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Trouble with ripping

Xahur Romanov

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Xahur Romanov

I have been tryin for a long time now, to rip these 2 stations....

Whatever i do, it plays back at 2x speed....


The same goes for chatterbox from GTA3....


My ps2 is in for repairs, and i just wana hear the radios  :(


Help me plzzzzzzzzzz



Edit: And no.... This is NOT illegal!



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1st, calm down.

2nd, use a different frequency...


If 32000 doesn't work, try 16000. And make sure the interleave is 2000.

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Xahur Romanov




Y cant i just figure that sorta things out meself?


Im a freakin dj dammit!



but thanx dude.... I owe u 1.... Now i cant come here again!

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