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Name The Protagonist & Antagonist Of The Next GTA!

The Rockstar Gamer 108

Recommended Posts

The Rockstar Gamer 108

Hi Friends! If you are asked to name the Protagonist and Antagonist of The Next GTA, What Name Would You Give 'Em?

If I were asked to do that, I would name:

1. The Protagonist - Michael St. Fernandez (Thats ME).

2 The Antagonist - Alexis St. Martinez.

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Guest Guest176525326

Protags - Trevor Philips, Luis Lopez & Niko Bellic

Antags - Any mafia family will do

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A Bosnian mobster Named Dobroslav Divjak, Known For his trademark of Chopping the hands of his victim's off and cannibalising them and feeding the rest of their corpses to pigs, He Is a major player in Vice City He runs the largest drug empire in the city and has the largest resource of meth on the south coast, he also is involved in racketeering Underage prostitution human trafficking and is a dealer in human organs. < Little max Payne 3 Nod :colgate:


Just come up with that off the top of my head as I'm very bored. ;)


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Protagonist - Gary Goodman

Antagonist - Bob Badman

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Femme Fatale

Protagonist: Mason Turner...

Antagonist: James Kowalski...

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The Rockstar Gamer 108

Protagonist - James Heller

Antagonist - Alex Mercer

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Protagonists: Phill Bellic, Melissa Jackson.


Antagonists: Trevor Phillips, Trevor Phillips.

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Protagonists: Justine Alison, Victor Oldfield

Antagonists: Johnathan Michaels, Ivo Bielkovich

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I was thinking someone like Ross Ulbricht (silk road owner) I'm not saying exactly like him, but just an ultra intelligent sociopathic Millennial who runs his own internet drug palace, and who has access to some of the most skilled contract killers in America.

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The Rockstar Gamer 108

What about playing as a Angel of Death guy? Protagonist - Jozeph Martin Christopher.

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Protagonist: Steven Cummings

Antagonist: Stephen Cummins

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Protagonist - Pete Dunham

Antagonist - Tommy Hatcher



See if anyone gets it.

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Official General

Protagonist - GTA single player

Antagonists - Rockstar and GTA online.

Edited by Official General
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Protagonist: Rayne Romanova
Antagonist: Non Danvers

The real antagonist (who appears in the last 10 minutes of story mode): Alexandra Queen.


(Fictive characters, names combined from different universes)


If we have to copy a real life criminal, it would be... well, wrong. I mean... a game for a criminal? That's messed up. It's like you would give a reward for being a murderer. I don't approve.

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Protagonist - Trevor Philips, Mary-Beth Williams and a son of CJ... that would be great and I have nothing to say.

Antagonists - CJ

Edited by JoaoFonseca96
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Protagonists - now you can switch between 5 of them!


  • Richard, a 70-year old ex-governor who thinks US and Russia (USSR) are at war
  • Pinky, an Asian-Mexican former drug dealer who lives a double life as a gay porn star
  • Adolf, born to Nazi emigrants in Brazil who is so torn up about his past he's addicted to painkillers and suffering from schizophrenia, pathological mood swings and violent hallucinations
  • Ted and Todd, redneck conjoined twins with a total IQ of 50
  • Karen, CEO of Merryweather. You know her from V, except now she's even more bitchy


Antagonists: Niko Bellic, CJ and Tommy Vercetti


The game starts with Karen catching Roman Bellic. Adolf then drills a hole in his head and skullf*cks him. You know, we gotta show who's the crazy guy!

Edited by RogerWho
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