask. is it possible to save objects but not the ped itself. For example: I want to save a weapon holster. But i dont want game to change how my ped looks every time I want to load in that holster, is it possible?

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