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It may be confusing at first, but It's important to note that it doesn't matter if the model is female or male, faceblend allows any of these faces ID to be merged together, and each of them have their own skin tone.




Shape / Skin First ID: "Mother"

Shape / Skin Second ID: "Father"


Again all faces belong to any gender, so technically speaking Mother + Mother works. You can create characters that are not possible in GTAO since Men / Woman are separated in UIs.


Shape / Skin Mix: Float values ranging from 0.0f ("Mother") to 1.0f ("Father").


Third ID: If you feel like another ID should be mixed in. Personally I leave 3rd IDs to 0 and 0.0f mix. Basically they appear to relate to the parent / legacy character customization in GTAO.

IsParent: I'm assuming SET_PED_HEAD_BLEND_DATA can be called again to reference this character as a parent. Or if you like headaches.

SET_PED_HEAD_BLEND_DATA(Ped ped, int shapeFirstID, int shapeSecondID,  int shapeThirdID, int skinFirstID, int skinSecondID,  int skinThirdID, float shapeMix, float skinMix, float thirdMix,  BOOL isParent)

Here's all the UNTOUCHED faces ID's for Freemode characters.


Edited by THEAETIK
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Now we wait for abominations to appear online. Lol.

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Or abominations offline, anyone made some?

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Or abominations offline, anyone made some?

yes. in fivereborn i made it in lua

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Thanks a lot bro!!

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Do you know the names of each of the heritages of these faces? 3 of them are obviously Misty, Niko and Claude.

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I did the work of identifying all the heritages in the game for those who can't find the right parents for offline characters. I don't know if it's possible to combine 2 of the parents skin tones with the trainer since I haven't tested that yet. There are only 6 skin tones available and I think they are separated by gender. I'm leaving this here for reference to anyone who wants to make their characters to test GTA "Offline" without internet or for fun, or to console those who couldn't transfer their old-gen characters like me. For reference in Simple Trainer, 1 is Benjamin and 46 is Misty. So the chronological order of the heritages from 1 to 46 are: Benjamin, Daniel, Joshua, Noah, Andrew, Juan, Alex, Isaac, Evan, Ethan, Vincent, Angel, Diego, Adrian, Gabriel, Michael, Santiago, Kevin, Louis, Samuel, Anthony, Hannah, Audrey, Jasmine, Giselle, Amelia, Isabella, Zoe, Ava, Camila, Violet, Sophia, Evelyn, Nicole, Ashley, Grace, Brianna, Natalie, Olivia, Elizabeth, Charlotte, Emma, Claude, Niko, John and Misty.



Edited by Chrisatsinnoh

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Does anybody know how to get this to work on a fivem ESX server? i have tried and tried and im having no luck at all

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