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Patch request.


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Hey guys, this is easy work I assume for anybody that knows what they're doing.


Top Rocker: Pariah


Bottom Rocker: Senora, Del Perro


Here's the patch you're basically copying:







Type Rockers: Just the same of the photos above.


Badges: MC. 84'. MC on the right, 84' on the left.


Size: I'll leave that up to you, not too small please. Also it has to fit the social club crew emblem thing.


In need of a prospect patch too please.


All the same as above but swap bottom rocker with:




Thanks guys!

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Yeah sorry about that. Don't know how to resize things on here. If you can somehow get that middle piece out of the photo you can kind of man make the rest of the patch. Doesn't have to be perfect identical, just as close as ya can man.

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thats fine i was just showing as a reference thats how the center patch will lookish because of the low size, if thats fine with you

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Yeah I guess that's the only option. Just do what you can brother. I'm sure you'll make it look good either way.

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this is just a rough version to make sure the design and layout is what you want, please let me know the changes you would like, i couldnt find the font so i used the closest i could find


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Changes wise:


Could you put a dot in the middle of M & C.


Make the rockers white with black font and remove the red outline. That's all I can think of right now I'm just trying to match it. Here's another photo if it helps: http://m.imgur.com/BEazoHN

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That's nice man. Only things I can think now is make the side patches smaller like the photo I posted and stretch the rockers abit more.

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Almost perfect man. On second thought, can you take the 84 out and make the font bigger so it's almost filling the whole rockers.

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Too and bottom rockers. Make the font bigger, refer to the photo I posted on the last post with the imgur link. You'll see what I mean.

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One last thing, I promise lol. Any way you could make the font skinnier? And could you put a black border around the rockers and the patch? Also, are the rockers white or grey? I'm RGB colourblind so apologies, but is there a lighter shade you could use?

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the font im using doesnt seem to want to do that is just shrinks the size down and i made it abit lighter, its cool any changes let me know


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Also, just to try it, could you stretch the words out A little so they're a little less centred and more fill the rockers.


But I really f*cking like that man. I really do. Thank you so much. Any chance of a prospect patch?

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And sorry, forgot. Just a black outline around centre patch like you did the rockers.

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Literally only change left is make the 'prospect' tall and fitting to the rocker like the others and you're done man. Thank you so much.

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Honestly man, and I know this will go in one ear and out the other. But you saved me a lot of hassle brother, didn't realise people were so nice on these forums, all the forums I'm active on are terrible.


What can I do to repay you? Any favours? Money? YouTube subscribers? I can put you on our club website as GFX.

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no its doesnt, im grateful, i am just glad you like it and its prefect for you. your thanks is all i need enjoy

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If I was able to find a decent sized copy of that centerpiece, I'd take a shot at making your patch. I could attempt to find a similar image for the centerpiece if you like?

Edited by ItsOnlyMac
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Only copy I can find is the ones provided man, unless you can find the exact centre piece then just take a shot at making the patch with that one.

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