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Grand Theft Auto: Alderney Stories


Recommended Posts


The page updates in sync with the stories progression

Credit goes to Black Metal for this amazing header




Media & Entertainment
Criminal Underworld
Multiplayer Modes

Welcome to the great state of Alderney in 1978. You play as Vin DeVanzo, a young underground boxer turned mobster trying to rise in the ranks of The Pegorino Crime Family. Experience his rise with bullets, betrayal, money, and lots of heat. But be careful, eventually the streets of Alderney will no long be safe.​ Continue at your own risk.



Name: Vincenzo Vittore "Vin" DeVanzo

​Born: September 17th 1952 Berchem, Alderney


Name: Manfredo Adamo "Momo" Luccio

Born: January 13th 1950 Berchem, Alderney


​Name: Al Vitti

Born: March 1st 1938



Chapter 1

1. Welcome to Alderney
2. My Cousin Momo
​3. Madonna Mia
4. Punch In/Punch Out​

​5. Rude Awakening

6. Do you have protection?









Head Hunter Baseball Hat




  • Stronger Grip



Striker Knife




  • Brass Knuckles


  • Secondary Blade




.38 Special










*Extended Chamber

*Iron Sight Upgrade








Vapid [Ford]


Albany [Cadillac]


Declasse [Chevrolet]


Elite [Gran Torino]
Fairview [Fairmont]
Mojon Verde [Fiesta]
Greneda [Granada]
Monstro [Landau]
Crusader [Maverick]
Olvido [Pinto]
Caballo [Mustang]
Desperado [Ranchero]
Chrystal ['58 DeVille]
Village ['72 Deville]
Colombus ['66 Calais]
Blitz ['77 El Dorado]
Ventura ['68 Limousine]
Sabre GT
Shark ['63 Sting Ray]
Venado ['75 Impala]
Basura ['69 Corvair Monza]
Ventura ['76 Cosworth Vega][/table]

Media and Entertainment​


Liberty Rock Radio


Nightlife FM


Tropical 100


Queen - We Will Rock You/We Are the Champions
Van Halen- Runnin' With the Devil
The Who - Who Are You
Kansas - Dust in the Wind
Journey - Wheel in the Sky
Van Halen - You Really Got Me
Rolling Stones - Miss You
Foreigner - Hot Blooded
The Cars - Just What I Needed
Lynyrd Skynyrd - What's Your NameAnita Ward - Ring My Bells
Yvonne Elliman - If I can't Have You
Blondie - Heart of Glass
Donna Summer - MacArthur Park
ELO - Don't Bring Me Down
The Bee Gees - Night Fever
KC and The Sunshine Band - I'm Your Boogie Man
ABBA - Dancing Queen
Kool and The Gang - Jungle Boogie
Gloria Gaynor - I will SurviveWillie Colon - Sin Poderte Hablar
Dimension Latina - Taboga
Ruben Blades - Pedro Navaja
Hector Lavoe - Juanito Alimana
Eddie Palmiteri - Vamono Pal Monte
Conjunto Quisqueya - La Mucura
Johnny Ventura - El Disco Rayao
Los Hijos de Rey - Tatico Henriquez
Bonny Con Kenton - Paso de Lenteja
Cheche Abreu - La Negra Pola[/table]

Criminal Underworld

Coming Soon


You can choose the color of the clothing


Low Value Clothing



Casual T-Shirt
​Casual Buttoned
​Leather Jacket and Windbreaker Combo
​Blazer with Casual Buttoned Combo


Casual Jeans
Denim Bell-Bottom
​Casual Bell-Bottom


Casual Sneakers
​Business Shoes



​More Coming Soon

Edited by Dr-Mayhem111
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Mission 1: Welcome to Alderney

Provider: Automatic​



The screen is black and a narrator begins talking​


Na​rrator: A mans ambition to have everything, will change him.


The screen fades into a man [Vin] in what seems to be an office in an estate holding a Rifle with his back facing a unit of F.I.B. Agents pointing their guns at him, then the screen goes to black. The narrator will speak again.


Narrator: You get the money, the power, the women, the cars, the houses, even the respect you always wanted. You become a totally different person.


As the narrator speaks, the screen will show clips of what he is saying. After that passes, it will show people getting killed and a lot of blood spilling while The Narrator speaks again.


Narrator: But eventually, things go bad; real bad. You let the power get to your head then you let the enemies bullet goes through it also. It keeps going and going until you lose everything... And you're caught in the crosshairs.​


Screen goes black


Narrator: It may sound like I'm crazy, but trust me, I'm not. "The Life" only ends in death.


Screen fades to into a crowd of people surrounding a boxing ring in Port Tudor, the camera pans through the crowd and hovers over Vin's body which is knocked down and you can distantly hear the ref counting in the background.


Narrator: My name is Vin DeVanzo, and this is my story.


Beginning credits start showing and the theme song plays


Rockstar Games Presents

Vin gets up and continues boxing his opponent as the credits roll


Grand Theft Auto IV: Alderney Stories

Vin knocks out his opponent and wins. As the credits continue to roll, Vin changes to his regular clothes then walks out. He then exits through the gate where he'll encounter someone.




Man: I've seen better fights watching two Micks fight over a red hair broad named Annie.​

Vin: What the f*ck did you just say you mother... Mo?

​Momo: In the flesh.

Vin: Holy sh*t.


The two cousins hug and start walking


Vin: You finished your bid already?

​Momo: Yep. Two f*cking years inside. They just flew.​

Vin: I guess it's true what they say, time flies when your staring at a wall and some guys junk.

​Momo: Go f*ck yourself. How you been the past couple of years?

Vin: Not good. It was hard to find a job but, you remember Righty? From Vitullo.

Momo: Righty Brascolli?

Vin: Yeah that asshole. Anyway, he finds me at Lola's Bar and tells me he has a job for me that I might like. I asked him what and he explained that it was underground boxing at the Port. I said yes right away and he gave me the job right there.

Momo: Cool story Cousin.

Vin: F*ck you. Hey you wanna get a drink?

Momo: F*ck yes I do.

Vin: Cool, let's go to Lola's. it's right around the corner.


The two enter a bar, the screen will skip to when they leave


Vin: That was fun. It was good seeing you Mo.

Momo: Back at ya. Anyway, I gotta get home and see Ma.

Vin: Alright. You staying with her?

Momo: Yeah, until I can find my own place which should be soon.

Vin: Is Aunt Sophia still difficult to talk to?

Momo: That crazy broad hasn't changed in my 28 years of life.

Vin: I thought so. Well, I'm living at Carlo's old apartment.

Momo: Jesus, I'm so sorry.

Vin: F*ck you.

Momo: Alright, alright. Give me your number so I can hit you up.

Vin: Of course. Vin will right down his number on a napkin and hand it to Momo.

Momo: Alright Cousin. Take care.

Vin: See ya Mo.


Momo calls a cab and leaves, you get control of Vin and receive your first objective


Go Home



You learn the basic controls as you go to your house. Once you get there, you learn about the house features such as the radio, the bed, and the TV. To finish the mission, advance the game by sleeping.


Mission Passed

+ $500

​Unlocked: New Mission, Safe House, Contact "Manfredo Luccio"


Your phone will ring and it's Momo telling you to go to his house. A "M L" will appear on your map indicating the next mission.

Edited by Dr-Mayhem111
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A cousin named Roman?

Come on, you can be more original than that.

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Its a little easter egg or joke if you will. May not appear to everyone but, again, its for sh#ts a giggles.

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Its a little easter egg or joke if you will. May not appear to everyone but, again, its for sh#ts a giggles.

It doesn't really seem like an easter egg, it seems more like lazy writing.

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Its a little easter egg or joke if you will. May not appear to everyone but, again, its for sh#ts a giggles.

It doesn't really seem like an easter egg, it seems more like lazy writing.


I took your advice and changed the name.

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Mission 2: My Cousin Momo

Provider: Momo Luccio



Vin reaches Momo's door and knocks. Momo opens the door


Momo: Hey man!

Vin: What's up Mo.

Momo: Come in, come in.


​Vin enters the apartment


Momo: You want a drink?

Vin: It's like 8:30 in the morning.​

Momo: Yeah, your point?

Vin: F*ck it, I'll take one.

Momo: Attaboy! Wait here


​Momo goes to the kitchen to get drinks



Sophia: Who the f*ck is Vin you Ex-Con Prick?


Sophia: Stella's boy? Hiya Vinny! How are ya?

Vin: I-I'm good Aunt Sophia.

Momo: Just ignore her.

Vin: I guess she ain't too happy with you.

Momo: Yeah, but it's okay. Another Quaalude, she'll show her mother love in the morning.

Vin: Whatever you say you sick f*ck.


Vin and Momo finish their drink


Momo: That was great.

Vin: Yep.

Momo: C'mon, let's go.

Vin: Wait, what the f*ck, where?

Momo: We're visiting old friends.

Vin: Who?

Momo: I'll tell you on the way. C'mon.


​Vin and Momo exit the apartment and you get control of Vin. You get a new Objective


Momo: We'll take my car.


Follow Momo


​You will follow Momo through an alleyway not far from his home to reach his red Manana.


Vin: You have a car?

Momo: Yeah. Why do you sound surprised?

Vin: Because, before you went away, you didn't have a car. You were always asking for rides and never offered gas money, you cheap f*ck.

Momo: Well, I got this car while I was inside.

Vin: How? Did you win first place in Most Soaps Dropped?

Momo: You know what Vin, go f*ck yourself.

Vin: Did I hit a soft spot?

Momo: F*ck off with that sh*t. There's the car. You drive, I've had a few drinks before you knocked on my door. There's the pedal on the right

Vin: F*ck you.


Get in the car


​After you get in...


Vin: It would help if I knew where the f*ck I was going.

Momo: We're going to 907 Mahesh St in Alderney City. Right across the street from Deuces Wild Bar.

Vin: Okay.


Go to Mahesh St.


Vin: Who are we seeing?

Momo: That c*cksucker Mario Leonetti.

Vin: Leonetti? Jesus, I haven't seen any of them in years.

Momo: They've been lying low. One of them got into trouble so they left Alderney for some time.

Vin: Sadly, I'm not surprised.

Momo: That entire family is f*cked up. Mario's the only good one.


​Once you park on the marker, a cutscene will play. Vin and Momo go to the second floor and knock on Apartment 2. A man will soon open the door.



​Name: Mario Leonetti

​Born: July 9th 1950


Mario: Son of a B*tch. Manfredo mother*cking Luccio.

Momo: Mario F*cking Leonetti. And here I was thinking two years was enough for this bastard to change. You've proved me wrong once again Mario.

Mario: Oh f*ck you Momo.

Momo: I know you remember Vin.

Vin: Hey Mario.

Mario: Vin DeVanzo. It's good to see you ain't let this prick turn you into a two bit hustler like him.

Momo: He still got a lot to learn.

Vin: How about I kill you first.

Momo: This guy here. Anyways, let's drink. Like, now.

Vin: Sure, you got anything good here Mario?

Mario: F*ck that. I live across the street from a bar.

Momo: Onwards to the bar!

Mario: Let's f*cking go!


The trio will go across the street the street to the bar. The camera will pan over the bar fast forwarding time to 3am when they leave. The three are heavily intoxicated. You gain control of Vin

Vin: [slurring] Holy f*ck. That was fun.

Momo: Yeah it was. Yo Vin, heat up the car, we gonna leave.

Vin: Okay.

Mario: Let's do this again!

Momo: Maybe next time Mario. Hey Vin, wait here, I left my jacket upstairs. I'll be quick.

Vin: Alright.


​You will wait in the car for about a minute. You can now learn about the radio. How to change stations and how to increase and decrease the volume. Once you've learn all of that, Momo will come out.


Momo: That half a f*g fell right to sleep. Let's go.


Take Momo Home


​Wheel in the Sky will automatically play on the radio.


Momo: W-w-w-wait! Don't f*cking changed that. I love this song


​Both Vin and Momo will sing the song until you get Momo home.


​Once you get there


Momo: That was f*cking fun Cousin. We gotta do it again soon.

Vin: Oh yeah, most definitely.

Momo: Call me Man.


​Momo will exit the car and your new objective is


Go home


​Once you get home, you must save your game to advance to the next mission which will automatically start.


Mission Passed






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Mission 3: Madonna Mia

Provider: Automatic


​Vin wakes up and turns on the radio. Wheel in the Sky by Journey is playing. After the song ends, Weazel News will come on.


News: ​Weazel News. A Killer Party Night! Alderney Officials are investigating a murder that occurred, what seems to be, last night in Alderney City. We have Ron Borgona on scene now. Ron?


Ron: Thank you Samuel, I am here with Officer Anthony Sachelli who was first on scene. Anything you can tell us about this horrific event?


Officer Sachelli: This is the fifth murder of the same style this years. Investigations have been heavy but we are confident that we will nab the killer. He can't hide forever, especially in Alderney.


Ron: You heard it here first ladies and gentlemen. I will now talk to Miss Helen Giordano who was the one to call this in. Tell me Miss Giordano, how did you discover the body and did you know him?


Helen: Well, I live right across the hall from him. I knocked on his door around 5am to tell him to lower the music he had on. That's when I saw his door was ajar. I walked in calling his name but he wouldn't respond. It was then I walked into the kitchen and saw his dead body over a blood spill. I called the cops right away.


Ron: What was the victims name?


Helen: Mario. Mario Leonetti.


Ron: There you have it folks. A cold blooded murder in our fair city. Will the madness ever end? We can only hope. This is Ron Borgona, Weazel News.


Vin panics and calls Momo but he won't answer. Once you are properly dressed, you will get control of Vin with a new objective.


Go to Momo's House


Once you get there Vin will knock on the door just find it open, he will scream Momo's name until his mother screams


Maria: Who the f*ck is screaming in my house?

Vin: Hey Aunt Maria, do you know where Momo is?

Maria: He's probably down the street with his usual group of assholes drinking. That f*cking alcoholic.

Vin: Where down the street?

Maria: At the park.

Vin: Okay. Thanks.


Vin leaves the house


Maria: Who was I just talking to?


You get control of Vin and a new objective


Head to the Park


Once you get there, you will see Momo with a group of 3 men drinking beers. A cutscene will play.


Vin: Momo! Momo!

Momo: What?

Vin: Get over here!


Roman will walk towards Vin


Momo: What's wrong?

Vin: What's wrong? you're asking me what's wrong?

Momo: Yeah. What, you on your period?

Vin: F*ck off with the jokes. This is serious.

Momo: Okay. Then tell me what's wrong?

Vin: Did you...[sighs] Did you not hear the news?

Momo: I hate the news, you know that. What happened? Don't tell me the Swingers lost to the Feuds. I had money on that.

Vin: No, Asshole! Mario's dead!

Momo: Who?

Vin: Really? Who? F*cking Mario!

Momo: Okay. What do you want me to do about it?

Vin: He... was... murdered. I heard it on the news. You said he "fell sleep" when we left his place last night.

Momo: Yeah. What, you think I killed him?

Vin: Yes! No... I don't know.

Momo: Look, you don't know Mario like I do. He's a man whose had a lot of enemies. I heard he owed money to Julian Arcas, a lot of money. Now ask yourself this, why would "I" kill him? You saw how much of a good time we was having.

Vin: So you think Arcas killed him?

Momo: Maybe, who knows. This is Alderney, the wild east.

Vin: We chould tell the cops then.

Momo: No! No, we shouldn't. Let's not waste our breath. They'll never find the one responsible.

Vin: Uh, okay.

Momo: Okay. Now let's get some breakfast. I'm f*cking starving.

Vin: Okay.


You will gain control of Vin and you will get a new objective


Go to Scaletta Café


You will see Momo's car parked just up the street, you can get in that or feel free to get in any car you see. Once you get to the café, a cutscene will play showing Vin and Momo sitting in a booth, eating.


Momo: You know, Alderney has changed.

Vin: You just noticed that?

Momo: F*ck you. I mean, back then when we was kids. Little Mo and Vinny, tearing up sh*t.

Vin: Thinking about our days in the gang?

Momo: The Vitullo Gang is the oldest and most strongest gang in Alderney history. Formed by our fathers in the 1950 something.

Vin: 1941.

Momo: Yeah, right.

Vin: You should see them now. There's this kid, Sammy Cipriani who's been my neighbor for years, who's with them. And he reminds me of me when I was 16.

Momo: Sammy's best friends with that little asshole Derick Caiceffa right?

Vin: Yeah. Why?

Momo: He's a f*cking two bit hustler who f*cking cheated me out of $100.

Vin: Looks like he's a reincarnation of you at age 16.

Momo: F*ck off.


A waitress name Linda will approach Vin to tell him that he has received a phone call.


Linda: Hey Asshole, phone.

Vin: Thanks Babe [Laughs]


Vin gets to the phone


Vin: Hello?

Woman: [Crying] Hey Vinny.

Vin: Who is this?

Woman: It's me, your sister.

Vin: Lucy? Oh sh*t, uh, hey. Are you crying?

Lucy: Yes.

Vin: Why? What's going on?

Lucy: It's Pop.

Vin: What about him?

Lucy: He's... He's...

Vin: He's what?

Lucy: He's been shot Vinny.

Vin: What? No.

Lucy: He's at Leftwood Memorial.

Vin: Oh f*ck. Okay uhh, I'm leaving now. I'll be there soon.

Lucy: Okay Vinny.


Vin will rush back to Momo


Vin: We gotta go.

Momo: What why?

Vin: It's Pop, he's been shot and he at the hospital in Leftwood.

Momo: Oh sh*t. Okay, let's go.


Momo will pay for the food and they rush out. The vehicle that you came with will have a flat tire, meaning you can't drive it. That's when the Taxi feature gets introduced.


Vin: Are you f*cking kidding me? A f*cking flat now?

Momo: f*ck it, we'll get a Taxi.

Vin: You're kidding right?

Momo: Trust me.


Momo calls the taxi and they get in. Vin tells the driver to head towards Leftwood Memorial. Once he takes off, you choose the "Rush" option to get there quicker. You can also chose the "Skip" option but it's gonna cost you extra and time would be fast fowarded. Once you get to the hospital, you must walk up towards the receptionist and ask her where is "Salvatore DeVanzo". He'll be in ER 6. You rush over and see your family there. You can't go in yet, you must wait until the doctor says you can. Until then, you can talk to your relatives.



​Luccessa "Lucy" DeVanzo-Pinciotti

​Born: June 30th 1947


Lucy: Hey Baby Brother.
Vin: Hey Sis. How you feeling?
Lucy: I feel cold. I don't wanna lose him.
Vin: I know, me too.
Lucy: I know this is a bad time to ask this, but why did you abandon us Vinny?
Vin: You're right, it is a bad time.
Lucy: Honestly. I hear a lot of things about the old neighborhood. All the crimes that occur. And I hear that you're a boxer for Lorenzo Gallo? You do know he's a criminal.
Vin: Now's not the time, Lucy. I know I left but it was because Ma and Pop wanted me to because like you and Joey. School kids and what not. But I didn't have it in me to do that. Plus, moving me out of my home? It was too much for me. I'm a street kid. You and Joey would never understand.
Joseph Fabrizio DeVanzo
​Born: May 21st 1946

Joey: Why would we not understand?
Vin: Jo-Jo, look at me and look at you. You're wearing a business suit. You have a degree. You work at an office. You don't even have the Alderney accent anymore. You forgot who you was.
Joey: It's "who you were".
Vin: There you go, correcting me like you're better than me. Think you hot sh*t Jo-Jo? You wanna take this outside?
Lucy: Boys, please stop. Now's not the time for time.
Joey: Why would I fight my little brother? Vin, you can't let the streets and Manfredo corrupt your mind.
Vin: No f*ck you, you fugazzi stugats. You were always the one that didn't have the coglione's to stand up to someone.
Joey: I haven't forgotten all my Italian Vin.
Vin: Well then do something Mary!
Estella "Stella" Lucciadonna-DeVanzo
Born: March 15th 1927

Stella: Basta!
Vin: Ma, hey, how you doing?
Stella: I cannot believe what I am seeing. Two brothers fighting while their father is in that room fighting for his life. You can't give it a rest for one day can't you. Is this what you want your father to see before he goes to the light? Now both of you apologize right now!
Vin: I'm... uhh... sorry, Jo-Jo.
Joey: Yeah, me too.
Stella: Good. I know we haven't been a family in years but goddammit we're gonna be one today. Now Vinny, Lucy just wanted to know why you left. I've told her numerous times that you were a street kid sadly. Being influenced by the likes of Manfredo Luccio, the Devil himself.
Momo: Standing right here Aunt Stella.
Stella: Whatever. Look Vin, just be careful. Promise me you won't end up here because of the streets.
Vin: Alright Ma.
Stella: Promise me!
Vin: I promise Ma.
Stella: Good.
Doctor: Excuse me, but Mr. DeVanzo can now have visitors.
Stella: Thank you Doctor. Alright, let's go.
Vin: I'm gonna stay here for a minute. I'll go in a few.
Lucy: You sure?
Vin: Yeah.
Lucy: Okay.
Momo: I'll stay with you Vin.
Vin: Thanks man. I just don't know what to think or say. I haven't seen him in five years and here he is being treated for a gunshot wound.
Momo: That's life Vin. It ain't your fault.
Vin: Sometimes I feel like it is.
Momo: Well it's not. You didn't feel welcome in the suburbs so you stayed. You're not the only one.
Vin: I guess.
Momo: You just gotta learn to stay positive in tough times. And this is a tough time so, man the f*ck up.
Vin: [sighs] Okay.
Momo: Alright.
The family comes out and Vin goes in.
Salvatore Santino DeVanzo
Born: December 1st 1925
Vin: Hey Pop.
Sal: Vincenzo?
Vin: Yeah.
Sal: My boy. You've finally came to see me.
Vin: Yeah. I'm sorry for abandoning the family Pop. The change of scenery was too much for me and I couldn't take it. I'm a Vitullo Boy like you and Uncle Ray.
Sal: I know Son. I always told the kids that you are a reincarnation of me. I was a street kid, I was in a gang, I left my family, but I also worked hard to support my family. I know you're boxing at the Port. I did the same thing but they paid more back then.
Vin: Yeah, I ain't getting paid sh*t there.
Sal: But it's a sacrifice. Maybe you were not made for colleges and such but in this town and across the river, street smarts can get you far. That and surviving skills.
Vin: Got it.
Sal: Can you do me a favor and call in Manfredo.
Vin: How did y...
Sal: You two are inseparable and I know you don't have a car yet.
Vin: Okay Pop. [Calling out] YO MO! GET IN HERE
Momo: Hey Uncle Sal. How you feeling besides shot?
Vin: What a great time for jokes.
Momo: Just lightening the mood.
Sal: It's fine. Vin, let me speak to Manfredo alone for a minute.
Vin: Okay, I'll be right out here.
Sal: Okay.

Vin leaves

Sal: Okay Manfredo, let's cut the bullsh*t.
Momo: What do you need?
Sal: I need you to prepare Vin.
Momo: You want him in? I don't think thats a good idea.
Sal: Trust me, Vin would get far. He's unstoppable, I know he is. I need you to prepare him; ease him in. So when the day comes, he can avenge me.
Momo: Who did this to you?

Sal hands Roman a piece of paper

Sal: Make sure he's ready for him.
Momo: Okay Uncle, I won't fail you.
Sal: I don't expect you to. Make sure he knows nothing about me before killing the bastard that did this to me.
Momo: No problem.
Sal: Good. Now call him in.

Vin comes back and Momo leaves

Sal: I want you to promise me that you will remain a survivor. And that you will defend your family no matter what.
Vin: I promise Pop.
Sal: I... I...
Vin: What? What?
Sal: [Weak]... I love you Son.

Sal dies right at that moment and Vin cries along with the whole family. The cutscene will skip to Sal's funeral three days later

Father Mark: ...he was a good man, a family man. He is now in peace and he now roams within God's glory. Salvatore Vittore DeVanzo, you will be missed and loved. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Rest in Peace my son

Some time will pass and you will get control of Vin and will receive a new objective
Get to the car
Once you get to Roman's car you will receive another objective
Go home
Momo: That was a nice service.
Vin: Yeah. Father Mark really knows his sh*t.
Momo: Yep. I'm sure gonna miss his lectures about being a knuckle head asshole with a slick back.
Vin: Me too. He's in a better place now.
Momo: Thank God for that.
Vin: By the way, what did he say to you at the hospital?
Momo: Oh you know, to look after you and make sure you don't get killed.
Vin: That's it?
Momo: That's it.
Once you reach your home a cutscene will play
Momo: I'll leave the car in your driveway in case you need it tomorrow.
Vin: Thanks for everything Mo.
Momo: We're family Vin. Family's important.
Vin: Whatever you say.
Momo: Alright well, get some rest and I'll see you tomorrow.
Vin: Okay, see ya.
Momo leaves and you can either save your game and start your mission right away or roam until 20:00 for the mission
Mission Passed
​Unlocks: Mission, New Contacts "Lucy", "Joey", "Ma"





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Even though mob themed concepts have been done to death, this one looks really good. I enjoyed reading through the missions. I am a bit surprised as to why this thread hasn't gotten that many replies for the amount of good content that's in here. Nice job, nonetheless. I hope to see more :^:

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Thank you for the compliment man. I know that this will get ignored because it's Mob theme, but I don't care. I'm going to finish it in case someone in the future would enjoy it. New mission later tonight. I want people to pay close attention to Vin's mentality as the game progresses, see how The Life can change anyone.

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Mission 4: Punch In/Punch Out

Provider: Momo Luccio


You can access this mission between 20:00 and 24:00. Once you reach Momo's house, a cutscene will play showing Vin walking and getting intercepted by Lorenzo Gallo who happened to be riving around the area in his Übermacht Sentinel.



Lorenzo Zasa Gallo

Born: May 6th 1938


Lorenzo: Vinny Baby!


Vin pauses to see who was calling him.


Vin: Mr. Gallo, hey.

Lorenzo: Hey Vinny. Man! Am I glad I bump into you.

Vin: Wish I could say the same.

Lorenzo: Haha this guy. Always breaking my balls. What are you up to?

Vin: Just visiting my cousin and my father died so yeah...

Lorenzo: ...[Laughingly] Ohh you're good. You're good you know that?

Vin: I try.

Lorenzo: [Heavy laughter] Holy sh*t. Hey, you wanna make some money?

Vin: Uhh, if it involves me boxing then I'm not...

Lorenzo: It EXACTLY involves you boxing!

Vin: [sarcasm] Yay me.

Lorenzo: Look, we got a full house

Vin: I'm not even supposed to be on tonight.

Lorenzo: Think of it as overtime.

Vin: [sighs] How much?

Lorenzo: I knew I could count you. It's three fights. it's five rounds max, $100 a round, plus a $300 bonus to the winner of the fight. So, do the math.

Vin: If I do the five rounds, that's $500 a fight totaling to $1,500 plus $900 bonus. That's... [Gulps] $2,400.

Lorenzo: That's right. But if you win all three, I'll throw in an extra $600. You're looking at three grand. You can't say no to that.

Vin: ... Okay, I'll do it.

Lorenzo: Yes! That's my boy! Get in the car, I'll take you there.


Lorenzo will take Vin to Warehouse 17 in Port Tudor. Once there, you gain control of Vin.


Go to your locker


In your locker will be your boxing gear. You only have one of each item, though you can purchase more later in the game. Once you are completely changed, you get another objective


Go to the Ring


As soon as get to the ring, the announcer will introduce you and your opponent.


Announcer: Welcome to the Blood Pit. After Hours in Alderney. Listen up you bums. You're in for a treat. Get ready for blood.


Audience cheers.


Announcer: In the red corner, hailing from Berchem. He's a regular here. You all know him, you all bet on him, Vin DeVanzo!


Audience cheers for Vin.



Jack Royce Conway

Born: January 2nd 1957


Announcer: Now in the blue corner, from Northern Algonquin, Liberty City. They call him The Pit Bill, Jack Conway!


Audience boos. The first fight will be a tutorial, showing you the controls and other features. It is up to you if you want to do all 5 rounds. Losing will not fail you the mission but you won't get paid much. After you've won, it's time for your next opponent.



Allen Coates

Born: April 18th 1955


If you beat him, your last opponent will step up



Damien Kane Costigan

Born: August 27th 1950


Once you beat them all, the audience will cheer for you and chant Vin's name. You will get paid the bonus plus how many rounds you fought. You can change back into your normal clothes and leave the warehouse. But in order to pass the mission, you must head back to your home and sleep to automatically commence your next mission.


Mission Passed

$100 - $3,000

Unlocked: New MIni Game "Boxing", New Contact "Lorenzo"




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all this sounds real interesting.

Edited by Bender
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Mission 5: Rude Awakening

Provider: Automatic


After you save the game in Mission 4, a cutscene will play. The camera will show a blurry vision opening and closing imitating Vin blinking. In the background you here a lot of noises like some is destroying your house. Vin will advance towards the living room area where he will encounter 3 men destroying his belongings.


Vin: What the f*ck is this!

Goon 1: There he is.

Good 2: Sleeping Beauty finally woke up huh?

Vin: Who the f*ck are you goombah's?

Goon 3: We're friends of the late Mario Leonetti.

Vin: [under his breath] Oh sh*t.

Goon 2: Let's f*ck him up and feed him to my dogs.

Vin: Youse gonna have to earn this ass beating. Come on!

Goon 1: We was hoping you was gonna put up a fight. Let's get him boys.

You gain control of Vin with a new objective


You fight the 3 men until they are all down. You hear men talking loudly outside, you get a new objective

Check the window

Keep in mind, Vin's apartment is on the 2nd floor. Outside, Vin will see two cars [black Esperanto and a Blue Fairview] parked and 8 men who seemed armed. Once they see Vin at the window, they shoot right away. Vin jumps back. Now you get a another objective


You make your way to the back alleyways and you run. This is when "Evasive Running" is introduced. A new running mechanic that causes the characters to run at full speed while dodging bullets. You will see a marker on your map taking you to Momo's block. To your surprise, you see Momo outside already.

Vin: Momo!

Momo turns around

Momo: What the f*ck?

Vin: Momo, do something!

Momo will pull out his gun and begin shooting at the men chasing you.

Momo: Who the f*ck are they?

Vin: Friends of Mario Leonetti.

Momo: Oh f*ck me! Okay look, take my car and head to the Four Seasons Restaurant in Alderney City, right on Sacramento. Ask for Al Vitti, tell him you're my cousin.

Vin: What the f*ck are you...

Momo: Just go!

Vin will leave and gets in Momo's red Manana with a new objective

Head to the Four Seasons


Once you get there, a cutscene will play. Vin enters the restaurant which was surprisingly open still. Vin will ask the cashier for Al.

Vin: Excuse me. I'm looking for a Mr Al Vitti.

Cashier: You a fed?

Vin: Obviously not.

Random Voice: Then why are you looking for me?

Vin will turn around and see Al Vitti.


Vin: Are you Al Vitti?

Al: Who are you?

Vin: I'm Vincenzo DeVanzo.

Al: Doesn't ring a bell...

Vin: I'm the boxer at Port Tudor.

Al: Not ringing any bells yet.

Vin: [sighs] I'm Manfredo Luccio's Cousin.

Al: Oh sh*t, now I know you. Welcome. What can I do you for?

Vin: I honestly don't know. My place got raided. There was these guys chasing me with guns. Momo helped e out back there. He told me to come to you.

Al: I know what he wants,

Vin will follow Al to an upstairs apartment accessible through the bar

Al: Well this is it.

Vin: This is what?

Al: You're new place.

Vin: What?

Al: Your old house got targeted. You'll be safe here.

Vin: How much?

Al: It's all paid for.

Vin: Who...

Al: He told me not to say anything,

Vin will look around all surprised

Al: Well, if you like it, I'll let youse be. I'll be downstairs. Enjoy!


You can save the game or access the next mission right away


Mission Passed


Unlocked: New Mission, New Contact "Al", New Safe House

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Mission 6: Do You Have Protection?

Provider: Momo Lucio


Momo will be at the restaurant. Once you enter, you'll see him sitting at the last booth with Al Vitti. They signal you to sit.


Momo: How you feeling?

Vin: Like someone tried to kill me. Oh wait, they did! What the f*ck is going on?

Al: You better tell him.

Vin: Tell me what?

Momo: What I'm about to tell you, will shock you... You're being hunted.

Vin:[Nervous] Wh-wh-what?

Al: Mo here tells me you know who they are?

Vin: One of them told me they was Mario Leonetti's friends. But I didn't do anything.

Momo: You didn't, I did.

Vin: Mo I swear, if you tell me it was that killed him...

Both Al and Momo: Shhhh.

Al: What Mo did was business. Nothing personal.

Vin: Okay, what the f*ck. What business involves the [Whispers] murder of someone?

Momo: Look, when the time is right I'll tell you. But right now we have to worry about your protection.

Al: That's right. Mo, take him to Conway's. Put it on my tab.

Vin: What the f*ck is Conway's?

Momo: I'll explain on the way. Let's go.


Momo and Vin will leave, Momo's car will parked outside where you left it and you will get a new objective


Get in the car


Once you're in the car, you will get another objective


Go to Conway's


Vin: So where is this Conway?

Momo: I forgot the name of the street but it's one of those f*cked up houses across the river from the Industrial park. I'll let you know which one.

Vin: So is Conway a guy or the name of a place?

Momo: Both. Conway runs a underground gun shop where a license ain't required.

Vin: Let me guess, I'm getting a gun.

Momo: Bingo.

Vin: Mo, I don't know if I can even shoot straight. I haven't touched a gun since that time was enemies with The Clovers. And that was 10 years ago.

Momo: You'll get it. It's easy. Plus, Conway has a little gun range in the next house.

Vin: I've heard people say either be hunted or be the hunter. Now I'm being hunted and I'm damn near sh*tting myself.

Momo: Don't worry. You know I'm gonna help you.

Vin: Thanks Mo.

Momo: Don't mention it.


Once you arrive...




Momo: Here we are.

Vin: What the f*ck is that smell?

Momo: These f*cking bikers have poor hygiene.

Vin: Whatever. Let's go.


Go though the back door


Once you enter, you go up the second floor and Conway will be there.




Momo: Conway!

Conway: Well, if it ain't Momo The Friendly Guinea.

Momo: F*ck you.

Conway: [Laughs] So, how can I help you.

Momo: You can start off by taking a shower you greasy jerk off.

Conway: How about I throw you into a tub of acid you Canoli eating bastard.

Momo: Maybe I can steal a fire truck, take the hose and spray it all over this place because it smells like you guys found a dead body and left him here as a aphrodisiac.

Vin: Uhhh, what the f*ck. Do youse two hate each other or something?

Momo: No, that's just how we talk.

Conway: That's right. So, you two here for business or pleasure?

Momo: There ain't no way I'm getting pleasured in this rotten asylum. So, yeah business. My cousin Vin here needs a gun, enough to draw away certain people that wanna hurt him.

Conway: So a simple hand gun?

Momo: Vin?

Vin: Uhh, sure.

Conway: Okay. Well, I got just what you need.


Conway will open his walk in closet full of weapons, all of which still not unlocked but they will be soon.


Vin: Holy f*ck...

Conway: So I got the best hardware in Alderney. Good prices, clean, and completely untraceable. So Vin, do you have much experience with guns?

Vin: I'm familiar with them but I haven't held one in about 10 years. But I know the basics.

Conway: Good, so I don't have to waste my time teaching you. Okay, I think your best match is... The .38 Special. Small, no cases, loud, and easy to conceal. This bad boy will create a whole new asshole on a Rhino. [Throws gun to Vin] Try it out, the range is in the next room.


Make your way to the range. Learn how to shoot randomly, precise, in cover, and blind.


Vin: Wow. That was amazing.

Momo: You're a natural. That's what I'm talking about.

Vin: So how much?

Conway This time, it's on Mr. Vitti. But the regular price is $500.

Vin: Okay, thanks.

Momo: Alright, thanks Conway, I'll send you a fruit cake for Christmas.

Conway: Go f*ck yourself.


Go to the restaurant


Momo: Now that you have protection, you should be fine if someone wants to clip you.

Vin: By the way, you never answered my question about Mario.

Momo: Okay fine, I'll tell you. But don't freak out! This is only a secret. Understand?

Vin: Yeah.

Momo: Okay, before I got pinched, Mario had a debt of 5 grand to Al Vitti. He also owed an additional 3 grand to Dominic.

Vin: Who's Dominic?

Momo: I'm telling the story here.

Vin: Sorry. Go on.

Momo: So one day Dom said, "Mario's vig is too big. He hasn't made any payments. That's gonna bite him in the ass sooner or later. So he sent me to "talk" to him. But, coincidentally, the cops pinched me while I was on my way to his house. I thought I was screwed. But they actually got me on false documentation. So only 2 years. While I was inside, Dom paid me a visit, said someone was gonna rob Mario's family blind and blame it on some hoods in the neighborhood. Once that was done, he was gonna give me the green light on Mario. So eventually, they did it and a year later, I was out. He was my first job. So yes, I killed him. Pushed him on the floor and pumped 5 into him. You see, business.

Vin: ... Um... So, yeah. Business.

Momo: I knew you would understand.

Vin: Let's not talk about that, ever.

Momo: Attaboy.


Once you get to the restaurant


Momo: So now that you're packed, you feel safer now right?

Vin: I guess.

Momo: Don't worry, you'll forget about it soon. Take care Vin.


Mission Passed


Unlocked: New Mission, Gun ".38 Special", Contact "Conway", Mini Game "Gun Range"


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Once you get home, your phone will ring which will commence the next mission


Mission 7: Hunt or be Hunted

Provider: Momo Luccio


Vin: Yeah?

Momo: Hey Vin, what you up to?

Vin: Nothing really.

Momo: Good. Come meet me.

Vin: Where?

Momo: Right down the street on 2001 Sacramento. I'll be outside waiting.

Vin: Okay

Momo: Bring your gun too.

Vin: Why?

Momo: Did you forget you have people after you?

Vin: Right, okay.

Momo: Alright, see you in a bit.

Vin: Bye.


Go meet Momo


Momo: Hey.

Vin: So what's going on?

Momo: We're just meeting a friend upstairs.

Vin: Okay.

Momo: Alright, let's go.


Once you enter the apartment, you see Al Vitti there already with an unknown man tied to a chair with a black bag covering his face


Vin: What the f*ck is this?


Momo closes the door behind you and locks it.


Al: This is the guy who was gonna have you killed.

Momo: He was hiding but he came up eventually.

Vin: Okay, that's a cool story. Now why the f*ck is he tied up?

Al: You're gonna kill him.

Vin: No the f*ck I ain't!

Momo: You gotta do it.

Vin: Why?

Al: You're still being hunted.

Vin: Okay, and?

Momo: Jesus f*ck, once they see you clipped the guy that ratted you out, they'll back the f*ck off.

Al: Plus, you gotta make a name for yourself so no one f*cks with you.

Vin: ...Can I at least see who it is?

Momo: Sure.


Momo uncovers the mans face. No one Vin knows but he remains hesitant on killing him.


Al: Get the gun out Vin.

Vin: Isn't there another way?

Momo: No.


Vin very hesitantly gets his gun out


Al: Make me proud son.


You now have control of Vin but the only thing you can do is aim and shoot the weapon. The closer you aim the gun to the targets head, the more shakey the aiming gets. Once you shoot and kill him, a brief cutscene will play.


Vin: ...I think I'm gonna be sick.

Momo: Don't worry, it'll wear off soon.

Al: Good job. Now the word spreads.

Vin: What if the cops find out?

Al: They won't. Trust us.

Vin: ...Okay.

Momo: We'll help you with anything.

Al: Yeah. Now I'm gonna show you how to clean up a crime scene.

Vin: Okay.


A tutorial will commence about how to clean up your own crime scenes. Cleaning up blood, prints, etc.


Al: Okay, I'll see you boys back at the restaurant.

Momo: Alright.


Al will leave.


Momo: You gonna be okay?

Vin: Just about.

Momo: You sure? The first one is always the hardest.

Vin: Will this really help me?

Momo: Yeah man. No one else will f*ck with you now.

Vin: Okay.

Momo: Look, just take a few days off, relax and try to forget about this. It'll get easier soon.

Vin: You mean, I gotta do it again?

Momo: ...Maybe. Ill see you later.


Momo will leave and the mission will end.


Mission passed


Unlocked: Body Count +1

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Good to see Alderney and the 70s getting some love!


How different would you imagine the Alderney map to be in 1978?

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Thank you both for the compliments. It is very appreciated.


As for the map, Central New Jersey (Jersey City, Newark, Kearney, and Hoboken) had more empty spaces where residential complexes and buildings currently reside. I've been working on a map but it's very time consuming, to me at lease lol.

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  • 4 years later...
Phil McCrevis

Another good 1970s set idea here. The decade was such a culture rich time in history compare to today. Its no wonder so many people want to see stories there. And Alderney has much potential to be a good setting on it's own too. Got me thinking about what other things can happen then. Very nostalgic.

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