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Favourite song from Redemption's soundtrack


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Dead man's gun hands down.

GTA Vice City Signature+Avatar Combo Request | PlayStation Universe

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I'd have to say "Far Away" by José Gonzalez. Not only is it a great, melancholy song, but it was used to such great effect in the middle of the game once you transition to Nuevo Paraiso. That moment where John is riding his horse...once more alone in his quest to reunite his family...a stranger in a strange land...accompanied by that track...may be my favorite part of the game. Maybe of any game.

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The whole soundtrack is great, but this one stood out to me. Nothing special or crazy, but it catches some important vibes from the game.



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Yeah I'd say Far Away too. I mean the whole soundtrack is a masterpiece but the Far Away music video gives me chills every time, Even years after it's release.



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The whole damn soundtrack and score blows my mind. I was very lucky to get given a copy of the red vinyl soundtrack as a birthday present last year. A cherished item.

Signatures are dumb anyway.

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Anyone know what's the music that starts in 1:03



Horseplay. Soundtrack's name is Horseplay.

Edited by Letus
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far away is great but this one is also fantastic



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I really couldn't pick a favorite. I bought the CD from the Rockstar warehouse because it's such a great soundtrack altogether.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Deadman's gun for me, a beautiful song, compass and far away were great also and Rockstar did a fantastic job putting them in the game.


As far as the score goes, I Always liked gunplay, just so wonderfully eerie.


Edited by FuckingYokel
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My favorite is Deadman's Gun.


Really emotional after everyone of Marston family left the world and the only child has remained.

Edited by Jabalous
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  • 1 year later...

Deadman's Gun for sure. 100% emotional gut-punch material and the first song I learned to play from start to finish on the piano.

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  • 9 months later...

Compass and Far Away are both exceptional and kinda give you a feeling of where John's head is at that point in the game


This one kills me every time though




Also the intro harmonica, it's literally perfect



Edited by Cutter De Blanc
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Digging out old video on my channel.


Rooftop top chilling in Blackwater, to Dead Mans Gun




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Clancy the Bandito

Definitely Far Away. The musician is just great with melancholy music altogether, especially when they used him in LIS

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For Redemption,








For Undead Nightmare,

American Imperalism Mission Chase Song Or Survivor Mission Song. (Whatever It is Called.)

Here you go;


Edited by xSilencedTNT
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  • 2 years later...

I really love this from the soundtrack but I don't think it's in the game. Although I believe I've heard NPCs play an altered version of it on harmonica. I wish this was used at the end of the final mission instead of Bury Me Not On the Lone Prairie, that one didn't do much for me and was kind of a disappointing choice



Other than that Far Away is just amazing. Also Exodus in America and Born Unto Trouble (the music that plays in New Austin)



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