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(WIP) Which Character...?

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I start before 2-3 days modeling that face/head for replace of Johnny Face on TLAD, and i wish to know if anyone can recognize till now which real life persona that face belong (is about 40-50% ready).

Anyone figure out who is it?




Best Regards

McElger or simple Michael

Edited by McElger

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Charlie Hunnam / Jax Teller is my guess.

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Johnny Thyroids?

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Charlie Hunnam / Jax Teller is my guess.

Yep that right.



Johnny Thyroids?





Well as i say modeling is at 40-50% need to finish at 100% the Rigging then move to hair correction and do textures for face and hair (good texture not that i have now), also i'm thinking of going on a 3d beard as a hair extension (not sure if that works out, but ill try).

After i finish with the head modeling, i'll move to the body modeling (pants, upper naked with tattoo and upper body with jacket)... btw all the model will be made the way GTA IV been made.


But for sure for the begin i'll upload the head modeling in a stage of Alpha or Version 1 (as i propably change it a bit for right cliping with the naked upper body.


Ohh and btw i forgot to say a HELLO to everyone... I dont come from Marsh!!!, i'm moding from 1999 (some games, from UO and Fifa 2000 till Fallout 4 on our days) i just move to GTA the last month (when i start "study" how to mod the series of GTA).


Best Regards


McElger or simple Michael

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