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Apex Mercenaries is a brand new crew that was founded by three ex mobsters. We are all about teamwork and tactics to meet our objective. This is mostly a free aim crew but we still would accept you if you play auto aim. We like to do role play such as open lobby patrols, contract hits, weapon deals, etc. We also do training to help you with tactics when we do open lobby patrols.




when we are in open lobbies we like to patrol the city and eliminate all threats that stand in our way and dominate the lobby.





When we get into open lobbies we like to have a special vehicle (a mule) filled with weapons and we escort it to a certain spot on the map without damaging it or having players blow it up is the thing we want to eliminate when we are trying t achieve this objective.



Contract Hits


If a player or a crew needs someone taken out they can contact us to have the target terminated but of course its not gonna be free.



Gun Deals


Our business is arms trading and smuggling. And if a crew wants to do a deal they contact us and we give them the hardware.





Every member will go through training. The training consists of practicing convoys, shooting, land mine detection, formation while on foot, and sniping.



. Add me on PSN xQuIcK_Stud

. Message me the following below

. Your age

. What special skill you have (shooting, flying,etc)

. Your timezone

. What aim preference you use



Social Club Link: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/apex_mercenary_co_


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Hey, please limit bumps to once a week as per the recruitment rules.



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