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How to steal a hornet (P-996 LAZER) easily

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I just made a video how to steal a hornet easily in gta v onlinen feel free to watch

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Captain Revenge

Give $5000 to Lester to make the cops and military to turn a blind eye for 3 minutes, take natural ramp with fast car to right of runway tunnel heading South from Hookies. Just don't fly back over base or they will shoot you down.

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Terrible paint job on your car

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Here's an easy trick to get this bad boy without doing Cletus' hunting missions... Once you get inside the hangar in the military base, do a quick save! Because once you're finally sitting in the plane, there's usually a bunch of military personnel shooting at you and blocking the bay door with armored cars and such. BUT when you reload your save game with you already sitting in the plane, there's nobody blocking the exit! So just take off and fly away! Now I found the easiest way to do this is using Michael. Head to the ocean, and now all you have to do is to dodge 2 missiles while fleeing the airbase. Once you've done that, it's just a matter of getting your plane to Los Santos International and storing the plane in Michael's private hangar. And yes, of course you have to buy it before doing this. Once you've parked your Lazer inside your private hangar, just do a quick save and the bad boy is yours forever. Just make sure you don't switch aircrafts by pressing right, since your Lazer is stolen and will disappear IF you change to another stored airplane.


I hope this helps!

Edited by Anabolic

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this is online.. not singleplayer!

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