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Will Gta 5 On PS4 Come in the new gen form or old gen form?


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So im planning to get a ps4 soon this year and i wanted to know if gta comes with First person camera by default in ps4 or should we download as an update for that camera mode??? :evilgrin::lol:

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Good for you dude.


You'll get it all on PS4 (also on XBOne or PC), after some mandatory install updates....


Weird title!

Edited by Eram
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You don't need to download the updates for first person mode, but if you want to play online you need to download the updates.

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nah man... i don't play Gta Online... Anyways thanks for the tip...

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Some people say it plays better without any updates whatsoever.. But if you want the latest little updates some cars and a wooden gun, update..


But if not and you decide against updating, start game without network on..

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Finn 7 five 11

So perhaps this is the topic for it? When did GTAV release for PS4? I've been too busy to play more than a few hours on ps3 since I bought it at launch a few years ago and I'm taking approximately 12-18 months away from working to travel, I'll be based in Finland for a time, perhaps I'll purchase a new PS4 over there and play.


Just a side note, I do recall having discussions here with certain members years ago that were adamant that a multi generation release was stupid, so just a gentle told you so here.

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