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.xdr to .wdr?

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Member's Only

So I want to convert the console exclusive 2-piece turtleneck suit.




I already exported the files myself and they are ready to be converted. Any tutorial or something? I assume I won't have to re-rig anything considering the skeleton would be essentially the same.


If nothing works, there's plan B which is Derrick's Three Leaf Clover suit model which I'm ALSO looking for help regarding pedestrian skeletons.

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Member's Only


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I'm guessing nobody knows how to, doesn't have the tools to do so and never bothered. Shame. I always wanted the Male Multiplayer model from the console versions, as well as that fine looking Turtleneck suit for Niko.

Edited by B Dawg
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Member's Only

Same, I prefer the console multiplayer model over the Saints Row-esque bullsh*t from the PC version.

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Hm, so the MP models are different too? That's a real shame these ain't available for PC, if I could see the face textures I'd definitely make some for the LCPD :p

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One of the Console Multiplayer Face textures is used by a ped with the name M_Y_STREETPUNK5 or something like that. Though that ped has sh*tty baggy clothes to go with him.



It's at 5:49, Face 9/12

Edited by B Dawg
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