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share experience or picture of your office & warehouse?


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I'm currently using Maze Bank West as my HQ, bought 2 warehouse in Wholesale Furniture & West Vinewood Backlot.


I'm considering to move to a new office, but wondering how does the other offices look like? Especially when you call your PV and Buzzard, do they spawn near you? I saw someone spawn a Buzzard on a lower ground in Maze Bank Tower, that guy have to jump from the upper floor lost half of his health in order to get his Buzzard lol

So guys, mind to share you experience?


Maze Bank West


Cheapest office

very convenient to get your Pegasus vehicle.


No view

not convenient to get in your chopper on the roof, always have to climb at least twice

if I exit office from the ground floor and spawn my Buzzard, sometimes it spawn near the wall

sometime it could be very crowd due the price reason....

the roof is too low, unlike the maze bank tower you can fly directly everywhere you want, you will first have to climb your helicopter high enough.



Wholesale Furniture


Cheapest large warehouse

a big space to land helicopter in front of the warehouse

easy to spawn your Buzzard


Too far, i mean really far!

helicopter can't land on the yellow spot directly (maybe you can but that will hurt your helicopter) < I really hate this part



West Vinewood Backlot


close to downtown and most of the office

easy to recognize your warehouse location without map as there's a tall building behind the warehouse


spawning Buzzard is not convenient, you have to turn your camera not looking at the street, then you will spawn it on the street lol, but since the street is going up hill, you cant run to your Buzzard. if you are looking at the street and spawn your Buzzard, the Buzzard will spawn somewhere far from you!

just enough space to land your helicopter, and very hard to land it directly on the yellow spot



please feel free to share your experience, pictures would be appreciated!

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