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Bow and arrow as a weapon, have what GUN had, standard, flaming and dynamite arrows.

Talking about that game, we need an attack button for horses, i remember that in GUN you could kick enemies with your stallion and send them flying far away.


We also need a better meele, is embarrasing to see John punching.


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The Time Ranger


Bow and arrow as a weapon, have what GUN had, standard, flaming and dynamite arrows.

Talking about that game, we need an attack button for horses, i remember that in GUN you could kick enemies with your stallion and send them flying far away.


We also need a better meele, is embarrasing to see John punching.


For a game from 2005 I think it was Gun had a lot of features I'd like to see more of, many of them would fit in the next Red Dead, like you said the horse attack, that was a cool feature, it also had human shields, dual wielding, although this was limited to the last revolver you get, the Peacemaker, multiple melee weapons, bowie knife, tomahawk and calvary sword.


It was a game before it's time imo, pity the sequel was scrapped.

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Dual wielding definitely needs to be added, human shields that would be cool to see. Melee needs to be improved it was bad in rdr imo and even gta v had better melee even though it wasn't the best. I wanna use a Dillinger just like King Schultz did in Django Unchained! Maybe if the protagonist is Native American we can scalp enemies.

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I think that every or most of the buildings in game should be accessible and you can possibly meet the people who live there, I also think that a great addition would be to like build you own house and buy land and maybe even start a gang and build a hideout for your gang.

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as far as we had multiple character in red dead revolver, I would like to see a Native as one of two.


More survival style gameplay- scattered resources, crafting and sacrum ceremonies with ayahuasca/peyotle around big campfire, with your tribe.

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I want a future setting. Preferably with Blade Runner vibe.






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What is a must for me:


-NO CARS! This is a western game series, I'm fine with riding a horse or using the train as that was appropriate for the time being. But leave cars, bikes, etc ti GTA.


-A SERIOUS storyline like what we had in Red Dead Redemption, boy what a rollercoaster ride of emotions that was, I want something on that level, no overdone parodies here please!


-NO ONLINE! FFS that ruined V more than anything else, if they are doing it then atleast make it in a separate disk, I don't want to download over 10gb of content that I won't use for anything.

A multiplayer mode like RDR or IV is nice, that's about it.


What would be nice to have for me:


-Two playable characters, no more than that, and if we having that then I hope they will keep whatever outfit we choose for them, I also hope the switch between each character is NOT forced, that way we can choose which perspective to follow the story, or play with both of them.


-A female main character, it's about time R*, I know you can do this! That native american girl for that fan-made poster of "Red Dead Retribution" would be interesting.


-Dual wield, John Woo style with revolvers;


-Melee attacks on horseback;


-More enterable buildings.


Anything else is a plus.


Well, they already f*cked it up with my second request, I just hope it doesn't turn out like V...Don't forget your SP fans R*!!!


I also think there won't be a female protagonist, that's a shame ;(

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I pretty much agree with the post above mine ^^.


I just want Rockstar to NOT dumb down the game for the braindead kiddies (just like they did with GTA V) !!

Make a good storyline, with excellent voiceacting (just like RDR), and Im happy.

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Barber shops for player customization, they existed in the 1800s:



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- PC version;

- Non-regenerating health system;

- Whiskey! Maybe used to replenish health?

- More realistic gunplay maybe? Try to shoot too fast/fan, accuracy decreases?

- Dual Wielding obviously;

- A Protagonist not looking for Redemption? Be a bad guy, stay a bad guy, and if he has to, die a bad guy;

- Having your own posse/gang? Having 2 loyal buddies by your side, Wild West versions of Terry & Clay;


Basically, an open world version of Fistful Of Frags. Yeeeeehaaaaaaaw! Pass The Whiskey!

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-Dual wield guns
-Ability to take hostages/human shields
-Badass soundtrack like RDR
-More interactive NPC's
-Vast clothing options
-Keep a serious gameplay (unlike V)
-Badass sunsets
-Memorable NPC Characters (like Seth, Bonnie, Landon Ricketts)
-Owning property

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Anything added to online also comes to SP.




No Trash Online like GTA V.

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-everything burns better, better fire effects

-destructible environments

-hunting traps

-more body mutilation



-no cars

-trading relationships

-dig holes and bury people alive

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Being able to rob trains of whatever cargo they carry, hold hostages for ransom in a train or bank, pull off actual bank heists wherever, start a bar fight in a saloon, and form an optional gang of your own.


Real-time outhouse pooping would be cool, too.

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Being able to purchase clothes at a store I don't want to look around the map for outfits again

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Only one playable character.

Epic sounds.

Feeling of good shooting.




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More variety in horses. Also variety in saddles, blankets, stirrups, bridles, etc.


Clothing customization on par with, or better than GTAV. With layering options.


Wildlife and hunting on par with the previous RDR. If it's better, I might have found heaven. (complete with appropriate animal sounds. Not those horse pucky Elk calls coming from deer like in GTAV)


Maybe crafting certain clothing items, or knife handles, etc from materials gained from hunting. (Think snakeskin or alligator hide boots, buck skin jackets / gloves, bone handles for knives or pistols, feathers in hats, bear claw necklaces. That kind of thing)


Purchasable properties (safehouses, hideouts, maybe a ranch). With the ability to improve them.


I would prefer no dual wielding as it's cliche. But if we get it, make it take an accuracy hit.


Must have poker, blackjack, liar's dice, craps etc. Maybe even riverboat gambling? (including in on-line)


Customization of weapons. Maybe allowing for faster draw, better accuracy / less recoil, more stopping power / faster rate of fire, visual improvements (nothing gaudy). And for God's sale, the ability to customize our weapon wheel so weapons we don't want don't show up.


Mining / prospecting.


For on-line, similar to GTA Online with missions, pvp, racing, etc. I would LOVE RDR versions of heists with stagecoach robberies, train robberies, bank robberies, maybe raids on towns, etc.


Plenty of saloons and brothels... for, uh... immersion's sake.

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2 games, 2 maps.


A prequel, and then a remaster of the original, adding deeper meaning to redemptions original story as we will have lived the past.


If the map leak was real, it's just to the north of the top of the first map. They can't lock us off from what we know from the first map, that would surely be torturous knowing what is just south and not being able to access it.


So I believe the '2' in RDR 2 is more significant that everybody currently realises.


That's my wish anyway. Or at least someway to build in RDR into the cinematics for added depth to the actions you take in RDR2.


If not they SURELY have to release the first map as an extension at some point down the line as it's practically joined. They've always spoke about this as their desire for their game worlds. It'd be cool anyway.

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Noclue_42, on 18 Jun 2016 - 11:18 PM, said:

btw that "wishlist" comes waaay too late I think. the main built for the game must be done already. all about the details now, adding a mechanic like shootdodging is off the table I guess. they either put it in the game or didn't. same with the ability to dual wield guns, though chances are high this feature made the cut for the next Red Dead!

those wishes may be relevant for the online part of the game mainly. the character customization aspect for example, if you ask nice and kindly whether R* would add this or that it might end up being part of some free DLC package down the road.


Told y'all

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PS4 - Henry_Yo



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Huge list incoming

RPG Stats system similar to GTA San Andreas but fitted for the west. Stealth, Dead Eye Skill. Gun Skill, Melee Weapon Skill, Bow Skill, Horse Riding, Stamina, Muscle and Fat. Infamy and Fame, Respect. Swimming Skill. Sex Appeal lol

The Ability to Swim, it was funny to see we couldn't in the first game, maybe people back then couldn't lol.

The Ability to Crouch not a hunched over stealth like GTA 5 and go Fully Prone

Bring climbing back please

Dual Wielding which looks to be true if you look at the characters with double holsters in the official game poster

Focus more on Singe player than Multiplayer via DLC content etc

Over 100 Story Missions. RDR only had 57 missions GTA 5 had 69 missions

Interesting and Fun side missions and Heist missions

Huge and varied map thats not lifeless like GTA 5 was with plenty of things to do and varied locations and interesting populace, give us a reason to unlock and explore.

Tons of interiors to make up for the wilderness aspect

Improved Physics engine similar to the first Red Dead Redemption and Max Payne 3

Economic system, buying properties and land, farms etc think bartering maybe start an empire with your gang

Whores and Sex, John is not a married man anymore lets have some fun.

Tons of clothing customization for you and your horses and guns, houses and gang hideout if possible.

Gang mechanics and Respect system, civilian reactions and respect as you or your gang get more infamy or fame, recruit more gang members in single player or multiplayer.

Gang Wars and Turf system in Multiplayer and Singleplayer with other rival gangs. We had this in GTA SA and a little bit in RDR, so no excuses.

Better Combat system involving melee combat with different combat styles and melee weapon styles like in GTA SA and GTA 4. Hitting people with your gun butts.

The Ability to rapidly fire a revolvers whole 6 shot barrel in seconds. Fanning the Hammer essentially without Dead Eye Mode. don't know why you couldn't do this in Red Dead Redemption. Loss of accuracy but deadly in close encounter situations.

Casinos gambling card games drinking tons of mini games, tons of activities to do.

All the weapons you can think of.

Improved Blood and Gore. This is the wild west it has to be gritty

If we play all 7 gang members, make it interesting. but i would prefer just playing John again.

Relationships with female characters. we had this in GTA SA and GTA 4 but make it relate to the story please, make it real and a Female Main character.

New and more wildlife and domestic animals. maybe make a rug out of them lol

Improved Crafting System from Red Dead Redemption, Make Ammo and Arrows, Fire Arrows, Poison Arrows, repair and upgrade weapons etc. use the resources of the world and animals to improve your gear and weapons, horse gear.

A world and population that notices changes, yourself and the effects you and your gang have on the world.

The Ability to rob and takeover, civilians, homes, hold up towns, ranches, banks, trains, held people for ransom etc, all the things outlaws and gangs did back then.

Improved Weather System and Graphics, Animations and Weapon Sounds.

Good voice acting, maybe an All-star celebrity cast. I would love to see some great actors. Rockstar has the money for sure!

Interactions with Civilians and Main Characters and Horses like we had in Bully. Whether it be good or bad or downright hilarious. Makes the world feel less empty when you can interact with them more besides just killing them.

Police that don't shoot you immediately if point your gun at them like in GTA 5 and try to negotiate with you or your gang if possible during a shakedown, robbery or ransom, hostage situation, town takeovers.

Better AI and more reasonable Police that don't just shoot you like mindless animals.

The Ability to Payoff, bribe or threaten law enforcement or anybody that talks. an Improvement on the Bounty and Law system in the first Red Dead Redemption.

More curse words and vulgar or racist language this is the wild west, no Political Correct bullsh*t here. it would be funny as f*ck too and most importantly real. Think of a Tarantino western movie.

ill add more later. To keep it brief, no dumbing down please, keep and improve on what already worked in Red Dead Redemption, remove or improve on what doesn't and add more to the game. Focus more on Single Player than Multiplayer because that's what we ultimately come back to in a Rockstar game, when it comes to replayability. They can incorporate other ideas from other Rockstar games to make the perfect game. I know i can't get everything i wan't but i hope some of these ideas make it into the game. Sorry for the long list i have a huge imagination lol.

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- Improved ragdolls and Euphoria, not V's.

- More powerful handguns.

- More smaller towns around the map.

- Lots of steam engines.

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I know there's rumours of it being a prequel, so I've been looking at gas masks (surprise surprise) from around that time period, really hoping we get something of the sort in online.









and if it isn't a prequel and takes place a few years after, then this.


Found this whilst searching too, but obviously too far forward from the timeline.




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