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Audio Popping/Crackling Issue On My P.C.

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Desperately seeking a solution.



I'm currently having a very annoying issue with my new computer. At seemingly random moments, audio will begin popping and crackling frequently and consecutively (Without even half a second between individual pops/crackles.) for a substantial amount of time. (Sometimes for 1 hour plus.) It ranges from occasional clicks every now and then, to insufferably dire quickly repeated clicks which make me want to rip my ear drums out.

I have experienced this via both my Creative speakers and my Sades headset. This started to happen around 2 weeks ago. The computer's operating system is Windows 7 Professional 64-bit, with an AMD processor, and Realtek High Definition Audio driver. I have tried combinations of disabling audio devices in Device Manager, but to no avail. I have also updated my AMD and Realtek drivers (Not via Device Manager, through the companies' websites/software themselves.), but also to no avail.

This is happening with anything that plays audio, from YouTube videos to KEGA Fusion to Windows Media Player; it's not just happening with one particular audio source.

I have run DPC Latency Checker, and it practically always shows high red bar levels whenever the blips are occurring. It often reports very high latency up to things like 73115 µs.

I think that it may be some sort of driver/software/hardware conflict, but honestly have no clue whatsoever. I have researched online about this elsewhere, but to be frank I have no idea where to begin properly troubleshooting this problem. From what I have read from others, causes and solutions seem to vary from one computer to another.


I should also point out that the computer has 8 GigaBytes of R.A.M. and other powerful specifications. Surely it should not be a performance issue?

Any and all assistance with this would be greatly appreciated!

Edited by Naean

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I'm guessing a hardware issue, it could be a faulty motherboard given the regular intervals of the clicks, probably current from somewhere else leaking into the sound components or the audio jack, maybe even just dodgy circuitry in the sound hardware itself.


Have you got multiple audio jacks in your computer? You could try the front panel audio jacks if you have one, if the sound from the front panel audio jack is OK, it might just be that the motherboard backplate has earthing issues.


Failing that I guess you have two options: file a warranty claim for the motherboard (could be long and tedious), or buy a PCI sound card (or USB if you're feeling extra cheap). If you have an old PC you might be able to steal the sound card from that.

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Yeah, I'm going to have to second epoxi's opinion. I've been looking at motherboards for the last month or so, and a key feature of many new ones is a separate PCB for audio, which is supposed to prevent interference from other board components, so apparently that can be a problem with audio components on a motherboard.

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hehe 'and other powerful specifications'. :p


I'm betting this is to do with your PSU. Check the brand, model and wattage to see if it's good enough.

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Sorry for bumping an old topic, but I just wanted to update about this problem.

Basically, this issue seems to have resolved itself. I don't know whether it was Windows Updates, driver updates, or something else, but I haven't had this anomaly occur again in many months. I still get the occasional spike into yellow on DPC Latency Checker a little bit, but the rapid and regular clicking/skipping has completely gone.

Thank you all anyway for your contributions and responses, it was much appreciated. :)

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Glad its gone, ive never been a fan of onboard sound i prefer to use a pci soundcard or as is becoming more popular in the x1 xpress slot.

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