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PS4 Players Needed For Crate Transport


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Hi, I need employees to transport special crates for me. You will get paid up to 10K every 15-30mins and I also believe that if special crate missions are successfully completed you will receive extra GTA cash. Please note that you will not instantly start out being paid 10k however it will reach 10k over time and if I dont die. But I guarantee you I WON'T die as I'll be sitting in my office assigning you new special crate missions while you guys get the physical work done. When both of my large warehouses are full of crates I am willing to do some VIP missions and hiests, I will NOT take any CUT from these and I'll only share the money between you. So you get 100% of the pay. For example we do a heist that pays 500K and I'll take 0% of that and Ill help you complete the heist. You also get paid for doing heist set ups.


How Can I Assist You From My Office During Special Crate Missions ?

If you need any of these during the GTA online sessions simply message me using the in game phone.

1. Bribe cops and make them turn a blind eye for 3mins
2. Call in any vehicles for you to use to complete the crate transports, for example planes, cars, boats etc
3. Ghost Organization (makes you invisible on the map) for a limited period of time
4. Drop weapons and ammo for you
5. Call mercenaries on any player who's preventing you from being successful on your special crate missions.

I'm based in the UK so the time zones might be different depending on your location.
Times that I'm on GTA Online
These are BST zones

Monday 6pm-11pm
Tuesday Offline
Wednesday Offline
Thursday 8pm- 12AM
Friday 9PM-1AM
Saturday 8PM-12AM
Sunday Offline

PSN: Zakk_1699

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