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Red Dead Wishlist

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Posted (edited)

Alot great things are already mentioned and some of them were on my mind too. 


I want really Bad that you can adjust the volume of the environment soundeffekts separately. 

I would put its volumen on max, everything else pretty low and then also turn my amplifier volume up. The immersion would be great. The soundeffekts in every R* title are superior. 

Edited by SDJ

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My short wishlist

1.Passive lobbies/No passive mode

2.With the bookoo bucks they made from GTAV better servers

3.No bad sport kind of crap

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On 6/17/2016 at 9:35 PM, Richard Power Colt said:

Yeah and you should be able to rob guarded trains with safes in them in free mode. It would also be nice to be able to detach the train carts from each other.


Also I'm hoping for trains in multiplayer too this time around, a train battle game mode would be nice where you have one team attacking the train and the 2nd defending it.

That would be sick, I hope theres more climbing abilities and such like RDR had, where you can jump to a train from a horse, and climb onto the roof of the train from inside a traincar. Also jumping and hanging onto any climable ledge unlike GTAV where you bang into it and fall to your death. Imagine having a fistfight on top of the train like in the movies, then a tunnel comes up and you crouch and watch your foe get smacked off.

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