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Is there a LEGAL way of downgrading retail GTA SA to 1.0?


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Now I'd like to immediately say something here - I DO NOT condone or even like performing piracy. I'm not going to download 'cracks' or pirated versions of anything. Shall we begin?


I'm looking to install GTA SA on my Windows 10 (God help me) PC, and hopefully, get into modding. However, I remember before swapping out for the better PC that on my old PC, the GTA SA version may have been V.2.0.


Why is this a problem, you may ask? Because Houser and Co thought it would be really good for sales to include playable [REDACTED]. Obviously, people mentioned the C word (children), and got mods banned in V.2.0 because it was re-enabled somehow, blocking ALL GTA SA modding capability.


History lesson done, let's get down to the gritty. I've got the retail disc version, which I vividly remember being V.2.0, which I need to downgrade to enable modding. Since piracy is, obviously by the name, illegal, is there a way to LEGALLY downgrade the disc version to V.1.0, so I can enable modding? Or is there an alternative, or am I, pun intended, c*ckblocked by Rockstar?

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I remember there is a "GTA SA downgrader" tool but I don't know if it's legal or not and what it changes on the game. The easiest and the only way is to change the exe (illegally), since the exe implements the modding block.

Or you may buy a used GTA SA on Ebay.

Edited by FunGt
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Igor Bogdanoff

Download patch from there

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